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What is God's commandment from the book of Genesis

Most people keep?

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and fill the earth.

We are 7 billion strong!

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After reading about a Black female Tecky Chaplain on Wikipedia, I have decided upon a new title for myself. I am a
“Tecky Techno Urban Missionary Chaplain”

God's People (Kirk Franklin)

GP's perish for they don't lookup the meanings of KJV words in a Strongs or Youngs concordance, for they are without excuse.

All the KJV study helps are available for download free with Bible software programs.

Word Studies

From: the Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary, a free KJV Bible download.

Hebrew Strong's Number: 3577
from (kazab); falsehood; literal (untruth) or
figurative (idol) :- deceitful, false, leasing, + liar, lie, lying.

4:2 (KJV)
O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how longwill ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

5:6 (KJV)
Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

Greek Strong's Number: 3149
from the base of (massaomai); a (properly a female breast)

Luke 11:27-28 (KJV)
And it came to pass, as he spake, a certain woman of the company said unto Jesus, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps (properly female breast) which thou hast sucked…

Oh Give Thanks unto the LORD for He is good

The LORD is my Shepherd. I shall not want for He lay me down in green pastures. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Though I walk under the shadow of death He prepares meals for me in the midst of my enemies. His rod and His staff comfort me and protect me. Thank you LORD.

The KJV Bible has been banned because of too much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things I Wrote That Encourage Me

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One day while talking to my cousin about my relationships with people, I told her that some people hang around for a long time like you and I, and some people are flighty. But flighty is good too! She replied that some people are around for a day, some people for a season, and some people for a reason. And that hopefully we all get something out of it.

It's like some people get what they need from you then they move on. Maybe they have passed you and need a higher teaching. Or perhaps they just think so and they will come back when they are ready for more. Sometimes they pop in and out of your life. Maybe that is all the LORD will allow you to provide at the time.

Perhaps they are still learning but it is done at a different level. People need to feel their independence, to feel that they have grown. I've found that I have needed a multitude of teachers to provide the education I desired.
There is a time when one has to put that education to the test. Then they can determine what else they need to learn. They need to meditate about what they have learned also. Foundational knowledge births new ideas and understandings.

Sometimes people bring things to the table. All of us have something to learn, or experience. Sometimes they give something back. Some times they come to teach. It is interesting how some people seem to intentionally leave an imprint in my mind. I think about them and miss them. In a way it is nice to have someone to think about. You have to let them go, but at the same time you don't. You leave a place for them to return to.

There is another type of flighty people. These are the people that you meet during the course of the day that you may or may not ever have contact with again. But for some reason you connect and enjoy each other and the time you spend together. You may not even talk to each other, you may not be near each other, and they may see you and intentionally cross your path. You are aware of each others presence, you share the same space, you walk together you feel each other. You may even smile at each other, or empathy shows on your face or on theirs, and then it's over. They go their way and you go yours.

Then there are the people you know you are going to be able to see whose company you can enjoy whenever you do. There are places you go to see them; there are places where you congregate. They come and visit you, they call you on the phone, and they send you things in the mail. They are there to provide you with comfort, joy, love, fellowship, assistance and friendship. You can count on these people to be there when you need them. People can be wonderfully enjoyed. Take time to watch, share,
and communicate verbally or non-verbally.


The love we share with one another should be an ever growing, overcoming love, a love that is not based on feelings and emotions alone. Without neglecting this type of love we should also express a love that is built upon a lifetime of acquired knowledge and experiences.

We should also study what the word of God has to say about life, liberty and lifestyle, and apply what we learn to our relationships. We do need hugs and kisses. Believe me those things help a lot and are important. We need the human touch. We have physical needs. Men and women need each other. We were designed that way.

But love is teaching each other as well. Each one, reach one, teach one all of us being the better for it. We have to be as hard and/or as merciful as Christ demonstrated. We need to talk a love talk that communicates our love one to another. We have to be faithful to God and our fellow men, women, boys and girls. We have to be there when we need each other to exercise our God given gifts. Love is for the giving, and not for the gain. However when you do give there is great gain. God said He will supply what we need for life and ministry abundantly. Be truthful. Teach the truth which is the word of God, the Bible. That is the only way we are going to experience freedom and deliverance. When we teach the truth not only does it have an effect on others but on ourselves as well.

The LORD does things with us and through us when we love Him and others. All of the commandments are summed up in this one word, love. To show our love for God we can share our testimony about what the LORD has done for us lately. One of the ways we can even overcome the enemy, is by the shed blood of Jesus Christ which has already been done, and by sharing our testimonies. If you want to be an over comer give testimony of what He has done for you lately. God likes to be acknowledged for what He has done in our lives. He in turn He will do even greater things for us and direct our paths. All He asks is that we honor Him by giving Him all the glory because it is His and His alone. We can't take credit for anything. This is His planet and we owe our very existence to Him. This is how we can experience a growing and overcoming love.


The Bible messed up my mind. I don't think like I used to. The more I read and understand it, the more messed up my mind becomes. I'm just not on track with a lot of people. The decisions that they make don't make any sense to me. I don't understand what drives them to do so. Sometimes they ask for advice, and it seems like they make a sensible decision for the circumstance. Then they will make a half baked decision and commit themselves to a seven year financial pipe dream as if they didn't learn anything. Well anyway, at least it seems that way to me.

I shouldn't talk. I used to want new and fancy cars, or even a car for that matter. I wanted to have a successful career, and become a home owner. I wanted all the toys I could posses. I did all that. But then one day I began to study that book. I don't mean I just read it. Some people think reading it through in a year is the thing to do. Well, that's well and good. It may wet your appetite. But I began to study it, and it messed up my mind. That was back in '80 and I haven't stopped yet! All those things I've mentioned and even the more don't matter anymore.

I don't like TV because it is always telling me to buy something, what to wear, what I should look like, what to eat, where to go, and what I should do when I get there. I told my TV where to go. TV don't live here anymore. Not only does it control the kids behavior but even the more so the adults. They have all the money! My mind is too messed up to receive any of this! This world is too demanding. I feed off the Spiritual. That is more fulfilling. My physical needs are met. They are much simpler than ever before. The one's I can't get, well I guess that's too bad. Or perhaps I'll get them later if I have to.

I try to meet the needs of others. Many times this is at a sacrifice of my own although I do enjoy it. Perhaps because of what they see some don't want to put their hands on me. Hey, have I become that holy? LORD have mercy on me I am still a man. It is a terrible thing to walk around with a messed up mind. At times I am astonished by the things I say and do. And it is interesting that people don't seem to mind...


This newness of life I have entered into is to walk in the spirit, to be led by the Spirit, and to connect spiritually with other people. This newness of life has brought upon me a new awareness. It seems to me that there are a lot of spiritual people. There are some that are being spiritually awakened. After watching them for a while I wonder if they have been awakened to the Spirit of God. It seems as though some are being filled with spirits not of God, and practice their new gifts. Some are reprobate and haters of God having been filled with evil. Some seem to be like the fallen angels who know who God is and fear Him, His presence and the people of God. In any event it seems that everyone has a level of discernment with the ability to accept, reject, rebel, and even attack God and His people.

There are those who communicate spiritually, and some don't even care if you hear their evil intentions. Some attack just to see how you react. They are armed with spiritual weapons of evil. They like the power it gives them. It doesn't bother them when you tell them their end is destruction, and to be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone for eternal torment, for some reason that encourages them to seek more power from their father who is the devil. They congregate together and somehow find comfort in their numbers. Being recruited and recruiting others to do the same evil that they do.

It is interesting to find that the people they used to reject have now become their companions sometimes taking on their former responsibilities. Romans chapter 1 talks about them, and the process they go through towards reprobation. The Bible also talks about powers, principalities, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. These are ranks in darkness. But we are children of the light. In these last and evil days God is letting them get away with it for a while.

Paul told the Church in Corinth that some of them were like that too but God saved them. Perhaps there is still some hope for these people as well. That is why I continue to pray for them. That God will have mercy on them and save them. That He would pour His abundant grace upon them and fill them with His Spirit. As the church that is what we do. And so we endure their
persecutions until death or Christ's return, for through such we shall be saved. Those who do not endure will not be saved. It takes the Spirit of God to endure.

There are many who have tasted the Spirit of God and have fallen away, and there is no other means of salvation for them except Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. No one come to the Father accept through Him. Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus was an apostle. When he realized that he had done an injustice to Jesus, he did not seek the LORD for forgiveness. He did not repent and return to Jesus for mercy. He instead went back to Gods enemies who hired him, those who conspired to kill Jesus.

And they had no mercy or concern for his well being, nor could they provide salvation for Judas. They no longer needed him. He served their purpose. So they rejected him and turned him away to face his fate. The reward the devil had for him which was death and damnation. The devil is like that. Judas took his life. Jesus said it would have been better for Judas if he had never been born.

Through our persecution from those who delight in doing evil, God allows us to just get a taste of what He has in store for them. That way we have an idea of what we have been saved from. And perhaps also to give us a strong desire to keep others from Judas' fate, and bring them into the Kingdom of God.


Ain't no words to the song. So you can't write it down. Ain't no words to it. But you can tell the whole west coast. You ain't got no words either. There is an understanding somewhere out there. Kids can't talk. But it's put out there. There is a vibing, and understanding of each other. There's a feeling. No words just a feeling inside.


I arrive at work about a half hour early to spend time in the lunch room. I take this time to get centered, for my morning meditations, and to meet and to talk to my fellow employees, this particular morning while listening to praise and worship music I happened to notice something odd just before me. As I looked at the purple chair across the table, directly in front of me, the top left hand corner began to illuminate as the light reflected off the surface. Upon closer inspection I noticed that there were many bright specks of light, because the surface of the chair was not smooth. The specks of light were pulsating as if with life. I wondered how this could be so? It was an interesting sight, it was amazement.

I then looked to the top right side of the purple chair. The light reflected the same way but the specks of light were not pulsating. They were dull as if the specks of light had no life in them. Then this thought dawned on me. A Scripture came to mind that reminded me that there are some in the pasture or fold of God, that have come through the gate to righteousness already in Christ Jesus. They were represented by the bright pulsating specks of light on the top left hand side of the chair. But there are many more that have been called that have not yet entered through the gate as of yet. They were represented by the dull specks of light on the top right hand side of the chair.

The Bible describes people who have not received the righteousness of Christ as Spiritually dead but those who have are called lively stones. That is why some specks of light were pulsating and some were not pulsating. It is our job as we are guided by the Holy Spirit to round them up, and lead them through the gate and into God's pasture. We have the ministry of discipleship.


This Preacher said, "It's time for the salt to come out of the salt shaker! " He meant that the body of Christ (the salt) needs to come out of Church (the salt shaker) and do what salt does. We are the salt of the earth Scripture say's. What does salt do? A friend of mine who sells natural skin products said that Dead Sea salt is therapeutic. I had a water softener connected to the water system in my house and rock salt softened the water. Rock salt is spread on ice in areas where it snows for safety. Rock salt is so strong that over time it will eat through metal. Warm salt water as a healing agent and is good for a sore throat if you gargle with it. Salt adds flavor to an otherwise tasteless meal. Salt is also a preservative. Webster's Dictionary defines salt people as full of life, and they possess active healthy well balanced growth. Don't be a salt substitute. Only the real deal will do!


I wonder what my old friends thought of me, the ones that just crossed my path while I was still in prosperity. Even the more a future seemed guaranteed. Acquiring things in some cases I abandoned years ago. Are they moving slowly now that they caught up with my past will they seek my future? I can think of two instances. I was homeless spending the day in San Fran Sodom. I was approached by a friend of mine Bud Pierce. His son and my son were part of Saint Bonaventure’s basketball league in the city of Concord. Bud and I worked at B of A together as programmers. He was a supervisor. He recognized me as he walked up to me. We talked. He had moved on to 2 or 3 other companies which would provide him with a nice retirement income. Here I am talking to him like I'm writing a book. I remember years earlier in LA, same company, I knew a guy who quit his job to write science fiction. Boy did he look to be in a state also.

The second instance I met two old friends from Chevron, in Oakland at Jack London Square. The woman left because she did not get the opportunities she wanted, but for some reason she still had that same look about her. The guy played a lot of politics at Chevron. Sports were his thing and making dupes of video movies. I don't know what else he did. I remember he said to me that I don't do any politicking. I guess he wondered why? Another guy there asked me when am I going to stop working behind the scenes? Perhaps they were telling me I was doing the right thing and being recognized for it. I know I always got the opportunities I wanted at BofA and Chevron.

Anyway, again, I'm looking the homeless part and talking about writing a book. He finally got the truck he wanted. He told me once that he used to watch and admire my 1988 full size Ford Bronco. He said he would listen to me. I did not have much to say to them. She avoided me. I remember when she opened up to me at Chevron. I moved on.

It is interesting when you see successful writers most often they live in fancy homes, have a fancy writing room and plenty of personal contacts. There was one writer that impressed me. He may have had all the accouterments of the others, but he wanted to write a book about prostitution. So he moved into a seedy motel and invited them up to his room to interview them. He paid them their normal rates. He became known in the neighborhood and walked freely about talking to people.

For me I have no place to go back to or to go. I am writing what I live and how others live with me. I write about what I have to give. I write about how I see things in a language I want to use which can vary from SHORT to SHORT. If I seem to moan and groan or lament it is not because I feel sorry for myself. It may help someone else. I try to provide some comfort or victory with it.

I find my help as I go along. I find contacts in and through library resources. I haven't found the internet to be a valuable resource. To me that source is questionable and unverifiable. Bookstores provide resourceful data. People you know turn out to be contacts once you tell them what you are doing. The
relationships you establish from frequentation of establishments become good critics when given materials to read. They are a good source of encouragement as well.

Writing the books, "Life In The Spirit" and "What, Is Insanity" and the writings I haven't compiled, took me on quite a journey: Union City, San Leandro, Hayward, Castro Valley, Oakland, Berkeley, San Fran Sodom, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pittsburg, Bay Pointe, Richmond, Martinez, and other cities I could get to with public transportation. I met a host of people along the way some nice and some not so nice.

Finally, somebody took me in. The writing was complete. Here it is 6 years later and I'm still using it. Some of it I just reopened to my enjoyment and for others that I never shared before. Now that I have written and am writing so many books I have been an encouragement to others to do the same or to at least begin writing. One Pastor wants to write pamphlets and pass them out at his church. A buddy is starting a question and answer group in his Church for the congregation, ministers and Pastor. My supervisor wrote her first paper but wasn't sure how to structure it. Even after reading it a few times. I marked her paper and gave her some ideas on how to structure it. I told her she will develop her own style. So now I've even become an editor and resource!



Biblically shallow, an inch deep, and a mile wide. What are you wading for when you could be swimming? There is no diving in the shallow end there is not enough water. It does not take much faith in the shallow end. If the water level were to rise it would cause great fear. The next thing you know people would be jumping out of the pool and running who knows where. The water did not give them any security after all. They were only in the water to play. To play with the water, and their shallow water, inch deep, mile wide friends. You can't even splash any water on them without some getting upset. They didn't even want their ankles wet. To them that is not what water is for. Today we have churches and Bibles that are Biblically shallow, an inch deep, and a mile wide. They are abandoning that which requires time, study, and revelation and the Holy Spirit to take them into deeper waters. And in their process very little is learned. What is learned is their water?


A friend of mine years ago considered himself to be a movie critic. The only problem was I later found out was that all he did was read the reviews that other people wrote about the movies. The opinions he expressed were not his own but someone else's! You should have seen the look on his face when I confronted him with this information. This is how some people are who don't go to church. First of all you must be born again in order to understand and receive that which is Spiritual. Then you have to be an active participant to understand what is going on in the Church. You can't just read the reviews or be a spectator.


Some people talk about that you have to go through. Some people talk about that you have to go around. But you don't know what I had to do! Some people that talk about you don't know where He brought me from. Some people talk about I'm not what I used to be, and I'm not what I'm going to be. But you don't know what I had to be!

Some people talk about I want to be this. Some people talk about I want to do that all in ministry. But I never wanted to do anything in ministry, and I've been called and have done about everything! And I haven't a clue about what I will do tomorrow.

Some people talk about I may not be where I'm supposed to be, But thank God I'm not where I used to be. But you don't understand, I had to be there! Some people talk about how they want a position in a building. Well, I just want a position wherever I am...


Children are dying for attention. When I hug one they all swarm around me this substitute teacher told me. She told me that substitute teaching is her ministry. She was concerned about the flashing lights down the street behind us. We were riding on the bus. She said that there is so much violence in our city of Oakland, the sniper in the Washington DC area is attempting to shut the city down, and people are still shook up about 911. I told her that maybe somebody else got a bright idea. I told her these things happen in cycles.

I may not physically hug the children, or the adults for that matter, but I feel them and they feel me. You have to let them know that God is alive. I think it helps. I think talking about what they want to talk about helps them and others within ear shot. If anything, all this violence has drawn us closer together as a people, and let us know we have a spiritual need. The Scripture say's to comfort one another with the same comfort we have been comforted with.


Whatsover things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtue, or praise, contemplate on these things. If there be anyone Holy, Righteous, Worthy, without blemish or spot, contemplate on Him.

Recently Pope John Paul has told the Church that we need to focus more on Christ and His ministry than ever before in light of 911. America has been turning its back to Christ for years. Now is the time for the Church to lift Him up higher and higher. Whether you pray the Rosary or not we can
all contemplate as the Universal Church on the periods or mysteries of Christ's life. The joyous mysteries surrounding His crucifixion, and the glorious mysteries of His resurrection, and now the Pope has added the mysteries of light. This includes Jesus' baptism, the wedding feast at Cana where He performed His first miracle by turning water into wine, His proclamation of the coming Kingdom of God, the Transfiguration, and the Lords supper or Eucharist.

Think on these things says Pope John Paul to bring peace and to strengthen your family. I believe he was referring to what the prophet Isaiah said in chapter 26 verses 3 and 4: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, who's mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee. Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.


HABAKKUK a prophet of Judah 1-2:1. Habakkuk sees the wickedness of the people of God. He can't take it anymore and cries out travailing to God, over and over again. He asks Him to do something about His people. So finally God say's, "I hear you, and this is what I am going to do. I am going to turn you and them over to your worst enemy to teach you something." Habakkuk's jaw drops to the floor. He then say's to God, "Hold on a minute I didn't expect you to do that!?!" Then he begins to back paddle and talks about how good God is. Isn't that just like us? After we put our foot in our big mouths we start brown nosing, questioning, and asking for forgiveness and reconsideration. At least I hope we do when it comes to God! Oh how foolish we must look in His eye's. And He used a prophet to show us.

He asks God being who He is why would He do that to His people? He then goes into a deep prayer vigil, and awaits an answer from God, and to be corrected. Sometimes I wonder if we should just leave God alone. He knows what's going on. Does complaining make things worse? On the other hand He wants to conversate with us. Once we know Him we can't help but want to talk to Him, and He is all in our Kool-Aid.

It's not like He did not know what He was going to do about the situation before Habakkuk started complaining! He just wanted to talk to him. He wants to talk to us too. When we are done conversating with God all we can do is pray, wait for His answer, and our correction to follow. It's not about getting it right. It's about being in right standing with God. We are His people and His pupils. It is about humbling ourselves before our almighty God and Teacher. Who can Stand before Him and not acknowledge His wisdom and understanding?


The Spiritual man or woman, disabled, spiritually gifted, understanding Spiritual things, may or may not understand man's way, some very intelligent in the ways of the world, some not, having different ways of thinking, and speaking of Spiritual things in a Spiritual language.

I am the one crossing over the bridge. I have to explain what it means to be disabled and Spiritual. We are Spiritually gifted. We have an understanding of Spiritual things. Some of us have learning disabilities. It may be because we can't receive the things of the world. We try but they don't make any sense. But the things of the Spirit we can receive.

Just because we are disabled does not mean we are stupid. We just can't function the way we used to. Or never could function like others can. That is not or no longer our lot in life. We have a higher calling in life, to minister and serve the LORD. We are very intelligent people. We just have different ways of thinking. Thinking of and speaking in a spiritual language that the natural man can't understand. Oh but what a joy when he or she does!


Don't cry it's your ministry. You say you have some tough trials ahead of you? Don't cry it's your ministry. You say you don't know how you're going to make it through? Don't cry it's your ministry. Don't cry it's your ministry.
He never promised you an easy life. He never promised you an easy husband or wife. Don't say He never brought you out. Because then you're operating in doubt. And you're denying what He is all about. You better recognize that He's the only way. That's how you'll make it through another day. Don't cry it's your ministry. Don't cry it's your ministry.

The tests, trials, and tribulations of this life are more precious than gold tried in the fire. You can experience and see God all in the mix of your trials,
and He will bring you out and strengthen you. But what can you do with gold? Hoard it, or convert it to cash and spend it. And then all you have is stuff that is designed to fall apart.


Earth Angel, a messenger from God brings forth a word from Him and awareness to the spirit within which causes discord among those not with Him and joy and peace to His children, praying in the spirit and with understanding magnifying the LORD of Host and saving souls as the LORD permits. Taking hits still commits and raises eyebrows and scorn, scolding’s coming from the lost and forlorn. But that's OK it's the LORD's day and He said rejoice and be exceedingly glad when that happens. For such they treated the prophets of old. Great is thy reward in heaven. When we save a soul we save a life!

Not knowing what the message is until delivered they never know what hit them. They can't form a weapon against the unknown. Therefore the weapons they use cannot prosper. They don't work and do not fit the situation. They are not too bright, they show all their weapons and take delight. Then we take it and later break it or pull it down. So frustrated they are when we come by watching them as they lie because they see they are not getting away with it. They haven't learned yet that you don't mess with Jesus! And the least you do unto His you do unto Him. As we said in the hood, If you mess with them, you are messing with me and I don't play. Jesus don't play.


To be part of the Church Universal you have to endure the following conditions: 1. Persecution for no apparent reason. 2. Hatred for Christ's sake. 3. Be attacked by the devils led by Satan. 4. Disciplinary action against you by God. 5. Become God's servant. 6. Have no life of your own. 7. Fight in Spiritual battles. Just because you believe! Don't worry though we win.You can't just join in you have to be born again.


Everybody that asks for a dollar doesn't want a hand that has money in it. Some want a hand that ministers love. Some want a hand that is full of praise. Some want a hand that is filled with the Spirit. Some want a hand that brings empathy. Some want a hand that comes with sympathy. Some want a hand that has an ear attached. Some want a hand that can share a burden. Some want a hand that has a smile attached. Some want a hand that speaks helpful words. Some want a hand that will come by. Some want a hand that will say hi. Some want a hand that will talk to them. Some want a hand that is not offended. Some want a hand that will share their hurt. Some want a hand that appreciates them. Some want a hand that believes in them. Some want a hand that sees value in them. Some want a hand that knows we are all alike. When someone asks for a dollar do you show your true colors? What do they see? Do they see a rainbow over your head? Do they see a storm cloud with thunder and lightning? Or do they see an angel of mercy? Do you know what they want to give you?


Hebrews 11:1 reads NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I like to re-write this verse from the Kings James version to read as such. Faith is the evidence and the substance of things hoped for and not seen. This divides the passage into two parts, faith and hope. Faith is based on evidence and substance. It is the faith we have right now. Our hope is for things not yet seen, or even available. They could be future events.

The evidence and substance of faith is something that actually exists. We have a God that exists and we have faith in Him. The evidence and substance that we have that supports His existence is the documented eye witness testimony of millions of people, over thousands of years recorded in the Old and New Testaments. Today we convict people based only on circumstantial evidence. Not only did God's chosen people testify of who He is but so did His enemy's. The witness of God's existence and power often times preceded God's people's arrival into enemy territory, and they trembled in fear. Over the years the Church universal has been evidence and substance of God's existence.

People who are not part of the Church often ask how one can believe in a God that cannot be seen. By His mighty works! Unless you totally dismiss the testimonies, the supernatural power of God over the laws of nature, over demons, and diviners, His power to save one's soul, which is evidence
and substance, you have to admit there is a God. Our now faith that we will receive what we hope for is based on the evidence and substance provided partly in the Bible. The Bible has plenty of examples of God providing what was hoped for.

He also made promises that he would provide what we hope for if we just ask. In the every day activities of life we often get what we hope for without directly asking God for it. He is our only provider. Some things we hope for as a people or a nation. Some of these things we may not see in our lifetimes. But God's track record is perfect. He does deliver in His time. The question is do we need all the things we hope for? Well that varies from individual to individual. But one thing we all have in common is that we are provided with what we need to live as long as we do.


In response to someone asking me if I was the assistant Pastor at the church I attend I replied," You can't lock me down to a position - I free-lance !" My dad was a free-lance photographer. He photographed when and where the opportunities presented themselves in the places he desired to be. It was in his heart to do photography. He loved the art and the people all his life although he could not do so full time. He wanted to raise a family as well. I remember he came home from a shoot and showed my mother a fifty dollar bill. With an expression I'll never forget, he said, "I had to work hard for this." For some reason I thought, "I can make more money than that."

Although I never had a desire for ministry I found myself in Bible College and doing the work of the ministry. Because of health problems I never was able to take a permanent position in a church so I began free-lancing. The LORD provided opportunity after opportunity and continues to do so to the point where I free-lance full time. He provides just enough income to do what He desires me to do. Ironically the source of my income is the result of my illnesses. It seems to me that some people go into ministry to become prosperous, and some join Church for the same reason. I guess that is OK. But I gave up prosperity as I became more fully involved in the Church and now it costs me to do ministry not only in my local congregation, but in the communities that I serve.

I really felt blessed the other day. Someone slipped a twenty dollar bill under my apartment door. I called my neighbor and asked if she had paid me back the twenty I had loaned her, and she said she had not. So I told her how I felt and that I would put it on my wall, and I did. I kind of felt like my dad when he received that fifty dollar bill. I put it on my wall because I don't expect to be paid. It is with other keep sakes.

I looked up free-lance in my dictionary. The closest definition I could find is the following: A person who pursues a profession without a long term commitment to any one employer. That is pretty close but I feel my employer is God and I am committed to Him. I work for the Church, and
we are all in the same business so I go when and where the opportunities present themselves that are on my heart to do so. My Supervisor said a Pastor who works for the same company we do describes his ministry as a vocation, a strong feeling of being destined or called to undertake a specific type of work, especially a sense of being chosen by God for religious work or a religious life. I was talking to my son the other day and I don't know if he said it first or I, but that mine was an avocation or calling.

A vocation is defined as a summons or strong inclination to a particular state or course of action, especially a divine call to the religious life. The work in which a person is regularly employed. That would define a Pastor, a call to build a Church. An avocation would be to plead the cause of another, specifically to plead the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court. One that defends or maintains causes or proposals. One that provides support. Perhaps that is why I like apologetics so much. I am always ready to critique and defend the Christian faith. Perhaps that is why I contribute my ministry and support so many other ministries. Some ministries I start on my own with or for others. Sometimes I just show up and see why I am called, and like a photographer my camera's ready. I always have it with me. And they let me take it out and start shooting pictures.

By not taking or maintaining a long-term position in a local congregation I have been called or accused of being many things. The LORD has had me fill many different roles in people's lives. Many people see me different ways, and some different ways at different times. And I'm not sure if the
list is growing, or that just the way they say it changes, and I know I am changing. The following is a list of many of the things I have been called over the years:

Minister, Priest, Preacher, Mister Preacher, are you the Pope?, Chaplain, Pastor, Apostle, Bishop, Elder, Prophet, Helps, Pastor's aide, Biblical Scholar, Missionary, TV Producer, some kind of Elder, Ordained (By one of my Pastors that is married to my other Pastor after graduating from Bible College), Teacher, Peacemaker, Big time politician, Supervisor, Overseer, Judge, Reverend, Counselor, God's Psychiatrist, You're not staff (at the apartment complex where I live just before I became part of it as a volunteer), Deacon, Friend, you don't sin, Administrator (computer lab where I stay), Playboy ( I love women), Servant of the LORD, I have a good heart, Are you the assistant Pastor at that place, Does that school teach only Evangelists, sinner, You have been exalted by the LORD ( He that waits on the LORD will be exalted in good season. I told this to my brother-in-law-Pastor when he talked to me about preaching. The same guy who called me a sinner now said this too.)

I call myself a Chaplain, a Spiritual Warrior and a Steward, but not very often. As a Chaplain I am not denomination specific. As a Steward my money is used by the LORD. My Spiritual Warrior impulse kicked in when I was asked the question stated in the beginning of this Short. Other words for warrior are combatant, soldier, and fighter. It is a good thing I am a Warrior for the LORD, or maybe it isn't for some. When it happens I feel a power surge. In this case that was all I had to say or do, and then listen and leave.


I've become a rudderless ship floating about in the sea of time. So Heavenly minded that I am no Earthly good. Forgive me if I don't fit your definitions or standards. If I can do it then it must be OK. Why do you want to stand in my way? There is only one Lord and Master. How do you know if what I am doing is wrong? Are you part of the program or part of the problem? I'm not talking to everyone...

It is a good thing I am not working alone. I've become a rudderless ship, no longer manning the helm. So where am I going? Somewhere I ought to be. Who's guiding the ship? It is the roaring sea. Still waters take you nowhere. You know who causes the sea to roar. So you ask what to do you do when you get there. Don't be concerned with the future. You've got the sea to handle today.


When a woman gives birth to a child, is it an accident or a commitment? By your answer does it reveal your ability to handle the truth? This is a two part question. Don't answer the first without considering the second first. When one makes a commitment hasn't one considered the costs? Which answer satisfies you the most? Which answer satisfies the most people? Isn't life about living with uncertainties? Isn't giving birth living with uncertainties?

Tomorrow is not promised to you, but a new life is eternal! All other things you may acquire will pass away, but a new life you will enjoy forever! Anything you can buy can only be shared with a few, but a new life can be shared with scores and scores! Perhaps we could learn something from undeveloped countries. The focus of this country is in the wrong place. We are developing the wrong resources. The emphasis is on cars that are eventually abandoned, and buildings that are left empty. Instead, we should be developing a habitation for the expansion of human life. This country has become very short sighted. I think I understand a little more about what he meant when Jesus asked the question, "When I return, will I find faith?"


Why do people say God bless you? Bless me with what, how, why, when? Did I do something right? Did I do something wrong like sneezing? Spreading germs all over the place? Is it a rebuke? Someone told me it was superstition. A lady asked me for a dollar once and said God would bless me. Did she know something I did, or didn't know? Was that just empty talk like saying how are you doing and not really caring? I gave her the dollar. She got this funny look on her face and said she was sorry. Was she just testing me? Did I get blessed? Did that make room for future blessings? Or did I just pass the test? Thank you Jesus...

A friend of mine complained to me one day that I never in all the years we've known each other said God bless you to him. I can't remember using that phrase except when someone sneezed, and then I questioned why. Well, maybe I have said it. I look to see blessed people. I look for the evidence of a blessing. I am led by people who are blessed. I hang around people who are blessed. I hang around people who are in need of a blessing. Well, I guess that includes everyone. I like to watch and see the blessing come.

So why do I need to say God bless you when He is in the blessing business. What if He doesn't want to bless you right now am I meddling in God's business? Maybe you need to hear something first, believe something first, do something first. Maybe I should say something, believe what I say, and
do what I say before I start talking about God bless you. Someone might get blessed before I can even get God bless you out of my mouth. Anyway, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Perhaps someone just might want to hear someone say God bless you to them. That alone might be a blessing...


I began this meditation some time ago after just reading a few verses. And it came upon me today to do some further research on this matter. Every once and a while someone would ask me how I was doing, and being that they were Christian, and seemed able to bear the thought, I said terrible! I continued: God is terrible, we serve a terrible God, these are terrible times,
and we do terrible things. One guy answered me with, I serve an awesome God and the enemy can't defeat me! And I answered, what did I say? Obviously he got it. Sometimes I ask have they ever done a study on the word terrible.

So I pulled out my Strongs concordance and started going through the verses under terrible. Usually I just list them all first, and then read them in my King James Bible. But in this study there was not enough information in the brief summary to indicate if the verse was talking about God. So I decided to read each verse and list the applicable ones. And what did I do that for!

As I scanned each verse I got something out of each one. And something began to build up in me. I made discovery after discovery. I got to a point where I wanted to define what terrible was. I was going to go to my Young’s concordance for the one or two words that book gives. Most of the time that
is inadequate for my purposes and I have to seek other sources. But something told me to hold on, to wait. Sometimes you just have to let the Bible define its own terms and it will often do so. Not with a definition like a dictionary would, but it will draw a picture in your mind, and your spirit is set a flame, and a crescendo goes off as it hits you.

And you have to set the book down, turn off the music, and try and recover from the affect of the power of the almighty, as he just touched you with his word. And this might take a while. All I could say was Whoa! I wanted to write right away, but I couldn't. I couldn't even sing and shout. I couldn't even dance. After a while, I don't know how long I was able make some biscuits and sausage. Then I was able to play some high praise and worship that called him, as my dad said, Holy about forty times. I replied to him, she hits you with it! I played it one-and-a-half times, and I was finally ready to begin this Short.

I am going to write the excerpts I got from the Scriptures and understandings, and then write the verses that gave me the crescendo. I don't know, but perhaps it will have some if not the same affect on you. And the thing is I just read them in the order they are in the Bible. There is a term called progressive revelation, whereby God is revealed slowly over the ages through partial revelations of himself. Perhaps that is what just took place with me. I got that revelation! What it means to be a terrible God.

Exodus 34:10 - And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee. Deuteronomy 7:21 - Thou shalt not be affrighted at them: for the LORD thy God is among you, a mighty God and terrible. Deuteronomy 10:21 - He is thy praise, and he is thy God, that hath done for thee these great and terrible things, which thine eyes have seen.

2 Samuel 7:23 - And what one nation in the earth is like thy people, even like Israel, whom God went to redeem for a people to himself from Egypt, and to make him a name, and to do for you great things and terrible ... If you did not get it, God was out to make a reputation for himself through his people. And he did great and terrible things to build it! Nehemiah 1:5 - And said, I beseech thee, O LORD God of heaven, the great and terrible God. Nehemiah 4:14 - ... Remember the Lord, which is great and terrible and fight for your brethren. Nehemiah 9:32 - Now therefore, our God, the great, the mighty, and the terrible God. Job 37:22 - ...With God is terrible majesty.

Now here is the crescendo I was talking about. This afternoon I talked to my study partner about this mornings experience and I read him these verses. He is well studied and has had similar experiences. He said he liked the one about the horse the best. So do I. Then I read it again and paraphrased it for
emphasis and clarity as a preacher would do. Let’s see if I can duplicate the effort.

Job 39:18-25 - What time she lifted up herself on high, she scorned the horse and his rider. She is the world, the horse and the rider are terrible. Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder? Like Samson at times he was terrible when the Spirit came upon him. The world does not have this power and can not comprehend it. Canst thou make him afraid as a grasshopper? Even thou Elijah did terrible things when he came against the Baal prophets. Afterwards the LORD made him afraid like a grasshopper and he ran to the LORD. But Samson never feared. The LORD wanted him there the whole time. The glory of his nostrils is terrible.

He dug his hoofs deep into the earth as he galloped full force through the valley. He felt his power and strength and rejoiced in it as he plunged forward to meet the armed men. He mocked at fear, and was not affrighted for no fear was in him. Neither did he turn back from those who were yielding swords, those with quivers of arrows that came against him, and those with the glittering spear and the shield.

He swalloweth the ground with fierceness and rage: And when the enemy sounded the charge against him with the trumpet he didn't believe it. There was no power behind the sound. They were powerless against him. He said among the trumpets, Ha, ha, and he smelled the battle afar off, the thunder of the captains, and the shouting. O the sweet smell of victory! It continues with the example of a hawk, Job 39:26-30. This one is a little more subtle. Yet it is still terrible. If I did not have the insight, I may have missed it.

Doth the hawk fly by wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south? Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? She dwelleth and abideth on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place. From thence she seeketh the prey, and her eyes behold afar off. Her young ones also suck up blood: and where the slain are, there is she.

This may not seem like as much when you read it. But I happened to observe a bird of prey seeking her prey from afar off. This was shown on television. The narrator did not even mention what I saw. She was perched high upon a tree and the prey was below her on another. She took to flight, captured it, and flew away with the prey captured in her claws a meal for her and her young ones. Big deal huh?

Well, what I noticed was, and there was no commentary for was that the prey did not just sit there. The prey saw the bird coming in its direction and it tried to dart out of the way. And to my utter amazement, the bird caught the prey without even altering its flight path! The bird had accurately
determined where they prey was going to be at the exact time of impact! Now that is a terrible thing. She will provide for her young. Where the slain are, there she is.


The twelve disciples found out that they had to hang out with Jesus for a long time before they could figure out what He was talking about, or before He revealed what He meant. Something's they did not understand until after His resurrection. A disciple is just a follower. There were some that followed Jesus but left when He said what they called a hard saying. They either did not understand what He meant, or took it literally and found it to be disgusting. Jesus said that if you don't eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you have no part of me.

Jesus made it clear to the twelve Apostles some time later in the upper room. While sharing the Passover meal He offered them bread. He said this is my flesh, eat all of it. He then offered them wine and said this is my blood, drink all of it. He also said to continue to do this in remembrance of Me, because He knew He was going to die for our sins on the cross shortly. He left part of Himself behind that we could touch and feel until His return. Even today we need to hang out with Jesus a long time before we can figure out what He was talking about, or before He reveals what He meant.


One Sunday afternoon the weather was outstanding, and I didn't want to stay indoors. It was already after 3:00 p.m. daylight savings time. I had done a lot that day already. I have my Sunday routine which includes attending the 8:00 Church service. I get there about 7:15 to enjoy the members and to be a part of what is going on. I sometimes hang out afterwards for a while and mingle as the Spirit moves me. I then have breakfast where I know many of the employees. Some of my fellow church members have breakfast there too. Plus many people from other churches come there as well. We have a good old time. I then go to a Farmers Market where I know many people, and spend time with them, and I also purchase a few items. I am usually tired afterwards having arisen at 6:00 a.m, so I take a nap and call it a day at least as far as going out. But like I said we had outstanding weather and it was like I heard some one saying, "Just do what you feel ..." For some reason I felt like going to the Berkeley Marina.

I had been close to there a short time ago when I attended a buffet luncheon to support a ministry that has as a vision to bridge the gap between Afro-Americans and Africans. It was an enjoyable experience and it was held at the Radison Hotel near the Berkeley Marina. The weather was beautiful then too. Perhaps that is part of what inspired me to go to the marina this day. Perhaps I also heard a cry in the Spirit...

In passing through Berkeley as I rode on the bus I made observations as I proceeded on what is part of this spiritual journey. On the way back from the marina I saw this place I think they call it a cafe. I did not catch the name. It had a huge plate glass window across its face. You could see inside and them outside. All the people looked the same. I perceived that they did not want to venture out of their enclosure. They did not want to mix and mingle with others that were not their kind. They were sore afraid. That is why they build enclosure like that to protect themselves from the outside world. I bid them that I might come in.

My perception was correct. They confirmed it with a downward look. It was if they feared and trembled. They were safe and secure in their enclosure. Not to be disturbed but only to be viewed upon and to view and I guess they expected to be admired. For some reason they would not perform for me. They had already been provided all the treats they needed for themselves to be content. There was nothing that I could do to prompt them. I could not help but chuckle out loud. This seemed to trouble them. I thought, "They are like monkeys in a cage..."

I remember going to the San Diego Zoo as a child. The zoo provided a Tram whereby visitors could have a seat, and the driver would take us through the zoo. We could then observe the various animals gathered there, and watch their behaviors in the enclosures that were provided for them. They also felt safe and secure. They were well protected and provided for. They could not venture out and the visitors were not allowed in the enclosures.

Another person must have sensed what I was feeling. He laughed as I passed by his enclosure. His abode was motlier but they were all from the same species. They were enclosed in an outdoor cafe that gave the appearance of open space. Some were packed on the inside peering over the shoulders of the more daring of the species. They felt more secure that way. There was too much openness on the perimeter. I saw a few tokens mixing quite well in the place they were allowed so happy to be there and quite visible too as usual. I saw one that seemed to greet me but did not want to be identified. Some places you have to go undercover. However, I'm so lit up I'm like a Christmas tree. I'm very conspicuous. But even among the midst of these were a few that knew they were at the zoo. They even say hi to you. Perhaps
they were transitional just passing through.


I've been meditating about this saying I've heard. It is often said, "He did not have to _____ but He did it anyway." This saying has bothered me for a long time. I am a father, step father, a brother, a son, a husband twice, a friend, a boyfriend, and a grand father. I still fill these roles even in the village. So it is hard for me to fathom that all I do I don't have to do. If I do not make the sacrifices, if I do not give the love, if I do not make provision, I will not be able to fulfill any of these roles. I have to do it.

To say I do not have to do it but I do it anyway cheapens the role. Perhaps I am not motivated by love. Perhaps I really do not really want to do it. And if that was the case perhaps I am just a hireling, someone who just puts in their 8 hours and goes home without a thought about their job after hours. That is not the type of man I am. And I don't believe that is the type of God we serve.

Just before I began writing this Short a word came to mind, "Capricious." It is just the word I was looking for to describe a person who, "Doesn't have to but does-it-anyway," at least in my opinion. Capricious or caprice describes a person who has superficial motivation. This person persistently does what
they do even though it is unreasonable to do it. Sometimes they are even opposed to doing what is right and acceptable, and is stubborn about it. They don't care, it's their job, so they just do-it-anyway. That does not sound like me, and it certainly does not sound like God.

The God we serve so loved us even before the foundation of the earth. He may have thought of each of us for an eternity before He decided to create us. And then He decided how He was going to conform us to the image of His Son Jesus Christ on an individual bases. Love is not capricious. Love drives you to do for others because it does something for yourself as well. So God loves us for Himself as well. He can't help but love. It is His divine nature it is His gift to us. God is love, we are the object of His love, and His love flows through us to others. Love summarizes the two greatest commandments; to love God and others.

Because of His love, I have to love others with the same determination that God has. He had to send His Son to die on the cross. That was the only way He could save us from Himself. For even His wrath is in love His love for us. And He loves us so much He had to spare us from His wrath. He loves us so much that He had to send His Son. No one is His equal but His Son and the Holy Spirit. Because as God Himself, only He could hold back the wrath of God against the world even to this present time and until a future time when Christ returns. At that time there are things God has to do to make this a perfect world for me and you. All these things only He can do. It is a big job and only He can do it. He has to do it; nobody else can!


Here today gone tomorrow. Does that really make you happy? Can you envision yourself doing anything five years from now? Does this go above your head? Do you know who I'm talking too? Is it true? Why do you think so? You have no hope and looking for a way out? Are we really hearing a desperate cry for help? And nobody is listening? They think they are helping but are making things worse? They don't understand the problem because they believe what you say? Is there a mind in there somewhere crying help me Help me I’m rapped! When you try to speak the wrong words come out. When you try to think other thoughts take over. You want to say this is not me! Well, we're coming to get you!


His tender mercies allow us to get away with things He normally would not allow because of His holiness and because of His wrath. But because He is so well balanced He can say I will let you get away with it this time and He does so with joy. We can tell because we have joy in what we have done. And we might know that is it wrong, but the trigger's that cause us either conviction or stop us from doing don't go off.

It is because of His love for His children that He gives us some freedom. Or perhaps even He causes it to be so we can look back some day and say yes He loved me even in my iniquity. I ask the Lord for mercy all the time. Often when I'm not sure about what I am doing or the doings of others. Sometimes even for the things I desire to do. And for something’s I haven't been able to do for a long, long time. Have mercy on me O Lord. Fill me with your loving kindness. Take joy my King for you are great; with the wave of your hand you give consent, Jesus having paid for it with His life.


By looking at her, her character is revealed. By looking at them something is revealed. By looking at some, someone will come to rescue me. By looking at me, some will help me. By helping some, I will need help, and someone will help me. I keep looking sometimes until I find the right one. I keep helping. Helping opens doors. Helping some they ask for more. Helping some they prove a point. Helping others helps me. I look even if I don't know why. I look because I have to. I look because I want to. I Look when I try not to. Something happens when I look. Sometimes something happens I don't like. Then something happens after another look. I have to help. I have to look. And now I have to write.

I have to listen. Sometimes I have to talk. I have to be around people. I can't be around some people. I am drawn to people I want to be around that are OK. Sometimes I am drawn to some people I don't want to be around and that I don't like. Sometimes I stay because I have to. Sometimes I'm led away. Sometimes I'm in Spiritual warfare and must stay. Sometimes they leave. It's a peculiar work and I'm becoming more and more aware.


Some people say that if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. But I say if there is only one thing I do know, I can't fall for the rest. That one thing can punch a big hole in theories, assumptions and lies. One thing I do know is that Jesus Christ was crucified, He died for our sins, He rose from the dead, and He ascended up to heaven, and sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven, and will soon return to rule and reign. I will be building my knowledge base from the word of God for the rest of my life.

Once you get on the path of truth, a lie is self revealing. The Spirit of God will lead you to all truths. Jesus is the way; it's like traveling down the only road. Even His disciples said where else can we go? There is no other way. He is the Truth He doesn't just know it, and He reveals Himself to His children. One day we will be just like Him.

He is the Life. In Him there is life and life eternal because He died for our sins. We were once dead, dead in trespasses and sin. He is the light a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. He came as a light to the world. Those that believe in Him will never get lost in Spiritual darkness. The Spirit of God in us will teach us to walk His way, walk in His truth, and walk in the Light. We have eternal life at the Fathers footstool. There is no other way but by Jesus. Our faith is based on a solid rock, truth. We can't fall for the rest. Some people are ever learning but never come unto knowledge. We know enough to sustain us and will continue to grow in the knowledge of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.


If you value something, What is the sacrifice? If you find something of value, What do you pay for it? If you find something of value, What do you give up for it? What do you do for it? Go, be, become? Is there a limit? You never stop striving for it no matter what the obstacles. Once acquired, you never give it up! You always have it. It can't be taken away from you. It never loses its value but increases in value. I collect valuables I don't possess them. I don't have room enough to contain them. They're all around me. They have so much to offer. I'm thankful. I'm grateful.

These are material items that come and go throughout my life. These are relationships that have been, exist, and are to come throughout my life. These are valuable I collect. It is my relationship with our triune God we serve. They can't be taken away. They are locked inside my heart. Their value is retained. Their value increases over the years as I recall the memories of them when the memories of them just pop in my head for some Godly reason causing me to giggle, giving me joy, and making me happy.

Sometimes it is embarrassing when I am around other people I know. I've told people that sometimes I just laugh at myself. I really could not explain it. Some of my collection I see in other people multiplying the affect, increasing the value. Not only of what they once were, but what they have become, seeing them in a whole different light, with understandings I never had before. Participating with them in a way I never thought possible or even conceived.


I come with bells on my feet, to come with joy and gladness and merriment of heart, to make a joyful noise unto the LORD, for all ye saints to hear my joy and laughter, playing and dancing in the spirit. Make a joyful noise all ye saints, all ye believers! Do it unto Him that is worthy, even in tongue. When the Spirit of the LORD comes upon me, I will come with bells on my feet.


I don't listen any more. I have no thing else to learn from them. They don't have any thing to teach me. It's all a pack of lies. I know the truth when I hear it. I'm under control. I'm grown. I like relationships. There are many people to hear from, and many people to hear me. So many stories we tell. Some give advice I have already learned. I'm one they can talk to. My ear is available with plenty of time on my hands. Some times they are not content till I submit to their teachings at least in appearance. A downward look as if I'm receiving. Misinterpreting my look seems to appease them.

Some times I have to tolerate them. They keep insisting, pressuring, saying no thing. When peace is not returned and I am done I walk away trying not to show my disappointment in them. This is misinterpreted also. They make incorrect assumptions about me. They think I am too proud to receive their teaching. They are not aware of what I know. They think I don't know. They think I don't hear them. Some times it is not worth my time to tell them. Some times I take the time later when they are ready to receive. Some times they will ask of me.

I can only explain in parts there is a lot of information to sort through, a lot of information to verbalize. People like it condensed and concise. If they had a semester they would go to school. Not all can receive or understand. I've tried different ways to tell them. They just feel challenged and I don't want to fight. That is all some want to do. I do feel something I feel for them. I think they should be happy. I give them what I can. Some times they don't want it. You can't force feed them. There are things that I give them. It is then interesting to watch them. To remark spiritually, I can truly see the other side.

I am content with myself. They feel so content that they touched me. I need to be touched. Vulnerability is what I've learned and practice. The words I hear are no longer injurious. I just get dismissed. Their teaching is through. A change in my life is the relationship ensued. I enjoy the conversation much better than books and movies. These are real life experiences. It helps take me through. No longer living in a vacuum, friends are many more, life is exciting, who will I be talking to next, I'll never be bored.

I have so many things going on ever adding. No one knows the extent of what I do. If I am not content with one I pass it on. I like to pick things no one else wants to do. I create things to do too. I like to be joyful. Some of these things I was taught by my second wife. With her I learned how to develop a life. She chose to begin life again else where whereas I chose to begin life again here. Or did we choose? To God be the Glory. I wish her many blessings. I have nothing else to learn from them. I don't listen any more.


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I just love to say that name. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I will never be the same. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Why is it when I say it some think it is in vain? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I just love to say that name. There is no greater name that I can proclaim. It has been exalted above every other name. I just want to make it plain to say His name when you need gain.

If I don't call on Jesus name, I only have myself to blame. That's the reason why He came. Sometimes I just feel the need to call upon that powerful name. Then there is a change in indeed and I no longer feel the same. There's comfort and there's joy when you call upon that name. If others are discomforted it's the power of that name. Discourager's will come and, Discourager's will complain. They will tell when you say His name you are using His name in vain. To say His name's to voice it. And some one else could hear. But to call His name's to shout it! And they'd probably disappear. Remember because of what Jesus did the road's already paved. Meaning there is no other name by which man or woman must be saved.


Paul said, I fought a good fight, I'm tired, and I want to go home! They stoned me to death and I got back up. You think that would be enough. But then they flogged me on my back twice. I was left in the sea for day and a half. I fought a good fight, I'm tired, and I want to go home! I've been hungry and naked. There are people who talk about me and misuse me. And on top of that, I had to take care of the Church, and they have issues! I fought a good fight! I wrote them letters and when I went to see them they would not even feed me. The people who sent me took care of my needs. I'm tired, and I want to go home! But I guess I have to stick around for a while.


I just believe. LORD, I believe you can help me to believe. I just believe. I believe you. In you I believe. You can believe that, because you cause me to believe. I believe what, where, when, and how, You cause me to believe. I'll believe as long as you cause me to breath. All you want me to do now is believe. No matter what I am to believe. I can't help but believe. I have to believe to be. I can't cease to believe. There's too much to believe. I've believed too much. There's so much more to believe, and not just things that are but things to be.

To believe what I see is no longer enough for me. To see what I believe is even greater for me. Believing is seeing. I just believe. Every time I believe I see. Every time I see I believe. Every time I believe and see, I see you. Every time I believe I see you. Every time I see I see you. Every time I believe I'm with you, and you are with me. To believe is to see you. When I need a friend, I just believe. When I need comfort, I just believe. When I have a need, I just believe and you fill my need because it is you that I need so I just believe. Ahh another day to believe!


I've heard it said, "How can you know where you are going if you don't know where you have been?" It is usually in reference to the history of our ancestors. I don't know why some want to get stuck in the past. Reliving the past and complaining about past sorrows is a life style for some. I understand that past victories are encouraging, but are you walking through the doors that those victories opened up or are you just talking about them?

Although we can learn from ancient history, and make our rich heritage a part of our lives we need to move on. For years I didn't want to know much about history. The reenactments on television were enough for me. I believed knowing too much about slavery would be a hindrance for me in the work place. I wanted to keep a positive outlook on life without being weighed down by the negative. It worked for me. I had a successful career and I'm multicultural.

I understand that not everyone can or even wants to, but I much more prefer the study of history that has taken place in my life time. To see what direction to go right now, and to see what opportunities are available right now. Martin Luther King Jr. opened up a lot of opportunities, and I ran through one of them to become a Systems Programming Analyst.

I was able to express and develop my gifts of logic and analysis through software design and development on computers even though I was a "D" student in High School. I wonder if America is going to suffer a loss because they no longer want to pass students through and give them a high school
diploma, and let the corporations determine who has potential or not.

After taking some classes at a Junior College my wife asked me to attend a State University with her. In order to pass the SAT I enrolled in an algebra class to get up to speed. Have way through the class I stopped attending, took the SAT and passed with a 1200.

I prefer the right now kind of faith. Faith that I can accomplish what I desire. Faith that I can walk through the doors of opportunities that are available right now, and in the future as I hope or envision them to be. I tell people that I've lived at least four different lives sometimes starting from scratch. Sometimes not even knowing where I would end up. I know where I've been, but I like to go higher and higher.

Frankly, to me non-biblical history doesn't make a lot of sense unless I look at it from a biblical perspective, as opposed to a humanistic perspective. A biblical perspective will take you higher and higher, where as a humanistic
perspective is purposeless. You might ask if you don't like ancient history why did I get bachelor a degree in Biblical Studies? I don't know. It's like how the once blind man answered the Pharisees. In essence he said, "I don't know. But even you know I was blind, that now I can see, and that Jesus is the reason!" Now that I can see, it seems that all I want to do is serve the LORD.

I have a history that I am creating every day. Each of my yesterday's makes up that history. It is significant and important to me. I feel that I am contributing to society and that I am productive. Even my productivity that is personal is part of my history. Any improvement I make to myself will overflow. If I make an impact on someone else's life what I have contributed will live on. My name and face will be forgotten, but what I have done lives on.

Nothing or no one can stand in my way or stop me from doing what the LORD has prepared me to do. There is no such thing as a diversion, or a missed opportunity. Where I am is where I'm supposed to be. Where I go is where I'm supposed to go. What I do is what I'm supposed to do. If that is what I say, then that is what I'm supposed to say. If it is so, then it is so. And if that is the way it has to be, then that is the way I like it. I know where I've been, but I like to go higher and higher.


Hey, I got a great idea! Let's vote on it. First: The homeless can't beg or borrow. Second: We will give them much, much less, If they paid in to Social Security or not being a Veteran means diddly-squat. This deal is red hot. This is not neglect. We just haven't tried this yet. And it has the domino effect. Existing programs it will affect. With less finances they can't protect or project, The number of homeless they can get. Prescription drugs are no longer a sure bet. Third: Let's vote to say with the funds we confiscate, we will reallocate to create some place they can call their slate. And limit how much we'll put on their plate.

Here is the key, To our victory, Over the homeless you see. Did you know eighty percent are Africanies? At the same time we'll pass a little trickery. To limit the number homes there can be. Don't forget to beat down the homeless advocacy. Send him to the hospitally critically but not mortally. Send a message you see. Now we can control how to allocate. Funds to programs we think are great. Fingerprinting required to come through our gate. Using funds we used to allocate. We got an agenda to discriminate. Against those who don't agree with our alternative lifestyle.

They don't even have a shopping cart to piss in! Now it's illegal to have your belongings in them. And residents can't blame it on the politician. They all had the same opportunity for vote'n. I think Tony Bennit would be pissed off about things of late. They took his heart and tossed it off the Golden Gate. Is this the agenda for the rest of the state? Heaven forbid that it is not too late. Well, we have to leave it to the LORD to vindicate. Even Sodom and Gomorrah He did create.

And these people want visitry? Many don't like what they hear and see the city without heart or mercy? For the love of money apparently preferring the joy's of idolatry to the burning bush they don't want to see. As in the day's of Noah, eating, drinking and making merry giving in marriage even homosexually. Some of these folks need delivery. Perhaps there are two or three. Don't ask if there are fifty. How many does it take to spare a city?

I hope old Mo drops by to see. I hope Lot and his family don't leave. If you follow them out don't look back to see! You know what happened the last time since you believe. This is no place to go. Oh do they need Jesus right now!


I like to sing solo. Sometimes I'm a bass. Sometimes I'm a tenor. Sometimes I don't know what I am. I might change during the course of a song. Till I find the key that works for me. I can't remember all the words. Sometimes I can't even hear them straight. I try to sing the ones I like. I might even change the melody of certain parts of the song to the way I feel at the time.
Sometimes it just turns out that way to my surprise and delight. Sometimes I like to sing in harmony. Sometimes my voice is gone before the song is finished. That's why I don't join the choir.

A choir likes to designate. A choir likes to cooperate. The lead person has to wait. The song may not agree with me. When I feel it I just start singing. And in like manner I just stop. I just like to participate. I like to sing solo. But not so low that no one can hear me. A soloist does their own thing. So I do my own thing in the congregation. Who says you can't lead from the background. When I sing I'm in the background of the background. This is true for me with musical instruments too. Except so far I've only played alone or with a CD. Whether it be drums or keyboard. And it also has more than one application in my life.


What do I need a partner for? I'm not blind. Where can I go that I can't see? What can I do with my fantasy? What will happen if I just believe? What do I experience when I commune with thee? Do I avoid the hypocrisy? I haven't said anything you have to believe. If I take you home would there be more to see? What do you want to show me? O, I remember...

I have seen it time and time again. Please refresh my memory. It's so short. Women are on display, but she did not elaborate. She said she needs to buy the tape. I see! I see, I see, I see. I used to tip a dollar. How much there is to see. Who needs a tape?


I want to dance with the angels. I want to praise Him with the song and the dance. I want to dance before Him. I want Him to see my feet move with the activity He has given my limbs. I want to dance a new dance. One I haven't danced before. I want to keep on dancing before the Lord. I want to keep on dancing for the Lord. I want to rejoice in the Lord through the dance. I want people to see the Lord in me through the dance. I don't want to dance like everyone else. I want the Lord to give me a new dance. So when they see me dance, they know it did not originate with me.

I want to see others dance. With a dance that comes from the Lord. What an awesome sight to see. Even for me. It stops me cold on my feet. I want someone to dance with. We dance together before the Lord. The angels are dancing. Some we just can't see. I want to dance with the angels you, me, and we.


I want to go out but there is no place to go. Let's see, what haven't I done (a long pause while I think about it)? I’ve been healthy, wealthy, and wise. I’ve been poor, homeless, and destitute. I was told that if a rich man became poor he could become rich again. I'm just trying to stabilize. One thing about being poor your thoughts are definitely your own. I've got intellectual property. I've got mental capital. I take stock in the things I choose to do. My market can't be crashed. I employ myself to do the things I want to do. My salary is inconsequential to many but it is enough for me. I'm satisfied with what I achieve. I found it. I'm not searching. I'm at the top I'm not trying to reach it. There is no glass in my ceiling. I know plenty of good old boys. I got more girls than I can shake a stick at.

I got of the merry-go-round. The brass ring is not a prize I seek. That prize is always out of reach. By the time you are able to you know that brass is worthless. Try cashing it in. Try cashing gold in you get nickels on the dollar. I want to go out but I've got no place to go.


Then why did God choose to come into the world through the womb? Then why did God subject Himself to a mother? Then why did a woman do a greater work by washing Jesus' feet and anointing his feet and/or head with oil? The hosts didn't even offer to wash His feet. His disciple didn't even wash His feet. He washed theirs! Then why were all the disciples scattered save John, and were not allowed to witness His crucifixion? But Mary His mother watched as her son faced the worst of deaths possible for public viewing at the time. Then why were only women present to see Him and the empty tomb, when He was resurrected? Then why when the disciples were praying for Peter to be released from prison a women went to the door when knocking was heard? She had to convince the men to go to the door through their unbelief. Could it be that some men can't handle some things, and it takes a woman's strength?

Does the Bible really say that women are the weaker sex? If you carefully read 1 Peter 3:7-9 you will find out that it does not say that. Men are supposed to dwell with them according to knowledge. It says the men are to honor their wives as unto the weaker vessel. To honor a woman is to acknowledge her relative importance, authority, and influence on others accorded to her by the grace of God. She is a force that we are to take into consideration. The word "as" (along with like) does not mean "are" So treat women like they are the weaker vessel. Treat them with care and affection not like another man. God said that Adam and Eve have become as one of us. They are not God's. A woman is a vessel, an instrument in this context used of God. And we are to love them as brethren. A man and his wife are heirs together of the grace of life so that their prayers are not hindered. They are called to inherit a blessing.


If you ain't got nothing they can't take it away. And they can't promise to give it back to you. As long as they think you have it they will ask you for it. Once they believe you don't they either leave you alone or the relationship changes. It may change from giver/receiver, to counselor/counselee, to advisor/advisee. When does a receiver become a giver to the giver? Is the gift to the giver a receiver? Someone who gives them responsibility? Making them part of community? Creating givers for the future? Laying down a foundation built on giving which is the fundamental of church growth and teaching? Teaching the Church to give till they can't take it anymore until there is another open door? It is amazing how that happens!

Treasures laid up become blessings for others. Treasures received and laid up become blessing for others while your own blessings come as well. Learning to determine what is yours and what belongs to another is a revelation indeed. It is a miracle that I did not, had no desire too, nor opportunity to spend what I received. As soon as I did the receivers showed up and I had to put on the brakes of my spending. My spending was directed. I made sacrifices in cases of lending instead of being a borrower. Debtors
forgetting about me or giving me a break because of my need. Even an angel telling me not to spend when I thought I had enough to spare. Boy I'm
glad he was there. Glad I listened. Never know who you are entertaining unawares.

There were receivers coming down the glen. I would not have had enough to see them through. I would have been a bad steward. Now I got nothing
they can take away just enough to make it each day. I made a lot of people happy. And I know my future is in His hands. So when I got nothing
I know I got plenty and that is good enough for me. And when I have a lot I still have plenty. But then I wonder, "What is He requiring of me this time?" Do I have faith someone asked me when my pockets were full. I said yes.I then just did what I had to do.


There are those that think that some other people are not worth the ground they walk on. Perhaps that's why they try and walk all over them. Well just walk out the door! Could it be that I'm a weed? Then I ask you why do some people feel they need to be weed eaters? Now-a-day's weed eater's are gas powered and electric powered. They can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. But have you ever tried to kill weeds? They keep coming back! Even systemic weed killers can't get to the roots the roots being buried too deep.

They used to say dig up a weed by the roots and it won't grow back. The truth is you only get a portion of the roots. No matter how the part you pull out looks. You can't kill a good weed. I guess you can say, "It's good to be a weed!" I feel sorry for weed eaters though. Always replacing parts that wear out and they fail to do the job finally ending up in the garbage heap replaced by another weed eater. But weeds they just keep-a-coming. You can't stop them. They are cultivated without human intervention. I'm a weed. You can't join in, You can't marry in, You can't be born in you have to be created in. There is an eternal place for weed eaters, and another one for weeds. Hope I see you there!


Unsearchable are your ways oh LORD. I don't understand what is going on and I feel uncomfortable. I can't search out your ways to find the answer. They are beyond my reach. I operate on a need to know basis. You only
let me know what I need to know. I can't understand your ways. I don't have the capacity to do so. That which I do know you have revealed to me. That is the only way I can gain understanding. Your ways can't be searched out and discovered. Many have tried to no avail. But when you choose to you reveal your ways those that you choose to. To whom you choose to.

When I feel like this, I just have to deal with how I feel, and what is happening to me and around me. If I knew perhaps it would be worse for me. Maybe you are doing something and it affects everyone. Maybe that is your way of protecting me from it. I am immobilized. All I can do is draw neigh unto you, to go into your secret place, to abide under your shadow, Almighty. Every once and a while you let me participate or see something that gives me some assurance you want me uncomfortable too. You say we get a taste of your wrath so we will have an idea what we have avoided
because of what Jesus has done, does, and will do.

Perhaps there is a move in the Spirit. A friend of mine told me that I was about to move. When it started to happen I asked him what I should do? He said to hold on tight. Recently I told a friend of mine that I feel a change coming on. I told someone else that I was going to change. She said
I don't know what you mean. I said you probably don't understand either. I even heard change by the way they played the music in the Church I attend. Change was in the music. I see changes in people all around me. A whole lot of changes have taken place in the last few months.


I'm just a Chaplain from the block. Silver and gold I no longer got. I used to have a little now I got a lot. And what I have you know you got. Living abundantly above all I could hope for or imagine. The world has nothing to offer, I have nothing to cash-in. Rise up and walk if you believe my talk. Add your two cents into the pot. Take your little and make a lot. Remembering God provides all you got.

I'm just a Chaplain on the bus. They say I'm just one of us. That I've ridden on the bus before. I am there to be with more. Alone in the car is such a bore. I've got friends I haven't met. I've got some I see you bet. It's an ever changing scenery. I like this way of doing ministry. I'm there to meet an immediate need. Going somewhere else that I'm called to be. Taking the message "We all got to work for Jesus!" The Holy Spirit is our guide so dear giving utterance and sight and ears to hear. Giving us plenty of reasons to cheer and cheer! Flutter, flutter, flutter, is the sound of love working overtime. He doesn't want anybody left behind. The Holy Spirit has a heart for mankind. Each of us does our part as the Holy Spirit gives us a jump start. As He moves in us, He sets us free the giver of life abundantly.


I'm living the single life now for the first time in my life at age 48, 49, or 50 whatever. Some years below but they don't count as much. I was in transition. I get to meet a lot of people. I get to have a lot of friends. I get to share with a lot of people. I get love from everywhere. I get to give love in return. I get to express a lot of my emotions. I get to share my true feelings. I get to spend time by myself. I get to spend time with strangers. When ever I feel like it. I can do these things. Oh what freedom. Oh what a feeling.

I'm glad I waited until I was old enough to appreciate it. I'm glad I had two families to build first. I'm glad I also have a history to reflect upon. I'm glad I have a history to interact with. I have someone to tell my stories to. I have someone who wants to hear them. I have someone who is counting on me. I have someone who sees a future in me.


How you figga, like a nigga, gotta horse named trigga, wanna ride, step aside. I be nigga rich. Got three dollars. Somebody otta scream! Is it my turn to be Al Capone or John Dillinger? It seems like things work in cycles. At least I ain't shoot'n up the restaurants, mak'n hits through town like in the olden days. When we through are we gonna be rich too and become legit? Mak'n movies too and tell'n our shit? PEACE OUT

This is the cry of the world. I remember when they sang "We Are The world" and misquoted Scripture by saying that Jesus turned a stone into bread when the devil told Him to. I wonder if anyone noticed that but me. The world doesn't care how they get what they want. Scripture say's that life does not consist of the abundance of things, but of things of the Spirit. If your heart is not filled with love you are just a troublesome noise maker.

We are already rich! Our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof. The Holy Spirit resides in us as a guarantee of things to come. We are joint heirs with Christ who reigns forever more. What more do you want? Anyway, that's how I figga.


It has been said that the terrorists who flew our own planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon sacrificed their lives, for the purposes of their god Allah. They were told that they would go to Paradise and have seventy-four perpetual virgins, They could have sex with them and a river of wine to get drunk off of for all eternity. Every day it would begin over again.

Well, there is story of a person in Hell. Every day he would push this boulder up a hill trying to reach the top. Whenever he was almost to the top the boulder would slip out of his hands roll down the hill and he would have to begin over again. This was his punishment for all of eternity. He never experienced nor accomplished anything else nor completed the task at hand. There is a story about a man who got everything he asked for at the snap of his fingers. After a while he caught on to what was happening having become bored.

So he told the angel in charge if this is heaven then don't want to be here.
Send me to hell! And They angel replied to the man with a smile on his face, you are already in hell! When Jesus is LORD of your life He will direct your path, you will never be lonely, you will never be bored, and you will know that you are in heaven. And He will greet you with a smile that is sincere.


It is like I spent my whole life collecting information, experiences. Doing the things I wanted to do. Doing all the things I could. Meeting all the people I could be with. Experimenting with the things I could get away with. Not really getting into trouble. The outcome always turned out good. I was even given rewards to use to help others. I even received things I desired just by asking and praying, and waiting until the time was right. I was even stubborn about it until I got what I wanted. People sent me on planes to learn about people, to help people, and gather information. I am even and have been a resource of information. I Even always have enough money to do that which I was supposed to do or desired to do. I even have or have had all the women I wanted the way that I wanted because they let me know. That is a whole different discussion, I love women. Even my being alive to this day is a good outcome.

I Have suffered car crashes, health problems, etc., and people and doctors feeling for me wondering why and how I can take it in stride. I see that they have that need. I just take it in stride and ask for support in order to survive. And help them and others with information I can supply. I thank God I don't listen to a lie or believe a lie, and that He has given me the ability to know the difference and the desire to want to know the truth.

And here I am now chocked full of memory's. And here I am now able to pull them out of storage having been packed away for a later time. Some people collect things that are tangible. You can go to their dwelling places and see them. Perhaps they point to memories as well. I have always been on the move starting a fresh time and time again unable to take possessions with me.

I love all those new beginnings those new lives, and all that comes along with them. Even the transitions between them have many a memory. Now I have the time and the inclination to dwell on many a memory and mix them in with the present as if I am in eternity. I can see the past and the future of my life based on patterns of my life based on hopes and desires fulfilled.
Based on faith, that which I hope for and desire will be fulfilled in the future as I speak and think of them.

I know that often these things I don't know to specificity will become a reality, and I will receive them, and I will enjoy them. In cooperation with them who want to fulfill them and are on the receiving end as well. O such joy and prosperity. The riches thereof can't be compared. To speak of them is not folly, but the desire of them that seek the LORD first. And He supply's what I really need according to His riches and glory. And I am just beginning to understand what those things truly are. I'm thankful and I'm grateful.

Now time is not an issue except as a reference point. To be used when sharing with others. To say things or think things like, "When I was younger I ...", or "My girlfriend showed me...", "This brand of soda reminds me of..." It is a time of life I am really enjoying being many things to many people. I know everybody. There are no strangers just people to meet, people to greet, people to help, people to enjoy and people to be with.

I'm still collecting information but I am enjoying it now instead of putting it away in storage for a later day. In the past I had so many things to do I could not think of them all. I could not sort them through. I did not have the ability to. I did not have the wisdom or understanding I have now. It's like saying, "Now we have the technology to process all this data! And we are glad about it..." Something great has happened and I'm glad to be a part of it, thank you Jesus.


With my parents I had a bedroom. With my sister I had a bedroom. By myself among others I had a bedroom. Then we split up. With my wife I had a bedroom. For my daughter I had a bedroom. Then another for my son I had a bedroom. Then we split up. By myself, among other units I had a bedroom. With my second wife I had a bedroom. For my two step daughters I had a bedroom. Then for each of my step daughters I had a bedroom. Then we split up. Naked and free I had no bedroom.

Because they shared with me I had a bedroom. Because they cared for me among others I had a bedroom. And now by myself among other units I have a bedroom. It's all about the bedrooms. Give a bedroom, get a bedroom. One good bedroom deserves another. That is if you want a bedroom. Perhaps where you are currently you consider it your bedroom. One man's bedroom is another man's park bench.


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path ... (Psalms 119:105). When ever I am in need of information about how to proceed with my Christian walk with the LORD I consult the Bible His written word. He then reveals to me what I need to know. I later find out what I am to do with this information. Perhaps give it to someone as a confirmation that I was prepared for what was to come, perhaps to teach others what to do in a similar situation. There is one thing that I am certain of, when things seem a little dark, and I need a little light unto my path. The word of God is the lamp that provides the light. I need to chase away the darkness. I've learned to trust in the word of God. I try not to wait until things get too dark. But when I even sense darkness approaching I grab my lamp.


One day the disciples had set sail without Jesus. He told them to go ahead without Him. When Jesus decided to join them He wanted to make a grand entrance. The waters became shaky it may have become a little foggy too. Then Jesus approached the boat walking on the water. The disciples quickly became shaky thinking they were seeing a ghost. Jesus said to them, "It's just me..." Peter decided to get out of the boat and started walking on water too, but then he got a little shaky about that. You have to check things out for yourself. That's how you know the word of God is true. What can you testify about? Even if things get a little shaky sometimes you have to check and see if it's just Jesus!


Losing everything is the best thing that ever happened to me And it happened twice It's like sugar and spice Everything I got was nice It's like the stubble and hay was burned away It's like all that was left was precious jewels It's like God saying this is my gift to you Each time I was willing to give it up Each time He made it happen It's as if He communicated to me This is how I want it to be do you want to go with me All I had to do was believe that He would deliver me to the place He wanted me to be To do the things He wanted me to do to be open to His leading and guiding Not trusting in the things I hear and see unless they touch me spiritually and they agree with what I know about He The LORD has truly increased my territory The LORD has truly increased my responsibility The LORD has truly opened up the Bible to me It is His word and a gift of God to His children Something we can truly depend and share with a friend to bring Him into our presence O what glorious things transpire O How the LORD lifts us higher More and more is my desire


It's not just the blood or sheep and goats would have sufficed. They were tainted with sin just like man. At the flood God said both animals and man was found to have sin within. It's not that the blood is not important.
Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. But Jesus' blood did much, much more than animals blood could ever do.

While the blood was still flowing in His body He preached that this is the acceptable year of the LORD! He healed those sick with infirmities. He taught in the synagogues and in the streets. He rewarded those who listened to his Him with treats, loaves of bread and fishes. He tried to explain to the lost the mysteries they could not receive in parables.

And after all was said and done, He laid down His life for us those that would believe, and is holding back the wrath of God until the end of the age. That He did for all of mankind. For the yet unborn that will believe coming from the seed of all mankind. He is a merciful and loving God.

Only a blood like that could be pleasing and appeasing to the Father. Only a blood like that can give a man or woman a clear conscience from sin. Not to be reminded again and again by annual sacrifices to God that He doesn't want anyway. Jesus. Having once and for ever paid the price for our sins, let us move on to other things, God willing.


When I listen to Bible expositor's on TV, radio, in person, or on the phone, I use my critical ear. I can usually count on them to talk about traditional or popular interpretations of Scripture, most of which I know quite well so I can think and listen at the same time. I usually know the verses they
refer to quite well. So I listen to see if there is anything they left out, or if anything is revealed that I don't know already, or if their analysis is complete or correct. Sometimes when I listen to the same-o-same-o something will
dawn on me I never thought of before. If I can reach someone I can dialog with I point it out to them and we discuss it.

Today I came up with an understanding of Jesus' first miracle that I never heard anyone preach before. That is the miracle of water being changed into wine. And it is based strictly on Scripture. Words that I glossed over before were suddenly revealed to me. When I saw them I thought, "Hey there is something else going on here!" So I began to dig into the passages a lot deeper to see what else I could uncover.

Some preachers I have heard like to stress how by being a servant of the LORD you can receive a blessing. In this case they say the wine was the blessing. It was better than any of the wine that was served previously at the wedding festival. But we need to look closely at the servants in this miracle. Who are the servants, what did they receive, and what was the servants blessing?

A lot of the ministering I hear is to ask of God and receive a physical blessing, to be in the will of God and receive a physical blessing. But let's get spiritual for a change! OK, let’s follow the flow of the Spirit at this event. Jesus, his mother, and the disciple's were invited to a wedding festival. Mary was observing what was going on and noticed they were out of wine. So she told Jesus, and He replied, "Woman, what have I to with you, it is not my time."

To me this first miracle was an act of faith and obedience, prompted by the Holy Spirit. The intent, purpose, and desire were to provide more wine for the wedding festival by the working of the Spirit through Jesus Christ. The initial movement of the Spirit was through Mary. After she said those
words to Jesus she told the servants to do as Jesus instructs them. Jesus who is the living Word of God instructed the servants to fill six water pots to the brim with water. A miracle was about to take place in their midst. The water
pots held about thirty gallons apiece. That is about 180 gallons in total.

The servants did as they were instructed to do. He then instructed them to give the governor a portion. In order to do so, they had to transfer the wine into smaller vessels, probably of silver, to serve the governor and other honored guests. At some point in time in their service to Christ the water turned into wine. What greater blessing can a Christian have than to see a miracle take place right before their eyes!

Somehow the servants had the composure to serve the governor as Jesus instructed them to do. The Spirit of God was in control as they flowed in the Spirit. Most of us would have wanted to run around the room, jump up and down, and tell everyone what happened after witnessing something like that.
With Jesus in their midst, it seems like they would have at least fallen down at His feet and worshiped Him. But in this case the Spirit of God would not allow them to. They just went about calmly doing what was required of them as servants at a wedding festival!

Some might say well miracles don't happen anymore, that was just during the Apostolic age. Well the governor, bridegroom and guests may have felt that miracle's don't happen anymore as well. After all, the last time they heard from God was through the prophet Malachi. Here they were in Jesus presence, God in the flesh. And yes, they were served wine better than any in the house. OK, let's make it more contemporary.

Yes, they own the biggest house on the block. Yes, they own the newest and most expensive car available. Yes, they wear the finest of clothes. Yes, they get served the best wine available. But hear me when I say, "Let's get Spiritual!" They missed the best blessing of all. They had no idea that a miracle had just taken place! With all their pomp and circumstance they were focusing on the wrong things, and were not allowed to be privy to the workings of the Holy Spirit through Mary, Christ, and the servants.

Now I ask you, who are the real servants in this gospel writing? The governor serves. No not him. The bridegroom serves. No not him. The honored guests serve. No not them. The servants were the ones that God used to participate in Jesus first miracle recorded in Scripture. And they were just little people. They were there only to serve. They had no political connections. They did not know the right people. They were not part of the in-crowd. They were not part of the who's-who. They did not even get any recognition nor honor for the type of work they did. They would not even
been invited to the wedding festival if they were not there as servants! But God allowed them to see and participate in the miracle while they were serving by the way. The others only got wine. Perhaps they started to whine later after they found out what happened in their midst that they missed.

The real servants received a spiritual blessing the others received a physical blessing. Do I have to ask you which blessing was greater? Which blessing you would rather witness, experience or receive every day? A glass of wine can't be compared to the blessings of the Kingdom which are new and manifold all the time. A glass of wine will always be a glass of wine.

The real servants got the real blessing, and it doesn't say they told anyone. They were privileged to see privately the first awesome display of the power of God in over four hundred years! And because of the power and control of the Holy Spirit they could not talk about it. By the same Holy Spirit they could not jump up and down. By the same Holy Spirit they just calmly walked around and served the governor, bridegroom and his guests as if this was an every day experience.

Think about Mary. What prompted her to even suggest to Jesus to do something about the lack of wine? I don't think she expected him to head to the market place with his disciple's, and bring back wineskins full of wine. The initial movement of the Spirit moved her to prompt Jesus into action. She did not tell him specifically what to do. But she knew to tell him, and what to tell the servants. And Jesus knew what to tell the servants.

Jesus said time and time again in the New Testament that He was there to do the will of the Father only. At His baptism by John the Baptist the Spirit of God descended upon Him as a dove and He was filled. Jesus operated in the power of the Holy Spirit. Situations always presented themselves at the predetermined time and place of God, and Jesus was there to do the will of the Father. People were always participants, willingly and unwillingly, for and against Him, knowing and unknowing, understanding and not understanding, aware and not aware.

At this first miracle of Jesus, the disciples were there as God's silent witnesses. They were to later testify of what God did in their presence, and to record it for our edification. Jesus told His mother that it was not His time. Perhaps this is what He meant. At the marriage feast He received no recognition for this miracle. It was not time for Him to be seen as a miracle worker nor to go public with His ministry.

Now I am not saying that physical pleasure's, and what we deem to be necessities are not to be sought after in this life, but for what purpose do you desire them? What purpose do they serve? Are you just enjoying the party or being obedient to God and His word, or are you doing both? Have you considered Is there something else you should be doing?

Samuel told Saul obedience is better than sacrifice. Saul had spared the king and some animals, etc., when God had instructed him to kill everything. God demonstrated to David that obedience is better than praise when Uzzah died trying to steady the Ark of the Covenant. He wasn't supposed to touch it. There was something else both of them should have been doing. Saul lost his kingdom. I wonder what Uzzah missed out on. Perhaps the governor and bridegroom, and guests weren't servants. They missed out on the miracle. The same Holy Spirit could have contained them as well.

I believe that there is a message here for the church. We have to be mindful to do the will of the LORD even in our work, in our praise, in our worship, in our sacrifice, in our pleasure and in our everything. We have to be prepared at all times to stop what we are doing, and do what God would have us do being sensitive to the move of the Spirit just like Mary, Jesus, and the servants were at the wedding festival. Also we should not think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. Keep in mind, "It's the little people" who not only witnessed his miracles, but also believed unto salvation.

Think about Gideon's three hundred soldiers’s who defeated a mighty army by just blowing on trumpets, breaking pitcher's, and lighting lantern's. They were selected from among thousands, because not only did they have no fear, while satisfying their physical needs (drinking water), they were found to still be working (ever watching). These were the true warriors and servants of God. They knew what to do by the Spirit of God. God showed Gideon how to identify them. In battle they were obedient, and calmly went about doing just what the LORD instructed them to do. They were able to participate in a miracle.

Some preachers say that everyone got blessed by the consuming of the wine that was brought about by a miracle of God, from the governor, to the bridegroom, to the guests, to the servants. However, I don't think the servants imbibed to the extent of the others if at all they had work to do.
However, I'm sure they enjoyed the wedding as much, well actually, more than everyone else there.

Are you willing to be a servant of the LORD and do a great work sight unseen? Or would you rather hang out with the Mucky-mucks? Keep in mind that Jesus told the seventy when they came back to not rejoice in their great works, but rejoice because their names are written in heaven. To God be the glory.


The man whom Jesus cured of blindness who as blind since birth did not just receive is physical eyesight only. His spiritual eyes were opened so that he could see what the Pharisee's were up to. His spiritual ears were opened so that he could hear what they were up to. He clearly understood what they were trying to do and he wanted no part of it.

He was given a boldness to confront, challenge, and question the religious authority that had control over the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob risking his own future and security. He sounded too much like Jesus for his own good so they therefore excommunicated him. He also received saving faith such that he fell down at Jesus' feet and worshipped Him as Lord and Savior. Knowing what he was delivered from, and trusting where he would be delivered to. Just a touch from Jesus Christ will turn your whole life around, and you will end up at His feet having done His will and committed to Him.

When you get to heaven: Ask Martha who poured a bottle of expensive
oil lavishly on Jesus' feet, or ask John who laid his head on Jesus'
breast because he loved Him so, or ask Peter who became over zealous in an attempt to please Him and show his commitment. And ask many others who rejoiced at His coming. We are going to have a lot of things to talk about when we get there!


I was thinking the other day, when we get to heaven we might say, “Oh LORD, I have just one question please I would like to ask you.” I have been pondering it ever since I began studying the Bible. I have consulted commentaries. I have studied the Hebrew and Greek text. I have asked many of your people. I went to Bible College and Seminary. I have waited here in heaven until the end of the age. I have waited for the new heaven and earth. I have waited my turn in line seeking consultation before your mighty throne. It seems as though it has been millennia after millennia. And now that I have been granted permission to come before you, oh God and King would you answer just one question, please? And He may very well answer, "Because I said so...”


Kids like to be rewarded anytime they do something right. Anytime they feel their behavior has been appropriate. Anytime their speech is right. Anytime they think right. They want to be rewarded. And they want to be rewarded by the person that caused them to act in this manner. They want to say, "Wasn't I a good kid? Show me by giving me something. Give me something to encourage me to continue this way." Kids want an opportunity to do what is good. They also want acknowledgment. They want recognition at the time that they want it. It is that time when they ask you for something.
And you know what it is for. So we do it. Eventually they learn to seek and fulfill their needs, which in itself is a reward for everyone concerned. That is how we raise our kids.


How do I know what I do is right because all things work together for good to them who love the LORD, and are called according to His purpose? How do you know you were called? He chose you before the foundation of the earth to be conformed. Conformed to what? To be conformed to an image; to a likeness; to a pattern; to someone to be compared, that someone being Jesus Christ. Jesus was someone who did right. He did the will of the Father.

We are led by the Spirit of God to do right. So what we do He does through us so it is right. It is not always necessary for you to know the purpose of God in a particular situation, or at a particular point in time. For understanding comes from the LORD. And He may not want to reveal the reason to you. He may need you ignorant. Armed with the knowledge of His purpose we might become a hindrance. Also, God does not want us to worry. God does not want worriers, God wants warriors. He sends them home. So be strong in the LORD and the power of His might. And you will do what is right.

Read this again. Some are not used to thinking like this. Remember, He is able to do exceedingly above all you can hope for and imagine. Even through you! So now you ask what is right.

Well, read the Old Testament. Everything God did and had His people do was right. And it is not always something that we like. Like does not always equal right. So we have to line up our like to the right of God to do as He pleases. After a while you will see that God is right. Is that like a paradox or what?


I left the world of hard time’s prosperity trying to fill a need that was dictated to me. Getting up early to be somewhere I did not want to be. I was told I had to raise a family. And that it takes a lot of money. And I couldn't have a lot of kids because they would feel deprived. Have a couple and you can choose the car you drive. They can wear clothes with a special name inside. Then that changed and the turned our kids into bulletin boards. So other kids would know what to buy. I knew better when my PF Flyers did not make me run faster or jump higher. So I settled for J.C. Penney plain pocket jeans. No designer labels for me at least not by choice.

Now I'm living just enough for the moments, a momentary thrill, a momentary relationship, just two strangers who are not meeting and connecting, sometimes two or three. Some relationships long lasting, but still momentary meetings. I have no one to live with and no one to send home. They come and they go when they please sometimes at my prompting. It's a new life. It's a new way.

I can do this all the day never knowing who I may meet. I just head out to the street. Oh what joy and fun it is. Some I hope to see again. It is really interesting when they pop into my life again. Hey, didn't I see you just the other day? I don't have to say. We just look at each other. Hey didn't you just pass my way? Didn't I see you at the stop back there? Now you are walking with me. And we are not even close enough to talk. But we touch. I'm living just enough for these moments.

What does that mean, living just enough for these moments? I'm not spending 24/7/365 trying to make ends meet without the ability to do so because my needs are so great! I don't have idiot boxes telling me how to spend money. And I'm not spending money on an idiot box to tell me how to spend money! I got enough to get by without being asked why! My needs are no longer great so I do what is necessary to meet my need. I'm living just enough. And having lived just enough I've made many a discovery. They are called moments. I can enjoy the moments. I look forward to the moments. So now I'm living just enough for the moments. And I don't want any moments to pass me by.


What can we do about loneliness? I remember when I was with my first wife and we were close to a divorce. I could feel that she had left me already. The friends I had could not substitute for what I had lost. I was so lonely my bones literally hurt. Finally the LORD sent another woman into my life.

I remember when I worked as a Chaplain at a retirement home. There was so much loneliness there, even though there were three hundred residents and three hundred staff. Sometimes it felt like there was a drain on my spirit.
It was so strong I had to take a nap. There was no one to ease their loneliness except for a few Chaplains. Just being around other like people did not help.

For the last seven years, since my second wife divorced me I have not felt any loneliness. Perhaps the trauma of being homeless; and trying to settle into a new life style had something to do with it. Now that I'm back in Church, not smoking or drinking, ministering to who ever I can, writing Spiritual material, allowing myself to become vulnerable again, today I felt some loneliness while at the lake. This happened right after watching two old men who came near to where I was sitting. It was like we touched. Not only did I feel loneliness in myself but in them and others.

It was a time of fellowship, of sharing, of feeling together, of sharing the burden, without spoken words. It was another way to minister to someone in need. When I finally left the lake tears kept coming to my eyes. I looked to my left at the marquee above a theater which said, "Men only cry in the dark." As I wiped the tears away it seemed like people were watching my face, observing and feeling something too.

It also brought to mind this woman I got to know very well. She said she couldn't figure me out. She asked me to write her a story so like Sampson
I told her my weakness. I told her she knows how to make me feel, and I've been feeling ever since. We don't talk much any more. Perhaps I felt lonely for her. For me it's all good.

There are women I've met that have made lasting impressions in my heart. I believe it does her some good too. How do I teach that to others? God has given us a complete range of emotions. I believe He wants us to experience them as humans. He understands them. He not only designed them, but He experienced them in the God man Jesus Christ. For some people their emotions are out of control. Some people accept too much abuse. Some people go into a deep depression.

I believe that God can create in us the ability to experience these emotions and still be functional, productive, contributors to the Church and society.
I'm not just talking about quoting Scripture all day, or listening to Spiritual songs, or in prayer although that is a start. Those seeds have to take root and grow, and you will become what God has designed you to be, and you can fulfill a role designed for His purpose that others can see. You will have your place in the body of Christ where you can exercise your spiritual gifts and you will never be alone.


There is O.T. Then there is AT&T. And then spend me. If not then give me. There is so much responsibility. They seem to know spiritually, When you have money. If they didn't take it then you lose it to a non-designatee. You can't control money. Money controls you. If you truly have none it can't make you do anything. It can't burn a hole in your pocket. Well, maybe it makes you wait until you get some, until you can do anything. Where can you go without spending any? Don't you just love it!?! Well, we should at least consider the Source. If we do, then we learn what to do with it.

How much to earn? How much to spend? Where to spend? Who to give to? In God's economy perhaps we won't even be concerned about getting anything back. Boy, wouldn't that be a change in attitude. Just get into the God perpetuated loop. He knows what to do with money. Let Him control the flow of your money. Then your money won't control you. Take it or leave it. He makes it available and He takes it away. Your attitude is just getting in sync with Him. Jesus came to set you free even from your finances.


What good is money? Money don't say to you, "I love you mommy and daddy." Money don't cuddle up to you and keep you warm. Money don't call you up with kind words of encouragement. Money don't come over to see how you are doing. Money don't borrow a cup of sugar. Money don't smile at you. Money don't argue with you. Money don't play with you. In fact, these days, you don't even see all your money. All you get is a piece of paper with numbers on it.

Collecting money don't please God. If you make it to heaven and God asks you what have you got for him, and you say you have a million dollars for him back there on earth He is going to look at you funny. However, if you say there are some children on the way up to be with him eternally He will be quite pleased. Money don't go to heaven.


This is what I feel is important to cover in my morning prayer. As the Spirit moves me I add to it. If my mind wanders, or I go off on a tangent I can return to where I left off. I try to start off with Praise and Worship to God the Father, God the Son Jesus who is my LORD and Savior, and God the Holy Ghost who lives in me, the blessed Trinity, three persons, but one God. Recognizing who He is and what He has done. This can vary day by day. Sometimes there is a lot of Praise and Worship sometimes a little. Sometimes it is mixed in with the other parts of my prayer.

Who is He? The King of kings and LORD of Lords, the Great I AM, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the author and finisher of my faith, the almighty God, Prince of peace, everlasting Father, Counselor, the King of Glory, the one and only Holy one, my Provider. my Protector, my Deliverer, my Healer, my Help, my Joy, my Abba Father, the Sustainer of all things created, the Creator of all things just to mention a few.

I then thank Him for waking me up in the morning and starting me on my way. I thank Him for all Spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. I thank Him for the gifts of the Spirit that operate in my life, and for those that will. I ask Him to fill me with His precious Holy Ghost that I may do His will, His way, and His ministry for the day. I thank Him for the ministering angels round and about me, that bring me messages from Him, that direct my path, that are at my disposal, that go before me, that lift me up lest I dash my foot against a stone, that take charge over me and minister to me. I thank Him for His loving arms of protection round and about me. That He provides all I need for life and ministry, abundantly above all I could imagine and hope for. That He never slumbers or sleeps. That He lifts me up on the wings of an eagle.

As an eagle pushes its young out of the nest to teach it to fly, He also catches me, and sets me down in the palm of His hand. I thank Him for, and that I have on 24/7/365 the full armor of God, the armor of light. and that I've put on Christ. This way I can defeat the enemy, that others see Christ in me, and that I might not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. I thank Him for the body of Christ. That we know each other, work together to do His will as we are led, equipped, and empowered by the Holy Ghost. I thank Him that Jesus showed us how to do the will of the Father by submitting to Him in all things, That He died for our sins on the cross, and that He rose again. That He is the head of the Church triumphant.

That the Father is in control and operates in Love. That He sent His Son, and He and His son sent the Holy Ghost who now does the will of the Father the Holy Ghost lives in us that we may also do the will of the Father. We need Him to do so. We are powerless without the Holy Ghost. This is what I pray on the weekend as we meet in our respective Churches and throughout the community.

Dear LORD I pray that our Praise and Worship is pleasing to your ears, and our supplications are pleasing to your sight, and that our prayers are a sweet savor to your nostrils. I pray that you feel us and our love and adoration for you. I pray that your presence be felt by us as your spirit moves among us. I pray that your word comes forth and blesses us and that the expressions are pleasing to you. I pray that the music and song are anointed as well, and speak to our spirits, and is pleasing to you. That you be lifted up and receive all the glory, honor and praise. For you alone are worthy. I pray that those who have a desire to come to Church but are unable to do so, that you find a way to minister to them. That they talk among themselves, that you send someone with a message from you and your word to see them through. That
your Spirit dwells among them as well. These things I pray and ask in Jesus name, Amen.


Naked to the world I came in. Naked to the world I will leave. In spite of the world in heaven I'll be. In spite of the world Jesus died for me. The LORD brought me in all by myself. I'll stand before the LORD all by myself. Jesus will represent me all by Himself. For He alone is worthy. The LORD has been with me I'll always remember. I'm so glad to be part of that number. He predestinated us all to be. And I can't help but shout it out with glee! With dance and song and instruments I'm quite merry! For He has given me the victory! Excuse me if I speak a little selfishly! But you don't know what He is doing for me! Of this I'm certain, He really does care for us and He has made us His heirs, And then He gave us the Lion's share. He is The Lion of Judah.


I understand the nature of thought processes, Even if I don't understand the thought. And although that is bothersome I can accept that. But sometimes I need to be comforted after hearing a thought process that disturbs me mainly because I care about women. There is a part in women that does not exist in men therefore we lack the ability to comprehend, and I can accept that. In fact that is why women are so intriguing and appealing to me. A woman in Church preached, "Why do I keep doing the same thing over and over again! Why LORD!" She broke my heart. I had to ask another woman what that meant. I thought I had and answer already. But after hearing her it did not suffice. She tried to explain it to me but it sounded like another language. I
did not understand a word she said. She said that was not another language but emotion.

I tried to explain to her that form of communication is not in a man. That is between women. She said to dig deep. That is one of the differing aspects of men and women that keep us guessing and together. She explained it to me as an artist, but that just brought me back to where I had begun before that Sunday. The only way I could express the emotion that had erupted in me was to say, Why LORD have you always taken care of me? Why LORD have you given me such a good life? Why LORD have you always given me what I asked for? Why LORD? That woman did something for me, and so did my friend.


Somebody sang, “I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody, about Somebody.” I'm just one of His Body trying to tell everybody about Somebody. We are just His Body trying to tell everybody about Somebody. We are just His Body trying to tell somebody to become a part of His Body. We are just His Body trying to tell somebody about His Body. We are just His Body trying to tell somebody about the Head of His Body. He is the Head of His Body trying to tell somebody through His body that they need to become part of His Body. Tell everybody about the Head of His Body if you are a part of His Body.

Tell your body to move with His Body as directed by the Head of His Body. I am somebody because the Head of His Body died for a nobody like me. I was a nobody who is somebody because of Somebody. This Somebody is the Head of His Body and is coming back for those who became somebody. Do you want to become somebody?


I am where I am supposed to be today. I had to go even though I was willing to go; I still had to ride in the belly of a whale. Boy, when he spit me out did I fit in. What a blessing. Originally I was asked to go in another direction. So I put my ear to the wind. When I heard no cry in the spirit offering a place for me I knew it was not for me. Just like Jonah, I think we both went in the direction God wanted us to go. Jonah was headed for Nineveh. I had no idea where I was going.

When Jonah showed up they took one look at him, heard his message from God, and repented in sackcloth and ashes. God will not only send you, He will prepare you. You need to look the part for the assignment. He will use you and your attitude. Oh, you are going. So be mindful of how you treat people, and take heed to their messages. They might be angels or messengers, and you may not be aware of it. Are there any angels among the homeless, the poor, the down trodden?

Remember what happened at Lot's house? To the men who wanted to know God and the two angels in the Biblical sense of the word? Remember the payback that followed? God is not mock, whatsoever you sow that you will also reap. God is real and true to His word. When you plant a certain type of seed you will get a certain type of crop. If you expect anything else you are deceiving yourself. As we used to say, what goes around comes around.


There was this dream that we would build a mighty Christian nation Evangelical in nature. It would be one big Church made up of people from around the world. All Ethnic groups would be represented. Each would have to do their part. Many from each Ethnic group would die in the process. God would sort out the just from the unjust. Today, people come to this mighty Christian nation giving up many of the basic tenants of their religious beliefs, and they are constantly being evangelized. Christianity is deeply embedded in our culture, literature, philosophy, politics, language, and work ethics.

Christianity is contagious. Not only did it draw them to this country, but they are Spiritually infected by the Christians throughout the nation just by being in close proximity. Christianity is taught both negatively and positively. Many nations are jealous of our riches. Some call us Satan or Babylon. Some people deny that this is a Christian nation. Well, Satan is a liar and has a big mouth.

They are upset that Jesus paid the price for our sins. They are upset that our sins are not counted against us. They are upset that God said He would supply our needs to over flowing. They are upset that God said no weapon formed against us will prosper. They are upset that even the gates of hell will not prevail against us. The fact is, they are really not mad at us, they are mad
at God! Jesus said you hate me because your father is the devil. You don't shoot the messenger because you don't like the message. And the message is, "Choose this day who you are going to serve." The people of God say, "We will serve the LORD! For Jesus Christ is LORD to the glory of God the Father"


O LORD, Sometimes your newness is overwhelming, and I find myself needing more faith to accept what I see, hear and experience. As I undertake new endeavors at the suggestion of others in whom I have faith and trust as usual I push the envelope and take it a little further. This exposes my rear end. I feel buck naked sometimes, and I operate on the faith that I already have. But there are times when I need to reach out for more, and I don't know how to do that because I always believe you provide what I need, when I need it, and I just have to take it in the mean time.

My faith will come and what I am experiencing will just become part of my every day. But as the song I heard today said, sometimes I be tripp'n. She sang, “Don't be tripp'n, your deliverance will come.” I guess I shouldn't be tripp'n about my faith coming also. I made it through like I always do. I just don't want to think or say the wrong thing. It is not just me I'm concerned about but others that come my way. They have feelings too and we depend on each other. I have to hold up my part.


Spiritual warfare music pumps the primer. The Spiritual energy begins to flow. You can feel the power surging through your body. It's like the help you need to defeat the enemy joins forces with you united, one purpose, and one witness. The power can be felt by those around you. The enemy is chased away replaced by joy, dancing, love, and peace. You feel like a protector. Your Spiritual gifts are focused and are in operation.

Take it with you to places you frequent and you can take over the territory. I heard this preacher say it's time for the salt to come out of the salt shaker. Well, go out and shake up the world by the power of the Holy Ghost. Watch the changes in the lives of people around you. Don't be ashamed to show your power. I might even dance in my seat. Pump up those around you. They need to feel the Spirit of God. How it is so much greater than the spirit of this world. Show them by your mighty overcoming works.


Why are there so many people in the world? qiero Mas Amor. Why are we told to have even more? Qiero Mas Amor. Why was each of us designed to be the way were are? Qiero Mas Amor. What does He say when I get on my knees and pray? Qiero Mas Amor. What is His greatest commandment? Qiero Mas Amor. Why do we love Him first of all? Qiero Mas Amor. Why do we liver eternally? Qiero Mas Amor. So, why did He love me first? Qiero Mas Amor. He needs more love. we need more love, I need more love.


What was the greatest sacrifice? I mean before Jesus. RAMBUSH! Like Jesus, God the Father provided both. God was pleased with what Abraham and Isaac were about to do. So God provided RAMBUSH! The sacrifice God provided was not an ordinary sacrifice. It was not weak. It did not require a human shepherd. It did not require his rod and staff to get it to obey nor to protect it. It had two horns or antlers that were used for self defense, as a warning to those that might attack him, to use offensively if necessary. When two of them got together they checked each other out. To make sure they were ready to do what they had to do, to strengthen each other, to find out where there weaknesses are so they could work on them. They would butt heads to make sure.

It did not wander off and get lost. It was not a animal you herd. It knew what to do, when to do it, and where to do it. RAMBUSH could not be contained. It would not just stand there while you slit its throat. In this case it was caught by the very horns God provided him with. His horns were snagged by a Bush. God contained him. And this bush was not burning otherwise RAMBUSH may have been consumed. God wanted Abraham to offer him up as an acceptable sacrifice. Perhaps a sacrifice worthy of what Abraham and Isaac were willing to do for God, for their faith in God, for their trust in God, for whatever God had in mind for them to do, they knew they were both going home afterwards. That kind of faith requires a RAMBUSH sacrifice.

Today, God is requiring children of faith to be living sacrifices. I wonder how many of us realize that we are? And of those I wonder how many are RAMBUSH! ALIVE AND KICKING?


I can't sell a blanket to an Eskimo! I can't tell him that it is new and improved. I can't tell him that it is better than all the rest. I can't tell him that certain colors will do anything. I can't tell him his kids will grow up to be strong. I can't tell him his wife will love him for it. I can't tell him it comes with a guarantee. I can't tell him I can meet or beat any price. I can't even convince him that he needs one!

It is not in my heart to do so. All I can tell him is that it may keep him warm.
And depending on the look he gives me, I'll either walk away or give it away. Selling blankets to Eskimo's is expensive for me. Sometimes you need a blanket, and don't want to pay dearly for it. Sometimes you need a blanket, and don't want to have to ask for it. Sometimes you need a blanket, and don't want to grovel for it. Sometimes you need a blanket, and don't want to do what they say before you get it. Can't you just see I need a blanket? I can't sell a blanket to an Eskimo because I am an Eskimo. What do you do when an Eskimo pays you, cry? No, figure out how to get more blankets.


There was this movie I saw years ago about two warring parties. One side was smart, the other side was dumb. The smart side had a lethal and devastating weapon. They called it a Smart Bomb. It was a rock that had "Pick-Me-Up" written across the top. They placed this rock in the enemy's camp, and one-by-one the enemy would read the rock, and then pick it up.
And one-by-one they would turn into a puff of smoke, leaving only their clothes behind.

After a while there was a huge stack of clothes. The commander in charge looked over the situation and said to his underling, "We better send for reinforcement's" As I began to think about this movie again I thought, as Christians we are Gods Smart Bombs! We are loaded with dynamite power from on high. In the Greek the word for power is Dunamis.

We need to go into the enemy's camp and say, "Pick-Me-Up." They will listen to you, and they will pick you up, and "Poof !", they will turn into a child of the King. Then they will proclaim, "We better send for reinforcements!"


Jesus is the salvation of the LORD, from the tribe of Judah! Jesus came salvation came. From the tribe of Judah they chose and appointed those that were praisers to go forth with praise unto Yahweh before the battle. Some good comes from praising Him. While the praises went up they stood and watched the salvation of the LORD. Their enemy's were destroyed, salvation. There is power in praise. What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “The rocks will cry out if they don't praise Him?” Rocks cry out by falling on top of your head. People cry out with their voices, instruments, breaking of clay pots, dancing, whatever. But rocks can only fall on your head! They shut up after that. Jesus had that affect on his enemy's. They would either shut up or pick up stones. It did not faze Jesus either way. They could do no more than He allowed them to do.


(1) People may condemn you for seemingly sinful activity, but a higher purpose of God may be foreseen and will come to fruition. In fact you may become blessed and a blessing. (2) Some people like unhealthy relationships so much they will sign a contract to maintain them. (3) It is amazing how some people will show up at just the right time to accuse me. Fortunately the same is true for people who want to help me too. Perhaps I'm there to learn something and prepare to do something. There are those that need help and those that help. (4) You can miss your blessing by being too legal! (5) What do you do when you reach the end of your rope? Let go! It served its purpose. Do you know what ropes are good for? Swinging through the jungle like Tarzan. You just swing from one rope to the next.

(6) What do you do when you are at your wits end? Forget about wit and submit. Stop trying to figure out all the answers. Trust God and walk by faith. Recognize who He is, and He will take over from there. He is so much smarter than you. (7) WALKING LIKE A SPARROW. Why should I be concerned about doing this or that if He is going to supply my needs anyway? Why should I be concerned about going either here or there if He is going to direct my path? It's all about who I am in Him, who He is to me, and what He wants me to do.

(8) Since Jesus, who is the second person in the Godhead Trinity, referred to the first person in the Godhead Trinity as Father and since He also instructed
the Church to pray to the Father, isn't it blasphemous to tell Jesus that He was wrong? And refer to the first person in the Godhead Trinity as a Woman? (9) A glass of water to a thirsty man is no less of an offering than a gallon of water to a thirsty family. (10) If education can come with a price and ignorance can be expensive. If there is a price to pay for disobedience and there is a price to pay for obedience. What is the difference? (11) When you do Kingdom work whatever you are paid is right.


Do you want to get off the well beaten path? Do you want to forge a new trail? Do you want to go where no one has gone before? Do you want to travel the road less traveled? Do you want to stake your own claim? Do you want something you can call your own? Are you adventurous? Are you self motivated? Are you spontaneous? Are you willing to take chances? If you are wondering who I am talking to, I'm not talking to you. This road is very narrow.

Often you have to travel alone. Often you have to travel single file. You can't commit to someone else's agenda. You can't follow the lesson plan. You can't stay on their focus of study. You can't be a listener only. You have to support your endeavors. You can't limit your growth to those around you. This road is not treacherous, If you look at life from an eternal perspective. 70 years or so is no greater a speck in time than 20 years. When they won't go where I want to go, I have to go by myself. And someone's always there.


Thank God for the sometimes because sometimes you need a sometime.
Sometimes it be like that. Even in your sometimes you need a sometime.
Well, at least sometimes. Sometimes you don't because you are getting a sometime. Sometimes you need to shout, sometime it LORD! I can't take this sometime! I need a sometime! Sometimes you need to leave those sometimes alone. Sometimes, sometimes are out of your control. But what do you do when you want a sometime, and can't seem to get one even sometimes? Sometimes you can't even get a sometime. And sometimes that can be very frustrating.

But then you discover there are other new sometimes. Sometimes that you never had before. So you look for new sometimes and avail yourself of them. Sometimes I look back and wonder. Sometimes I look forward and wonder. Sometimes I wish sometimes would sometimes leave me alone. Those are the sometimes I don't like. But sometimes life is like that. Sometimes it's like this and sometimes it's like that. One day though, all my sometimes will be good. It will be great, and all my sometimes will be all times good. Not just sometimes as it is all times now.


SOMETIMES OH LORD, you remind me of who and what really am. Today I felt as if something was missing in my life, and I didn't know what it was. I have no life of my own. I live for others. This woman I know said, "When you serve the LORD you don't feel that way." I told her I feel kinda blah sometimes when I'm not serving the LORD. But then there are times when I ponder about how things used to be. When He gave me freedom to do what I wanted to do, know what those things were, and have a desire for them. Now it seems like I become what other people need me to be. Most of the time I really and truly enjoy it, but as I told her I'm just human. Even while we talked and I shared this with her and others who were around, I was ministering. I never stop.

As I edit this I just realized that she ministered to me. Not just by listening and being there for me, but by the words she said. She said the point I was trying to make and could not say. She was at the end of my story and I hadn't even told it to her yet. I just now got it and I laughed. I'd like to call and tell her, but she only talks to me when she can. She's an angel.


Sometimes Oh LORD you remind me of who and what I really am. If I feel like I'm all that and a bag of Chips even in the LORD you set me straight. For you alone are God and there is none other besides you. Sometimes it seems like I soar just like the eagles. Then You bring me back down to earth, Reminding me that I'm merely human.


I'm blessed! I woke up this morning put my feet on the floor walked out the door so far so good. It's a good day. The Lord is blessing me all the way. I’m taking my blessings as they come. Lord I'm having a lot of fun. I'm going to the function, at the junction as soon as I get the unction.


I have to have strong shoulders. For others that have tears in their eyes. For others who need someone to place their burdens upon for others to pray through. To receive something I cast out. To be the one they can take it out on. But come back strong when the time is right. I still feel it though. Sometimes it may show. And some people may know. And tell me don't let it be so. But that's just part of it. Some people pray and wait. But that doesn't always work. I have to be proactive. I need immediate relief. And it is at our disposal. I need someone to tell me God's word. And not just any word will do for this situation.

I need to be reminded who I am. I need to hear that I have the victory.
I need to hear that I have overcome. I need to hear that I defeat the enemy.
I need to hear that I pull down strong holds. I need to hear that I posses weapons mighty of God. This strengthens me immediately. This lifts me up immediately. This delivers me immediately. I then realize that the enemy was oppressing me. He can't stand that type of God talk and had to flee. I keep and collect an arsenal of warfare music. If it works for me I buy it. And pull it out as necessary. I take it to the streets and check it out.

Most often I have to walk alone. So I bring my help with me. Sometimes my radio is right on queue When I don't know what I need or what to do. And the music brings me out and through. Christian DJ's know what to do. We're all connected. One Spirit, one Baptism one LORD. When you deal with a lot of people it is the thing to do. It's rare when I leave home without it. I usually do a spiritual check to determine what to bring with me.

My Psychiatrist tries to talk me out of it. He doesn't think I should use the head sets. I have a portable AM and FM radio, and a portable CD player. He doesn't understand. I can't explain it to him. Not everyone is a spiritual warrior. He is not ready to hear it yet. It's taken me years to get him this far. Sometimes he seems so spiritually minded, and then other times so carnal. Or perhaps I’m not ready to do the work without it.


Imagine, water that actually quenches your thirst. That is satisfying to the taste buds. That cleanses an aching tired body. That you can soak in. That fills you up. That kills your hunger. That warms your heart. That is always the right temperature. That doesn't make you wet. That makes you wet. That cures your diseases. That heals your mind. That gives you peace of mind. That I can squirt. That doesn't hurt. Wouldn't you be thankful for water like that? Water you can't drown in. That you can walk on. That you never run out of. It would have to be alive to do all that. It would have to be life giving.

You ask, "How much does it cost?" Big mistake! Get out of here. You haven't begun to understand. You think you can pay for something like that.
And then you think you have enough money to Purchase it. The nerve of you! Don't you realize that water like that is priceless? Oh, You have been around people who want to charge you for everything you get. Hasn't anyone ever given you something for free? Ah, Now you think nothing is free. There must be some strings attached. Here we are going around and around. Suppose I just got up and left town. Are you tired of this conversation? It ain't heading anywhere.

What is your problem man? Don't want to say it? What give some? Yeah!
Here, Have some. Was that so hard! That's right, Tell the truth and shame the Devil. Don't worry. God is faithful to deliver and you will receive. Just say, "I Thirst"


How can you expect me to do something when I don't know anything about it? And how can you expect me to do what you want when it doesn't seem right? When I do something that's when I know about it. So if you ask me to do something and I try to do it and things don't fall into place I'll stop. And I may not try it again. Many a time I get the same blockage and I'm not going to force it. I'll take some things as far as I can so I can be ready to go boom. So don't be mad at me If I don't do it. I just don't know what to do So I don't do anything until I feel a release or I just end up doing it. Sometimes when that happens? I do and say things I don't know why. And when it is over then I might.


When the morning comes you no longer want to talk about the night. Everything is all right. You can't understand what the problem is. You know God takes care of all your business. That's the way it is. Joy speakable, joy delight, who wants the night? Spend your days doing his will. Seldom even go out at night. You can see darkness and light. There is no fright for he is strong in you. What is there to worry about? What is there to sing about? Joy, glory, and honor unto his name. Like the angels round about. And if you don't sing it, You want to hear it. Hallelujah!


It seems like that for some people it would kill them to do something just for you. For some people it would kill them if you did something for them. They will look for any alternative. They have a real problem with giving to you, and receiving from you. Even though so many others will receive of you and give what they can. Sometimes when they do receive of you they will cry and lie about giving back or giving it away as if to sneer at you. Some people think that givers are to be taken advantage of that givers are foolish.

Sometimes when they see you give to someone else they try to interfere. They try to stop the process. When they see you in fellowship they come and break it up. They can even be distances away and all of a sudden, one by one they appear drawn as if by some force changing the dynamics of the fellowship. They are equipped to do so. As if emissaries of a leader of division.

In that environment you have to make your giving short and sweet and sometimes discreet and are ready to make a quick exit passing through them safely. They don't understand the ministry of giving. They think it is all about the receiving. Or they think by not receiving they are achieving. They do not know that it is revealing. They do not know how it can be used to find out who is friend or foe. And they do not understand the reciprocity of giving.

It is an interesting the environment they prefer. Speaking lies as if they are true. Even when confronted, and they know that you know that they do. Making promises that they have no intentions of keeping. Giving just enough attention hoping you crave for more. Then deny it when you want it mumbling words of discord and condemnation causing bitterness and strife. Causing discomfort to those that saw their weakness and gave them strength and support always looking to use the hook. And they like it that way!

All you have to do is help and give to them. Then watch, talk, and listen to them. Eventually each leopard will show his or her spots. Thank God no weapon formed and used against me will prosper, but instead it will make me wiser, stronger and prepared for that which is to come. And all I do is pass that information along. I guess that's what happens when you shoot a messenger.


God's reason for circumstances in our lives is that they will bring to our attention that we have spiritual needs, and that there is spiritual growth required. During these times we become aware that only He can fulfill those needs, and that we are in the growth process. We should seek to have the mind of Christ. That means we are to seek Spiritual understanding, and wisdom from God when our circumstances seem to be unfavorable or disciplinary. It may be God working something out in our lives. God will supply our spiritual needs when we feel spiritually bankrupt or unfulfilled.

Circumstances will cause us to grow spiritually, to understand our reliance upon God, and we will develop a closer relationship with Him. Circumstances could also come to show us where we are in our Christian walk with God. How much faith do we have that He will bring us through?
How do we react to the circumstances? Do we remain faithful to God as He is always faithful to us? It may be a time when we can be His greatest witness. It may provide opportunities to minister to others as we face the circumstances. It may be a time when we are most open to hear what God has to say to us. Know this, there is one thing we can be certain of, we will have the victory!


As you travel along to your destination, the kids in the back seat of the car might ask with a pleading voice, "When are we going to get there!" One of the kids might answer in frustration, "I don't know, ask dad!" An older brother might answer with a soothing voice, "Soon..." Mom might say with authority, "Ask your father." And the father may not answer at all. There is one thing we do know about Christ is that He did arrive the first time. In the same conversation about when Jesus will return, it is not often mentioned how long we had to wait for Him to come the first time!

But our older brother did say He would return "Soon..." He also said, "Only Dad knows when..." And if you were to ask the Father, He may not answer you at all. Jesus did tell the kids a few things they can look for as they travel along to their destination that make it seem like it is soon. He did not leave us comfortless.


When your faith is based on evidence and substance it produces hope. What is evidence? According to Webster's it is something that furnishes proof. It could be a testimony from one who bears witness. NOW, what can furnish proof? Well a hunter who is looking for prey will follow the footprints of the animal they are stalking. The footprints and other tell tale signs are proof that a specific animal exists yet unseen. For them this is enough evidence, such that they have faith to pursue the animal looking for more evidence along the way.

Based on the evidence, they hope to find the animal identified by the tracks they found. They may know that these are the tracks or evidence identify the animal they are stalking to based upon past experience, or they may be relying on the testimony of someone who told them how to recognize these tracks when they see them and what they will discover when they find it. It could be a written testimony.

Webster defines substance as physical material from which something is made or which has discrete existence constituting a separate entity. The prey the hunter is seeking has discrete existence, in this case physical. The tracks it leaves behind are evidence of its existence. Even though the hunter has not seen his prey yet he or she has enough information to base their hope upon. To deny that the prey exists is to deny the evidence. To deny the evidence is to deny the substance, the animal’s existence. Perhaps that is what separates the hunters from the non-hunters. There is will never be enough evidence to convince non-hunters that the prey exists. They deny anything that a hunter accepts as evidence. Hunters have something to hope for whether they see the animal or not. Hunting is the pursuit of prey you know exists, even though you can't see it. Your hope and joy is in the pursuit. Once you find the prey it is no longer hoped for. It is hope fulfilled.

I heard a lawyer on television once say, " I don't believe it because I choose not to believe it !" This is an example of an anti-intellectual argument. My Webster collegiate dictionary defines people who are anti-intellectual as no-nothings, an ignoramus, or agnostic. There was a movement in the 19th century where people chose to be no-nothings as a rebellion against intellectuals. They just chose to not believe and remained ignorant.

You hear arguments often today where someone will fall back to a no-nothing position, when faced with an argument they choose not to face or defend. They will defend their position with supposed knowledge, wisdom and experience, but when they disagree with you all of a sudden they become an ignoramus. They can't understand you. What you say does not
make any sense to them. They can't even interpret and rephrase what you say correctly. In other words, you can't confuse them with the facts, because they won't receive them, believe them, and they won't discuss them. That is a no-nothing offensive mechanism. They place the ball in your court to try and convince them, and of course, you can't! The tactic is used to frustrate you, and for some reason that pleases them. Truth is not the issue, winning is.

The Old and New testaments of the Bible are filled with evidence and substance even as defined by Webster. Archaeologists have turned up physical evidence over the years. The footprints and tracks of the existence of God are testified of in the Bible, and confirmed by millions of people over thousands of years. They were there when He did it. These people had hope because of the evidence and substance God provided. And their hope fulfilled became more evidence and substance for future hopes. That is why they had continued faith in God and His existence. It is the same way for us today.

No-nothings like to argue impossibilities. They ask questions like, "If there is a God, why can't I see him." Again, either they truly are an ignoramus, incapable of understanding, or they are just baiting us. For Scriptures says that no one has seen God and lived! So why would they even want to see God? Like the Pharisees, they are not satisfied with existing evidence and substance. (Even though Jesus cast out demons, and healed the sick, they still wanted Him to perform at their will. Jesus said that even if someone was raised from the dead they still would not believe. (He did it Lazarus and they didn’t) And the fool say's in his heart that there is no God. When Jesus took on the form of a man He lowered Himself below the angels. Otherwise we would not be able to stand in His presence, look upon Him, and live. God the Father restored Him with the glory He had before the foundation of the earth when He returned to heaven.

No-nothings like to ask, can God make a rock so big he can't move it? Now think about it for a minute. Maybe you don't have an answer either. Wouldn't that be a stupid thing to do? God is not an ignoramus! He is the all wise all knowing God. No-nothings deny that or can't know that.

So hunters at least have a faith that is based on and gives them hope. Their hope is based on the substance and evidence of the animal they prey and hope for. On the other hand, we have a faith that is the substance
and evidence of the things we pray and hope for. When we need to increase our faith we go to the book of substances and evidences, the Bible. We also go to Church and fellowship with other Christians. What does the hunter do? He reads magazines, books, and hangs out with other hunters.

You have to ask yourself, is it realistic to have faith in something unseen? Yes it is. How can you question its existence validly? How can you say it does not exist? There is an important difference between the hunter and the
Christian. Our faith Leads us to a closer relationship with the Creator of all creation. The hunter’s faith leads them closer to a creation. When the LORD gives you the understanding you will know the difference, and your faith is changed dramatically. When that happens, your based on becomes is.


A friend of mine told me he was thinking of buying an expensive mini van because of all the safety features it had to offer compared to less expensive mini vans. Initially I told him that the safety features come into play so infrequently that they are not worth the purchase price. And then I began to think about it some more. I thought about race cars. They are loaded with every safety device known to man. The designers understand what type of
vehicle crashes take place on the race track and attempt to design and implement safety standards that exceed the hazards, and will protect the driver.

A very high percentage of the time these safety standards help save the life of the driver. But they are aware that the safety standards alone are not enough to guaranty that the drivers life will be saved in the case of a crash. That is why they also have a team of well equipped and trained personnel, who can reach the driver within minutes to extinguish the flames, pry open the doors, and if necessary pull him from the wreckage. If he is injured there are already an ambulance, hospital bed and doctors waiting for him. He is not driven around in an ambulance hoping that a hospital has room enough to accept him. He does not have to wait for service.

Now when it comes to safety standards for consumer vehicles it is a different situation. The tests are usually for frontal and side impact. Frontal impact is usually tested by having the vehicle crash into a wall at differing speeds. Now I ask you, how many walls do vehicles run into frontally on the city streets or freeways? Most of the time vehicles run into other vehicles. If you watch the vehicle pileups on television you will notice that they collide with other vehicles in various ways. Often times they swerve to avoid another vehicle or obstacle. The point of impact is at various angles and not against a flat surface. Vehicles end up on top of and under other vehicles. They also flip over. In the case of a sudden fog bank causing a pile up people
don't know if it is safer to stay in their vehicles, or try and run for cover sometimes making the wrong decision. There is no one there to pry them out of their cars and get them to a hospital in time.

So the safety standards for consumers are not on par with those for race cars drivers. They are not adequate for the type of accidents that occur, and safety standards alone are not enough to save lives in serious accidents. I remember when I was nineteen and I bought my first car. It was a new 1972 Ford Pinto. I had my four speed stick shift, my fancy rims, and my eight track stereo system. I was rolling! I also had a heavy foot I like to drive fast. That is why I bought a four cylinder car we called them four bangers. I figured I could push it as hard as it could go and not get into too much trouble. I would race other cars that were in my same class, Vega's and Volkswagen’s.

A friend of mine drove me to a street that had lots of fun curves, in his four banger Honda. The thing to do was to hang something from the mirror, and watch it move from left to right as you bank the curves. I had a long stem plastic plant for the girls. On this street you could race with almost anyone because the safest top speed was seventy miles an hour. You would keep your car in third gear to maintain maximum control of the speed and stability of the vehicle. The first thing we did before we took off was to snap on our seat belts. That was the signal that we were ready to do it! I had a great time until one day I was showing off in front of my latest girl friend. Why did I have to do that?

This Pinto passed me up and she giggled. Why did she have to do that? I looked over at her and back then took off after the Pinto. That's what we did! I caught up and passed him but realized too late that the reason I caught up and passed him was because he was slowing down. I suddenly saw why. There was this awesome curve ahead. This curve was approaching fast and there was nothing I could do. I didn't know what to do. I was traveling at seventy miles an hour in a residential neighborhood!

I can remember this as if it were yesterday. All of a sudden everything was foggy. Things started happening in slow motion. I felt as if the car was gliding or floating in air from left to right. I looked at my girl friend and she looked at me. I said watch this and we smiled. I blacked out for a moment. I came to in time to see my girlfriend’s body moving towards the windshield. I placed my arm between her and the windshield, and pulled her back into her seat like my mom taught me to do when I was a kid, before we had seat belts. I then blacked out again. This time when I came to the car had come to a halt.

I had run into a light pole at seventy miles an hour! The policeman who took the report confirmed that I was in fact going that fast. The car was totaled. There were broken parts all over the street. But the only injury I sustained was a scratch on my neck, and my girlfriend had a twisted ankle. If the light pole had not been where it was, I would have crashed into someone's home. I am totally convinced that the only real safety is in the arms of Jesus.


Is that positive or not? Some people think that it is not. If God wants you to be there then that's too bad. If He doesn't He will lead you out. Hopefully it won't take forty years to get you ready to go. Is where you are a state of arrival? I think not. Paul said that he had not arrived yet, but was pressing on towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Where you are is just part of the journey. So when you say you are going somewhere you are somewhere at the same time.

You always are somewhere so what is the difference? I think that God wants you to be somewhere, to do something while you are there. So everywhere you are you are doing something. So you don't have to go somewhere to do it. You just do it as you go, and every place is where you are. Do you think you are going to reach a destination? There is only one destination that we all will reach and that is the grave. Then we will split up and are somewhere else.


Who needs a roof over their head? When you can sleep under a tree? When you can hang out by the creek? What about when the rats bite us? They won't be able to do that after a while. Let them have a field day. There will be hell to pay!


When you know you have done what you are accused of that is one thing. When you are accused of doing something you have not done that is another thing. When included with this is there is also verbal abuse, and you are being persecuted or wronged you have made a movement into the last beatitude of Matthew chapter 5. What did you do to be falsely accused?
Perhaps you were set up. They tried to present false accusers against Jesus, but were powerless to do so. And all He did was good! So guess what, you did something good! And you may not even know what it was that you did.

Could it be because of all the good you've done and they just can't take anymore? Is it time to move on to do good elsewhere? What ever the case may be the last beatitude tells us that something spectacular has taken place. And we have just received a great reward in heaven! It may not seem like it at the time. It may not feel like it at the time. Or maybe a time of rejoicing does take place, and you don't relate it to what just happened. This beatitude tells us to rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Perhaps the LORD allows us to enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, to enter His courts with praise, and to say this is the day that He has made and to rejoice. Why? For the work we did. And He has made us exceedingly glad. O how blessed we are!


I met the woman on the plane. She and another woman and I began to talk about a book she was reading. It was entitled, "How To Become Successful." When I saw the title I could not resist, I had to make a comment about it. She was very receptive. I said, "Why do you think you are not successful?" She is over forty years old, has a masters degree in psychology, she works with people who have mental disabilities, and she has a bachelor degree in theology. She said she did not feel successful because she never got married! She is reading this book because she wants a husband. So I said to her, you have been successful in everything else in your life except one thing. She said yes. So I said, you are reading the wrong book. You already know how to be a success. You are already successful. You need a book on how to get a husband.

I told her she has to be careful what she reads. Some of these books will try and convince you that you are not successful before they try and convince you they know how to make you successful. And then you have to buy the sequel that follows which may turn into a series, depending on the popularity of the book. She kind of sighed and said, oh, but if there is a will there is a way. I had to stop her right there too. I took a mental breather as I tried to gather a thought process I could articulate.

I said, that may or may not be true. It needs to be examined very closely. First of all you have to ask yourself, is there really a will? Is this truly a desire? If it is not, there is no book that can help you. I did not feel the need to address the rest of her quotation. She started talking to the other woman about something that did not interest me. So I put my headphones on to listen to some music, and tuned them out. Somehow I got pulled back into the conversation.

They were talking about mental health patients. How hard it is to pull them out of their thought processes and adapt the views of the rest of the world. Not only is it a real problem or diagnosis, I told her, but just because they are diagnosed does not mean they are not intelligent, or educated. No more so or no less than someone with Multiple Sclerosis, or heart disease. They just can't function like others. Plus many wonder why they would want to join some of these so-called successful people.

They are over half-a-million dollars in debt. They work 16 hours a day. They drive 100 miles to work in a new Mercedes. And they think they are OK. They think nothing is wrong with them. They are not happy unless they are making or spending tons of money! Many people who are disabled have found a place in community. They have found security, a support system, friends, and they contribute to society as they are able and allowed to do. Many have gifts and talents that they use on a daily basis. And they have learned to live on a meager income. Why should they leave that for the unknown? When they already have a place?

Especially in light of what they see. Things I have not even mentioned. Things that we all are aware of but are either afraid to admit, or enjoying it, or wishing we could quit, or afraid to do it. Why should they enter into a world that will not accept them as they are, that won/t make a place for them with their disability. But wants to compete with them, and change them, and treat them like other employees. This competition and control is often times the very thing that causes them problems. And the current trend of downsizing and attrition, which has become a science, has a devastating affect on them. It causes them to relapse. They could end up in a worse
state than before they started working. Recovery is not easy. It can cause them to become unsuccessful, and become unhealthy. And they end up not only failing, but being more of a burden on society than if other provisions were made. If they are already living successful lives, not in the sense that is
perpetrated through the media, let them be. Why mess with their success? One person's mess is another person's success! Anyway, after we deplaned; as we were walking towards the baggage claim area, she grabbed me and gave me a big hug. And then went her way.


Paul writes to us in his epistles that he had much to complain about. He writes about how he was ship wrecked, that he was in the sea for a day and a half, that he was flogged at least twice, that he was stoned and left for dead, that he was bitten by a poisonous snake, that he left down the side of a building in order to escape certain death. Paul also writes to us that because of his sin nature he had to struggle with sin, that it over came him, that he was the chief sinner.

Paul also writes to us that sometimes he was rich, sometimes he was poor. That his friends would sometimes turn against him. Paul also writes that he had a thorn in his side that the Lord would not remove, the messenger of Satan to buffet him so he would not be exalted above measure. But Paul would not use the term complaining as we would think to call it today. We sing songs and make statements that say we won't complain. We say things like why complain, no one wants to hear it anyway. Paul was what we might describe today as positive thinker. Instead of saying he complains, or thinking of it negatively, he said that he boasted in his sufferings for Christ sake.

He felt unworthy of the calling on his life. Even though he had a sin nature and described himself as the chief sinner he knew he was yet saved by the grace of God, not by his works, but of the elect of God. He knew that he was led by the Spirit and not by his flesh. He knew that he was an over comer. He knew that he could do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthened him to continue in his ministry in spite of his personal sufferings. Even God himself put a burden on Paul's life. A thorn in his side to keep him not only humble, but to let him and others know that only through the power of God could Paul persevere.

God wrought many miracles through this mighty, complaining, boasting man of God like no other in the New Testament. Even his calling experience was unique and powerful like Isaiah's hot coal on his lips, and Moses' burning bush experience of the Old Testament. He was knocked to the ground by Christ in heaven, and had a personal audience with the LORD of hosts. David in his Psalms complained many prophets did likewise. Jeremiah said Lord, "you have deceived me and I was deceived." Perhaps if you are used of God in a mighty way, and you want to worship Him in spirit and in truth, you will also honestly complain or boast about your situation. How else are we going to share each others burden's as the Bible instructs us to do? It also say's we overcome the enemy by the word of our testimony, and the blood of the lamb, Jesus. With each complaint there is an obvious overcoming testimony of Christ in your life. How else would you be here to complain! Tell it! The world needs to know that Jesus is alive. And least of all the saints do. He is always after that one more to be saved.


I heard this song the other day that said that we should take the X out of XMAS and put Christ back making it Christmas again. Perhaps they feel that the world has had a victory over the LORD, by changing the meaning of this glorious day, the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. I can understand their compassion and conviction. I understand that they are ministering to those who feel the same. There is one thing that perhaps many of us do not know is that the X is Saint Andrews cross. Maybe we should replace Saint Andrews cross with the traditional cross you see in many churches, and that people wear. That would make a more obvious statement, about our intent and purpose.

Even though I knew that the X was a form of the cross, I never related it to XMAS until this Christmas season. When I realized what this X could possibly stand for I jumped for joy in my spirit. I thought, did someone pull a fast one or what! So I told a whole lot of people, wrote this up, and I even called a couple of Christian radio stations. Scripture say's that God uses foolish things to confound those that think they are wise. The world was more than happy to replace Christ with an X for years.

But what happened is no longer are we only representing Christ birthday by calling the day Christmas, the X in XMAS symbolically represents His birth, His suffering in our place on the cross, His death on the cross for our sins, and the empty cross signifies His resurrection from the dead, and eternal
reign as the living God and King. What a victory for the LORD!


As a servant of the LORD God, my desire is to have a full relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost the Blessed Trinity, and an ever increasing awareness of His fullness. I also desire to have full relationships with Gods people expressed with the love of God through His purposes, and a life rich in these relationships and experiences as a lifestyle. I also have a desire that Gods mysteries be revealed to me day by day. O LORD, I still desire the intimacy of a woman, her soft caresses and loving kisses, and the sweet juices of her love making. I am yet still only a man. And a man I want to be...


Sometimes you have to wrestle with God. You have no choice. He starts it. I don't think wrestling with God is a form of resistance on my part. At least my intention was not to beat Him. In fact it was quite enjoyable as He forcibly moved me about. I believe He was trying to strengthen me, show His love for me, His awesome Spiritual power as He engulfed me. He was getting me ready for the day. Everyday is a new day and a new way and a new awareness. He sends me out to minister and learn. I'm part of something that already exists. The Bible say's He will make room for your gift.

He let me know that He is here! I felt Him. Maybe who I felt was the Father, I don't know. I know it was joyful, and I said thank you Jesus when I got a break. But it is different than when I feel the Spiritual water flow through me which may be the Holy Ghost. Not only do I feel that water in Church or while listening to gospel music, but sometimes while walking down the street when I walk with certain people. I love it! When you wrestle with God you win and you go away with a new walk and a new talk. It's a good thing!


The sins we have done or do when brought before the LORD are processed for God's good use. They are turned around and used for His glory, for we are not ashamed before Him, for He is our LORD and Father. We know that He knows all things anyway. He makes good use of all we do because we are His children. We are but living testimonies of His mercy. This frustrates the world. The world has no understanding of this. Therefore they hide their sins from the LORD. They think if they bring them before Him He will accuse and abuse them. Not believing that all He wants to do is receive them, and forgive them, and make them children of His own.

Some people ask, “are we not all children of God?” Well, if we are all children of God then why does Scripture say we must be adopted? Why must we be born again? Why are we like sheep that have gone astray? Why must we be brought into the fold? Why is there none that understands God? Why is there none that seeks after God? If we would just seek His face, humble ourselves and pray, trust in Him with all of our hearts, believe that Jesus Christ is our LORD and Savior; He will receive us and make us one of His own. We will no longer be children of darkness but children of the light.

For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest
his deeds be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. (John 3:20-21)


You are the only God. There is none before Thee. There is none after Thee. If one claims to be You have created he. So he is subject to Thee. He has no right to be. He has rejected Thee. If he creates one to be he's in idolatry and You hate he for he doesn't honor Thee. You have created all we see, and in all that we see we should know about Thee. Some look and see and they still deny Thee. Then they use trickery to get others to deny Thee. But those that can see Thee delight in Thee, and will one day eat from the tree of life eternally as we live in the heavenly with our God that does truly be.

As for the rest they are history. There is a final place for the lost you see to them You remain a mystery, but to the Church You have revealed Thee. You have opened blind eyes to see. I'm so glad you've included me and all those You have called to be. You are present when there are two or three. By myself You do comfort me. That's why I have to claim You to be. You are the Greatest and Bestest God.


You can't block, control, stop, or avoid the wind. You can hear, see, feel, invite, or welcome the wind. With the wind under your wings you can soar
like an Eagle. A tail wind will speed you along your way. It makes you go faster. It will quicken you. A gust of wind is like a breath of fresh air. The wind is immaterial but affects the material. You can get energy, strength, or power from the wind. The wind can take you somewhere.

The wind can change your temperament, temperature, direction, mind, heart. The wind can cause fear, joy, anticipation, tears. The wind can make, break, embrace, keep, hide, warn, guide, teach, hurt, or love you. The wind can clear a path for you. The wind can clean up after you. The wind is unforgiving. The wind is forgiving. The wind cannot be controlled. The wind cannot be blocked. The wind will have His way. The wind will always be there.


My cousin Merle will bring up a topic for discussion every once and a while that gets my attention. She said she had heard two different preachers talk about the woman with the issue of blood. She said you have to release your faith in order to receive your healing. I told her even the Senior Pastor at my church got hooked into this discussion. He said that the medicine is in the hem of Jesus garment. My take on it is to reach the hem of his garment one would have to bow down. If you were to look up the definitions of prayer, you will find out that to bow down is one of them. To bow is a position you assume to prayerfully make a request. You are submitting to a higher authority than yourself. If one were in such a crowd as described you might even suspect that she had to crawl to reach the hem of his garment.

How did the woman know that there was healing or medicine in the hem of his garment? Everyone else around Jesus probably wanted to just give him accolades, to accept him as one of their own, to invite him over for dinner as the honored guest. Perhaps they were giving him a pat on the back for a job well done. Perhaps they just wanted to walk with him and be in the company of a great teacher, a great man, one who has done great signs and wonders. Perhaps they were around to see Jesus in action again. Maybe some wanted to satisfy their curiosity. That's all they really wanted.

They did not expect him to do anything for them. They were already OK. They could live with what ever ailed them. Or they already had a good doctor. Jesus came for those who needed a physician, for those who were lost and forlorn, for those in need of a Savior, for those in need of deliverance, for those who were expecting him. Jesus was there for ministry, not to hang out with the fella's and perform for them at their request. He had no formula they could learn and duplicate. There were people there that needed him and sought him out for what he could do for them, people who had faith, people who would release their faith.

The woman with the issue of blood touched his garment having said to herself in faith "If I could just touch the hem of his garment, I know I will be made whole." But that was not the release of her faith. It wasn't released until she pressed towards him in spite of the crowd, Abraham lifted up the knife against his son Isaac, the lepers were healed as they headed to the priest, Naaman dipped in the river Jordan river 7 times, The Gadarene Demoniac saw Jesus, and came to him in spite of the legion.

Jesus said of the woman, who touched me! I felt virtue or power, or healing, or deliverance come out of me. Your faith has made you whole. And the angel of the LORD called unto him out of heaven, and said, Abraham, Abraham: and he said here am I. And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me, and Elisha sent a messenger unto Naaman, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean. And Jesus said to the legion in the Gadarene Demoniac “Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.”

By believing he is and what he can do for you, and releasing your faith, that is how you touch Jesus. And virtue is released unto you, and you receive what you desire, what you need. Because the woman knew He was the one who would heal her, she knew what to do. It may even seem an odd thing to do, but by faith she tried to do it. And it was done unto her, and unto them, and unto others, and unto us. Release your faith. And add to your faith virtue.

After having received faith to believe, they all released their faith by doing what they knew they had to do. James would say, "I'll show you my faith by that which I do, not by telling you what I believe!" Because believing without doing does not produce any results. And your doing is a stronger testimony than anything you can say.

What I found to be interesting is that it was in Matthew chapter 9 that the woman with the issue of blood was healed, and by chapter 14 obviously word had gotten around about the hem of Jesus’ garment, for when Jesus showed up the people gathered together a multitude who were diseased, and after touching the hem of his garment they were healed.


You know how fine wine is made don't you? A husbandman goes out to his grapevine, and selects the grapes he knows will produce the desired results. He has a gift of discerning one grape from another. He picks this one, and this one, and leaves the other. He then throws the grapes into a vat, and proceeds to jump up and down on them. The skins and seeds are removed, leaving only the juice that he discerned. He knew that part had to be removed for it served its purpose, and has no value for the future of the wine he will produce.

The husbandman is not through yet though. So he adds something to the juice that remained, that causes it to ferment. After the fermentation process is complete he ends up with a new substance. This process produces a new substance that has color, and body, and richness. This new substance now produces an intoxicating affect. This new wine affects the person that drinks thereof. Thus fulfilling the purpose the husbandman desired.


In your Christian walk He will take you to a point where you think all you have is Jesus. That is when you know that Jesus Christ Is LORD. You are blessed. You need to recognize that. Mission accomplished. But take this to heart. All that time you have been surrounded by a host of witnesses. All that time your help was neigh. It was provided by the same-self LORD, the church or the family of God. The angels too as they watched, participated, and rejoiced before the LORD of Hosts, blessed Trinity.

You were never alone. You never will be alone. Ask the LORD to open your eyes so you can see the help around you, to hear the help around you, to feel the help around you, which is given you through the auspices of the Holy Spirit that lives in us, the family of God. How can you say the rest of the body of Christ I don't need? You have a hand don't you? Well a hand needs legs and feet to walk around. It is true, we all need Jesus. But Jesus has given us an earthen body that we are not to forsake assembling with. And
not just on the Sabbath day, but every where we go, even if there are only two or three of us.

It is a good practice to not only make our prayer petitions before the LORD as precise as possible, but also our confessions and testimonies. Not only does it communicate our knowledge and understanding of Gods word, but then we know we have heard from God when He answers. Then we see the fruit the word produces. Remember, there is no harm in thinking about what we say before we say it. Also, there is no harm in thinking about what others
say before we repeat it. So keep in mind, that when you say that all you need is Jesus, there is someone that needs somebody they can see, feel, and be with, and still have Jesus. Perhaps even yourself.


Why didn't Cain give God a good offering, proper respect, obedience and obeisance? He wasn't Abel. He couldn't think, do, act, be, see, walk, talk right. It was just not in him to do so. But Abel was able to. So when you are dealing with Cain's don't worry about these things they cain’t. Just thank God you are able. Perhaps God will make them able too, but Cain or Judas never became, and many others even on today. In the process of time you will know the difference.


Your Grace and Mercy is cool! You keep on bringing me through! You know that I am the sinner I am, but You let me have fun like a holy one. In Your Spirit I'm free not under a bushel but all to see. I feel so light, I feel so bright, because I know your word, because I heard and heard. I have enough hope for today because I pray and pray so I go out and play with the saints that are in, and those that I'll win. My spirit is high because I praise You on high. For You are Worthy and You say I am too! And I don't know how, but Your Grace and Mercy is cool!


Should I in pursuit of a mate in pursuit of a date? What does she have to offer me? Had one, had one, don't want one, but that has no face! Been there, done that. See one when I want one. They make me come. We only have fun. She gave up the drama just to be with me. I don't know what I want so don't ask me. I take what she gives me, and I don't ask for more. She will provide whosoever will. Let her come. So who needs a date? Who needs a mate? This is something to contemplate. Put this one on your slate.
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