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What is God's commandment from the book of Genesis

Most people keep?

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and fill the earth.

We are 7 billion strong!

New Title

After reading about a Black female Tecky Chaplain on Wikipedia, I have decided upon a new title for myself. I am a
“Tecky Techno Urban Missionary Chaplain”

God's People (Kirk Franklin)

GP's perish for they don't lookup the meanings of KJV words in a Strongs or Youngs concordance, for they are without excuse.

All the KJV study helps are available for download free with Bible software programs.

Word Studies

From: the Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary, a free KJV Bible download.

Hebrew Strong's Number: 3577
from (kazab); falsehood; literal (untruth) or
figurative (idol) :- deceitful, false, leasing, + liar, lie, lying.

4:2 (KJV)
O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how longwill ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

5:6 (KJV)
Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

Greek Strong's Number: 3149
from the base of (massaomai); a (properly a female breast)

Luke 11:27-28 (KJV)
And it came to pass, as he spake, a certain woman of the company said unto Jesus, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps (properly female breast) which thou hast sucked…

Oh Give Thanks unto the LORD for He is good

The LORD is my Shepherd. I shall not want for He lay me down in green pastures. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Though I walk under the shadow of death He prepares meals for me in the midst of my enemies. His rod and His staff comfort me and protect me. Thank you LORD.

The KJV Bible has been banned because of too much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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Friday, March 27, 2009

Left Behind ?

Read Matthew chapter 24

Imagine this if you dare! This will make you a-scared!

It has been taught from books other than the Bible that many will be left behind to go through the Great Tribulation, and that the Anti-Christ will manifest in the form of human body, a male, like Jesus manifested being born of the Virgin Mary without the aid of Joseph. He was not necessary as a sperm donor.

Here is the part of this story where you will get a-scared! The frightening part about the Anti-Christ is that he is supposed to come in the flesh. Well, as you know, to come in the flesh requires a procreative act stemming from the power love of between a woman and a man. Reproduction of any species requires the sexual union of a male and a female. In the case of humans we desire to make love to one another.

How horrible and terrifying it is to imagine from the power of the love between a woman and a man will produce and release into the world the MOST EVIL being God created. This soulless creature or spirit is a God hater to the max, a people hater to the max. He is that way by design for the destruction of so many souls who hate God almost as much as he, for he is the epitome of EVIL in a human body. He and others will be condemned to the Lake of Fire and tormented in the worst possible way as God’s pours out his wrath. Just totally forsaken, and for eternity.

When women hear of this they freak out, totally devastated that something like that, a Rosemary’s baby can actually come from one of her eggs, and she has to carry this evil being in her womb for 9 months on top of that. She herself tormented by this evil being in the worst possible way until she gives birth to it. What can she name it? It’s her child for heavens sake! She has to use all her motherhood, mother wit, mother instinct to protect this child. It’s her baby!

And what about how poor old dad feels? In the billions of seed within his sack there is one that is the key to the birth of this EVIL BEING. He has the fear that within his loins there could be the cause of not only his but the worlds destruction as we know it today, yesterday, and the unforeseen future. I might be the one to release total destruction, and I love the LORD. But within my bowels could be a seed, the seed of destruction of my brothers and sister that must get the heads cut off as a sacrifice unto the LORD, for the Evil One must enter into the world. And it would be my fault, it’s the man’s fault, it was Adam’s fault. God said so.

Eve was charged with a transgression alright, but Adam was guilty of SIN! And they plunged us all into a damnation that only God can bring us out of. And here we have again, a man will be charged with the ultimate SIN! It will be his fault the Anti-Christ is born into the world. In fact he could come from a saved man as well as an unsaved man. Who has that dreadful seed, or sperm? Could it be a sperm donor? That is even more dreadful when you consider the birth technology’s of today’s world.

Look at the world today, a modern Sodom and Gomorrah! Lies have become known as the truth, and absolute truth is not acceptable in any form. Even that statement is not true. You have to lie to be acceptable. And you can’t even say that, you have to say the truth. I don’t lie about anything, Huh? It is hard to tell the truth these day’s, absolutely so.

Dr. Frankenstein has gone buck wild! With the genetic code defined, he has the knowledge code of reproduction cracked. Unfortunately he is a sinner who is totally cracked. This knowledge should not be in his hands, for he is now ready to prepare a body in the body of a virgin. The Anti-Christ wants to be God Almighty himself! The Anti-Jesus or Christ! This virgin body will receive from the lab an egg and sperm planted by a fallen angel manifested as a minister of righteousness gone to medical school. A woman will receive a combination through selective implantation of the right sperm into the right egg.

What has Dr. Frank-Implant-Baby-In-Virgin designed through genetic engineering and test tube baby trial and error, perfected? A human host or living being that is without a soul or a spirit from God. God allowed this to happen for the Anti-Christ must appear during the Great Tribulation Period to do what God would have him to do. And immediately at conception the Evil Spirit enters into fertilized egg and sperm combination creating a male. Nine month’s later this Anti-Jesus or Anti-Christ is born into the world. He could be here already!

What I just wrote is totally fiction? Like the Left behind series, it makes for good entertainment for some and fears for others. But why be fearful of fiction? God is real. We need the fear of the LORD to be over-comers. Fear alone will not save a soul. The fear of the LORD demonstrates your salvation. That is if you run to him in fear, not run from him. Fiction can illustrate a point as I have just done, but the Scripture will demonstrate God, will teach about God. Fiction can lead you away from the truth. And filthy lucre is a great motivation for some who write fiction to lead someone away from the truth of God’s written word. The King James Version of the Bible is the most reliable Bible available with four hundred years of resources available, even for your computer. It was not written with a profit motive in mind and is not copyrighted.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things I wrote in poetry and prose

Just one question, please? I was thinking the other day when we get to heaven we might say oh LORD, I have just one question please I would like to ask you. I have been pondering it ever since I began studying the Bible. I have consulted commentaries. I have studied the Hebrew and Greek text. I have asked many of your people. I went to Bible College and Seminary.

I have waited here in heaven until the end of the age. I have waited for the new heaven and earth. I have waited my turn in line seeking consultation before your mighty throne. It seems as though it has been millennia after millennia.

And now that I have been granted permission to come before you, oh God and King would you answer just one question, please? And He may very well answer, "Because I said so..."

You are the greatest and bestest God. You are the only God. There is none before Thee. There is none after Thee. If one claims to be, You have created he. So he is subject to Thee. He has no right to be. He has rejected Thee. If he creates one to be he's in idolatry and You hate he for he doesn't honor Thee. You have created all we see. And in all that we see we should know about Thee.

Some look and see and they still deny Thee. Then they use trickery to get others to deny Thee. But those that can see Thee delight in Thee. And will one day eat from the tree of life eternally. As we live in the heavenly. With our God that does truly be.

As for the rest they are history. There is a final place for the lost you see. To them You remain a mystery. But to the Church You have revealed Thee. You have opened blind eyes to see. I'm so glad you've included me. And all those You have called to be. You are present when there are two or three. By myself You do comfort me. That's why I have to claim You to be. You are the Greatest and Bestest God.

Somebody sang, “I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody, about Somebody.” I'm just one of His body. Trying to tell everybody about Somebody. We are just His Body. Trying to tell everybody about Somebody. We are just His body. Trying to tell somebody to become a part of His body. We are just His body. Trying to tell somebody. About His Body.

We are just His body. Trying to tell somebody about the Head of His body. He is the Head of His Body. Trying to tell somebody through His body. That they need to become part of His Body. Tell everybody about the Head of His body. If you are a part of His body. Tell your body to move with His body. As directed by the Head of His body.

I am somebody. Because the Head of His body. Died for a nobody like me. I was a nobody. Who is somebody. Because of Somebody. This Somebody. Is the Head of His body. And is coming back for those who became somebody. Do you want to become somebody?

Sometimes Oh LORD You remind me of who and what I really am. That you are the reason for all that I can. When I feel like that I am all of that You make me feel like I suffered a set back. You set me straight and let me know that I am weak. And if it wasn't for You I'd always be beat. For you alone are God, there is none other besides you. You make sure that I know that I'm walking beside you.

Sometimes just like the eagles I soar through the sky. Nothing can stop me, nothing gets by. Then I go back home You let me know when, and I feel like something the cat dragged in. Your strength comes upon me, and I make it to my room. I take a nap and waking up after an hour is too soon.

I have realized what I do is such a power drain that you need give me rest to replenish again. I'm only human after all. But sometimes I'm having such a ball. I sit back and wonder what the next day will bring. With you in control it is never the same thing. Is this the manifestation of the sons of God that we all have been waiting for O LORD?

Sometimes you feel like a sometimes. Thank God for the sometimes because sometimes you need a sometime. Sometimes it be like that. Even in your sometimes you need a sometime. Well, at least sometimes. Sometimes you don't because you are getting a sometime.

Sometimes you need to shout sometime it LORD! I can't take this sometime! I need a sometime! Sometimes you need to leave those sometimes alone. Sometimes, sometimes are out of your control. But what do you do when you want a sometime, and can't seem to get one even sometimes? Sometimes you can't even get a sometime.

And sometimes that can be very frustrating. But then you discover there are other new sometimes. Sometimes that you never had before. So you look for new sometimes and avail yourself of them. Sometimes I look back and wonder. Sometimes I look forward and wonder. Sometimes I wish sometimes would sometimes leave me alone. Those are the sometimes I don't like.

But sometimes life is like that. Sometimes it's like this and sometimes it's like that. One day though, all my sometimes will be good. It will be great, and all my sometimes will be alltimes good. Not just sometimes as it is alltimes now.

I believe. I just believe. I believe you. In you I believe. You can believe that because you cause me to believe. I believe what, where, when, and how You cause me to believe. I'll believe as long as you cause me to breath. All you want me to do now is believe.

No matter what, I believe. I can't help but believe. I have to believe to be. I can't cease to believe. There's too much to believe. I've believed too much. There's so much more to believe. And not just things that are but things to be.

To believe what I see is no longer enough for me. To see what I believe is even greater for me. Believing is seeing. I just believe. Every time I believe I see. Every time I see I believe. Every time I believe and see, I see you. Every time I believe I see you. Every time I see, I see you.

Every time I believe I'm with you, and you are with me. To believe is to see you. When I need a friend, I just believe. When I need comfort, I just believe. When I need, I just believe. And you fill my need because it is you that I need. So I just believe. Ahh! Another day to believe.

I'm just a Chaplain on the bus. They say I'm just one of us. That I've ridden on the bus before. I am there to be with more. Alone in the car is such a bore. I've got friends I haven't met. I've got some I see you bet. It's an ever changing scenery. I like this way of doing ministry. I'm there to meet an immediate need. Going somewhere else that I'm called to be. Taking the message "We all got to work for Jesus!"

The Holy Spirit is our guide is clear giving utterance, and sight, and ears to hear. Giving us plenty of reasons to cheer and cheer! Flutter, flutter, flutter is the sound of love working overtime. He doesn't want anybody left behind. The Holy Spirit has a heart for mankind.

Each of us does our part as the Holy Spirit gives us a jump start. As He moves in us He sets us free. This is living my life more abundantly.

I don't say his name in vain: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I just love to say that name. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I will never be the same. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, why is it when I say it some think it is in vain? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I just love to say that name.

There is no greater that I can proclaim. It has been exalted above every other name. I just want to make it plain to say His name when you need gain. If I don't call on Jesus name I only have myself to blame. That's the reason why He came. Sometimes I just feel the need to call upon that powerful name. Then there is a change in indeed, and I no longer feel the same.

There's comfort and there's joy when you call upon that name. If others are discomforted it's the power of that name. Discourager's will come and discourager's will complain. They will tell when you say His name you are using His name in vain.

To say His name's to voice it and some one else could hear. But to call His name's to shout it! And they'd probably disappear. Remember because what Jesus did the roads already paved. Meaning there is no other name by which man or woman must be saved.

Matters: Does it matter or does it matter not, it doesn't matter 2 me. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter 2 me. Mad as a hatter. Mad as a hatter. Mad as a hatter not me. Why do you gather? Wouldn’t you rather? Spend some time with me?

Living just enough for the moments. I left the world of hard time’s prosperity. I was trying to fill a need that was dictated to me. Getting up early to be somewhere I did not want to be. I was told I had to raise a family. And that it takes a lot of money. And I couldn't have many they wouldn't be happy.

Have a couple and you can choose the car you drive. They can wear clothes with a special name inside. Then our kids became bulletin boards. So other kids would know what to hoard. I knew better having my PF Flyers, and I did not run faster nor did I jump higher. So I settled for plain pockets. No designer labels in my sockets. At least not by choice.

Now I'm living just enough for the moments for a momentary thrill, a momentary relationship just two strangers who are not, meeting and connecting sometimes two or three. Some relationships long lasting but still momentary. No one to live with. No one to send home.

They come and they go when they please. Sometimes at my prompting. It's a new life. It's a new way. I can do this all the day. Never knowing who I may meet. I just head out to the street. Oh what joy and fun it is. Some I hope to see again.

It is really interesting when they pop into my life again. Hey, didn't I see you just the other day? I don't have to say. We just look at each other. Hey didn't you just pass my way? Didn't I see you at the stop back there? Now you are walking with me. And we are not even close enough to talk. But we touch. I'm living just enough for these moments.

What does that mean living just enough for these moments? I'm not spending 24/7/365 trying to make ends meet without the ability to do so because my needs are so great! I don't have idiot boxes telling me how to spend money. And I'm not spending money on an idiot box to tell me how to spend money! I have enough to get by without being asked why!

My needs are no longer great so I do what is necessary to meet my need. I'm living just enough. And having lived just enough I've made many a discovery. They are called moments. I can enjoy the moments. I look forward to the moments. So now I'm living just enough for the moments. And I don't want any moments to pass me by.

What happens when the morning comes? When the morning comes you no longer want to talk about the night. Everything is all right. You can't understand what the problem is. You know God takes care of all your biz. That's the way it is.

Joy speakable. Joy delight. Who wants the night? Spend your days doing his will. Seldom even go out at night. You can see darkness and light. There is no fright for he is strong. What is there to worry about? What is there to sing about? Joy, glory, and honor unto his name. Like the angels round about. And if you don't sing it you want to hear it. Hallelujah!

Thanx 4 lotsa lot: Everyone has a lot in life. Accepting your lot makes it a lot nicer. God will give you a lot within your lot that others don't know you got, if not pray for the right lot. If you know not if you are in the right lot pray about that a lot. He answers the prayers of those in his lot. And his lot knows when they hear his answers having exercised prayer a lot.

Give up your rudder: I've become a rudderless ship floating about in the sea of time. So Heavenly minded that I am no Earthly good. Forgive me if I don't fit your definitions or standards. If I can do it then it must be OK. Why do you want to stand in my way? There is only one Lord and Master. How do you know if what I am doing is wrong? Are you part of the program or part of the problem? I'm not talking to everyone. It is a good thing I am not working alone.

I've become a rudderless ship no longer manning the helm. So where am I going? Somewhere I ought to be. Who's guiding the ship? The roaring sea, still waters take you nowhere. You know who causes the sea to roar. So you ask what to do you do when you get there. Don't be concerned with the future. You've got the sea to handle today.

I'm living the single life now, and I'm glad for the first time in my life at age 48, 49, 50 whatever. Some years below but they don't count as much. I was in transition.

I get to observe and participate in the lives around me. I get to help and receive help from a lot of people. I get to meet a lot of people. I get to share with a lot of people. I get to have a lot of friends. I get to make a lot of friends. I get to spend time with friends. I get to spend time with strangers. I get to spend time by myself. I get to give and receive love from everywhere. I get to express a lot of my emotions. I get to share my true feelings. I get to say what I want to say.
I get to do what I want to do.

And I don't have see if it is OK first! I don't have to seek permission or approval. Whenever I feel like it I can do these things. Oh what freedom. Oh what a feeling.

I'm glad I had to wait until I was older.
I'm glad I am old enough to appreciate this.
I'm glad I had two families to build first.
I'm glad I now have a history to reflect upon.
I'm glad I have a history to interact with.

I'm glad I have people to tell my stories to.
I'm glad I have people who want to hear them.
I'm glad I have people who are counting on me.
I'm glad I have people who see a future in me.
I'm glad I have people I can do the same for.

I'm glad I know the LORD for myself.
I'm glad he sent me to school to learn his word.
I'm glad he freed me from employment.
I'm glad he taught me about people.
I'm glad he gave me people work.
I'm glad he taught me about the world.
I'm glad he taught me about Church.

I'm no longer bound by public opinion.
I'm no longer bound by personal opinion.
I'm no longer bound by the television.
I'm no longer bound by the radio.
I'm no longer bound by the media.
I'm no longer bound to listen to it.

I only know about it when people tell me about it. I can make a snap analysis and join the conversation. It really isn't any new information. Just different names, faces and places!

I'm glad I know love when I see it.
I'm glad I know mercy when I receive it.
I'm glad I know I receive undeserved grace.
I'm glad I know when I have joy.
I'm glad I know when I feel your peace.
I'm glad you made me a Praiser.
I'm glad you made me a Dancer.
I'm glad you made me a Writer.
I'm glad you made me a Chaplain.
I'm glad you have me working amongst the people.

I'm glad you have me working behind the scenes.
I'm glad you have given me strength to take abuse.
I'm glad you have given me faith to know I'll make it.
I'm glad you give me times to be outspoken.
I'm glad you give me plenty to do.
I'm living the single life now, and I'm glad!

Scripture says that single people have more time to serve you. They are not encumbered by the many responsibilities society can demand. I know now for myself that is true.

Super stupid Christians: we are non-conforming, unconventional, get on your nerves, radically, fanatically, addicted Jesus freaks! And we're com'n to get ya! We are armed with the word of god. We are led by the spirit. We are a danger to ourselves and to others by the power of the Holy Ghost within.

We fear no one but the Lord who can send a soul to hell. We have given our bodies as a living sacrifice. We’re on the front line with love. Defending the faith once delivered to the saints delivering the lost from the jaws of Satan. We’re interceding on behalf of the saints of god. Giving like it's going out of style. And you ask what’s love got to do with it? Everything!

It's because of his love that god sent his son Jesus. It's because of his love that he saves souls. If Jesus is your lord you will live eternally. So's we kicking the devil outta here. With us around you got no excuse!

The skinny: OK here is the skinny. I finally got the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that will join other combined segments together. When that happens you just place the other parts where they go, seemingly with out thinking. The mind has a mind of its own. It's sitting there ready to do its thing bringing the thoughts therein to the conscience mind. BAM! I said that's it! And there was no one around. I had to suffer through two hours of waiting. At least I have someone I can call.

It may not be much for some, but this one book is the one. There is none other written like it. How the story is weaved over generations. Which generation has the answer to the definitive question? So you collect kibbles and bits, and they all don't fit. Then somebody hands you the Missing Link, the Abominable Snowman, The Lockness Monster.

Starting my day off right I'm blessed! I woke up this morning put my feet on the floor, and walked out the door so far so good. It's a good day. The Lord is blessing me all the way. I’m taking my blessings as they come. Lord I'm having a lot of fun. I'll be going to the function at the junction as soon as I get the unction.

Strong shoulders: I have to have strong shoulders for others that have tears in their eyes for others who need someone to place their burdens upon, for others to pray through. To receive something and I cast things out. To be the one they can take it out on. But come back strong when the time is right. I still feel it though. Sometimes it may show. And some people may know. And tell me don't let it be so. But that's just part of it.

Some people pray and wait but that doesn't always work. I have to be proactive I need immediate relief and it is at our disposal. I need someone to tell me God's word and not just any word will do for this situation. I need to be reminded who I am. I need to hear that I have the victory. I need to hear that I have overcome. I need to hear that I defeat the enemy.

I need to hear that I pull down strong holds. I need to hear that I posses weapons mighty of God. This strengthens me immediately. This lifts me up immediately. This delivers me immediately. I then realize that the enemy was oppressing me. He can't stand that type of God talk and had to flee.

I wanna know what grace is! I wanna know! Inquiring minds want to know what grace is because it is sufficient. I want to know more about Your grace. But what is it? What it can do for me? How do I get it? How can I get more grace? It's by grace we are saved, delivered, healed, fed, and clothed.

It's by grace we have a right mind, have a mind to do, that He takes us through, that He brings us out, that we even have a life. It's by grace we get to shout, sing, and dance before Him. It's by grace we get to pray, stay, believe, and receive. It's by grace we desire to praise Him, worship Him, serve Him, and do His will.

It's by grace He gave us faith, strength, power in the Holy Ghost, courage, and boldness. It's by grace we receive knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and have compassion. It's by God's grace that we walk by faith and not by what we see, hear, or feel, for what good is it to succumb to the world and to lose our souls. It's by God's grace that we live, love, move, breathe, see, hear, and have our being. Ain't the Kingdom great!

Money don't go to heaven. What good is money? Money don't say to you, "I love you mommy and daddy." Money don't cuddle up to you and keep you warm. Money don't call you up with kind words of encouragement.

Money don't come over to see how you are doing. Money don't borrow a cup of sugar. Money don't smile at you. Money don't argue with you. Money don't play with you. In fact, these days you don't even see all your money. All you get is a piece of paper with numbers on it.

Collecting money don't please God. If you make it to heaven, and God asks you what have you got for him, and you say you have a million dollars for him back there on earth He is going to look at you funny. However if you say there are some children on the way up to be with him eternally He will be quite pleased. Money don't go to heaven.

It's not about me: It's not about me and what I want. It's about the joy I have in what I do. It's about the things I do when I don't know what or how to do them. It's about the things I say when I don't know what or why I say them. Sometimes the understanding comes much later if at all.

The things that I want I'm not able to obtain. And I'm not sure If I want them anyway. The things I receive are more than sufficient. And the ministry I do is immeasurable. It's not my life anymore.

My buddy used to say that I'm more important than I think. He also said we were elected before the foundation of the earth to be conformed to the image of Christ. He'd say, "Is that being egotistical?"

How can it be egotistical when it is not our choice, not our lives, not our will, and not our desires? When what we do is not for ourselves alone, but for the Church. And the only real value we have is what we do for the LORD. Is it because we have a great time while we do it?

Ain't no words to the song. So you can't write it down. Ain't no words to it. But you can tell the whole west coast. You ain't got no words either. There is an understanding somewhere out there. Kids can't talk. But it's put out there. There is a vibing and understanding each other. There's a feeling. No words. Just a feeling inside.

It's like he talks to me without periods: Losing everything is the best thing that ever happened to me And it happened twice It's like sugar and spice Everything I got was nice It's like the stubble and hay was burned away It's like all that was left was precious jewels It's like God saying this is my gift to you Each time I was willing to give it up Each time He made it happen It's as if He communicated to me This is how I want it to be Do you want to go with me

All I had to do was believe That He would deliver me To the place He wanted me to be To do the things He wanted me to do To be open to His leading and guiding Not trusting in the things I hear and see Unless they touch me spiritually And they agree with what I know about He

The LORD has truly increased my territory The LORD has truly increased my responsibility The LORD has truly opened up the Bible to me It is His word and a gift of God to His children Something we can truly depend And share with a friend To bring Him into our presence Oh what glorious things transpire Oh How the LORD lifts us higher More and more is my desire

I want to go out, but there is no place to go. Let's see, what haven't I done? (a long pause while I think about it). I’ve been healthy, wealthy, and wise. I’ve been poor, homeless, and destitute. I was told that if a rich man became poor he could become rich again. I'm just trying to stabilize.

One thing about being poor, your thoughts are definitely your own. I've got intellectual property. I've got mental capital. I take stock in the things I choose to do. My market can't be crashed. I employ myself to do the things I want to do. My salary is inconsequential to many. but it is enough for me. I'm satisfied with what I achieve. I found it.

I'm not searching. I'm at the top. I'm not trying to reach it. There is no glass in my ceiling. I know plenty of good old boys. I got more girls than I can shake a stick at. I got of the merry-go-round. The brass ring is not a prize I seek. That prize is always out of reach. By the time you are able to you know that brass is worthless. Try cashing it in. Try cashing gold in. You receive nickels on the dollar. I want to go out, but I've got no place to go.

It is interesting and Jesus talked about it too. When He preached the word of God to sheep not of His fold they hated Him. When He did the works of the Father they hated Him. They even said He had a devil. Some will say we are devilish. Jesus said they hated Him because they did not know the Father. And if they hated Him they also hate the Father. So when they behave the same way towards us. Do not be surprised or alarmed. They hate us because they know not Jesus or the Father. And therefore revile against us when we do His will.

It is interesting how children of the Devil tell children of God they are the Devil perhaps because the Spirit of God torments them. Perhaps that is why they can't stand to have us around.

God gave me gifts. Only God has a Sea of Forgetfulness that only He can cast things into never to be remembered again. He declares things to be from their beginning to their end. He can afford to do that.

But me he has given me something to use. He has given me forgiveness. So if things are brought to my remembrance. I pull out my gift of forgiveness. And He takes care of the business. He has given me something else to use too. He has given me thanksgiving. So when I bring things to remembrance. I pull out my gift of thanksgiving as well. Perhaps some things need to be remembered.

A Friend said to me what can I tell God that He does not already know? Maybe He wants you to find out what you think you know. Perhaps you have been playing lip service all these years. Once you get into dialog with God He will begin to correct your stinking thinking.

Then you will really know something. And you will know what God wants you to know. And you will know what you know. And you will know what you don't know. There is a difference between what you now know and what God knows. Perhaps there are something's you know that He does not want to know. Being that it is offensive to Him. Have you ever told someone that you don't want to know?

So you don't know why??? You are going through something and you don't know why. You end up somewhere and you don't know where. And you go, "Oh..." You look to the left, and then you look to the right, and someone is giving you a hard time! Then all of a sudden they say, "I'm sorry." And you say, "That's OK."

It's new I tell ya!!! It's a new day and a new way moving on to something else, but not going anywhere. It's a special occasion. It started out being a great day. Then it became greater. The people you meet. The people you greet will make the day sweet. Love does not come back empty handed.

Have you ever picked fruit off a tree? Each one tastes a little different. Sweet is not a flavor. Once you taste it you want it all the time. Love is sweet. May your days be full of sweetness.

You alone O God are worthy of our fear, our reverence, our praise, our worship, our shouts, our songs, our hand clapping, our feet stomping, our running down the isle's of the church, our dance, our devotion, our prayers, our love, our appreciation, our adoration, our servitude, our obedience, our sacrifices, our hope, our lives, our lively hood, our thanksgiving, our supplications, our hearts, our minds, our strength, our offerings, our tithes, our time, our talent, and our treasure.

You alone O God are worthy to be glorified, be lifted up, be magnified, be touched, be respected, bow down to, have Your feet & head perfumed, be honored, be knelt before, and lay prostrate before. So have us lay at Your feet O LORD.

Roaches: If you cannot handle the sun how are you going to handle Jesus who is the Son? If you can not handle the light how are you going to handle Jesus who is the Light? How will you ever be able to walk in the light when all of your deeds are done in the dark? Amazing Grace! You don't have to run and hide when His light shines like roaches.

Ruffled feathers: It is amazing where my help comes from. I look to the mountain from whence my help comes. My help comes or is sent by the LORD. Sometimes it is people. Today it was a pigeon.

When I looked at him I thought whoa, his feathers sure are ruffled. What happened to him! Well, I Just got my feathers a little ruffled. Transitions can do that to you. They are unavoidable; this is true. I can't stop transitions from getting to me. If you can, pass that information on please. I just know I do recover. Perhaps the Spiritual meaning of ruffled Is ruff- led.

Grains of sand that go bang!!! A buddy of mine has his own version of the big bang theory. He says that the Bible contains grains of sand. And if you look deeply in to a single grain, Bang! It explodes. Then you run around trying to tell somebody, and ain't nobody around who wants to hear about it. So he said he quit reading it.

Now that you have a halo: I saw this picture of an angel. She was a beautiful black woman dressed in angelic splendor. You could see her two wings, and a halo about a foot above her head. Her arms were stretched upwards pointing towards her halo.

I asked the woman who was selling the picture, "What is this angel going to do with her halo?" She said women are beautiful. I said yes, you can't help it. Is she going to say "Zing!" your outta here, and then gently place the halo back on her head without missing a beat?

Later that afternoon I presented this experience to two black women while enjoying coffee at an outdoor cafe. Their countenance cycled through a few changes having already understood that sometimes you have to take your halo off. I wonder if the seller decided to keep that picture for herself.

Converted to be hung: So you got converted, and you think you should not be hung? Did Jesus tell the thief on the cross you are healed, get of that cross and go home? I forgive you? Did someone say to Jesus nice job you can come down now? If you want accolades for being saved, or a servant forget it! Just be glad your name is written in the Lambs book of life!

I use popcorn: Some people like to plant seeds. That is fine and dandy. However seeds take time to grow. It is ever so slow. Some of the company I keep would fall fast asleep waiting for a seed to germinate.

They need something quick and in a hurry lots of things that come in a flurry. So I use popcorn! Popcorn is still a seed. But these days some folks have micro waves. And placed in their oven things start popping all over the place!

The LORD leads and orders my steps. And I do it. The LORD fills my lips with what to say. And I say it. The LORD called me according to His purpose. And I go. If that is your definition of a robot then I say, Praise ye the LORD for truly I am His servant and truly I am His brother.

Religion say's: I have a $1.35 and I'm going to Starbucks. In Jesus you might go to Starbucks, Tulley's or MacDonalds. You may not even get any coffee. You may have to drink coffee even if you don't want any. You might be there to buy someone else some coffee. You know it is not about the coffee anyway. And you say thank you Jesus! For you know from whence the money came from.

The next time someone asks you: The next time someone asks you when Jesus is coming back, and tells you that it has been over 2,000 years already and they are tired of waiting ask them this question. How long did it take since the promise to Adam and Eve before Jesus showed up the first time?

There were a lot of things God had to make ready before He showed up. When He did everything and everybody was in place. He did the job He came to do and He said the Father is the time keeper. He just knew He was coming back soon.

In comparison to the time of the fall to the crucifixion 2,000 years is not very long. Right now the Holy Spirit has a job to do. And when He is through, and God makes all things ready Jesus is coming back.

He touched me and made me sick: Then He sent me to a place to have fellowship. How else could we have gotten together? For what other reason in one place? He is in charge of our destiny. There are places we need to be. Sometimes we need to be sick to get there. Sometimes we have to be sick to even get inside. No one else is allowed. So He made me sick. And He tells me when to show up. God has blessed me.

Look Through Your Ashes: Some look through their lives and see an ash heap. And actually that may be the case. But the LORD said He would turn your ashes into beauty. So look through your ashes.

You will be surprised at what you will find. There are precious jewels buried within. You may not even be aware because your eyes were not opened. Ask Him to let you see. Blow the ashes away and enjoy. All He did was burn up the bad. He was doing that all the time.

The definition of a God: A God has not been created. A God always was, and everything that exists has been created by him. There is nothing else that can come into existence unless he causes it to be. A God sustains all that exists. A God has no equal. Otherwise he would not be a God. A God is the head of all that exists. Nothing and no one else can be a God. There can only be one God.

Everybody that asks: Everybody that asks you for a dollar doesn't want a hand out. They want a hand up. Or they want a hand clap. When someone asks you for dollar do you show your true colors? What do they see a rainbow over your head, a storm cloud with thunder and lightning? Or do they see an angel of mercy?

Some People: Some people look upon you and make judgments based on outward appearances. Some people identify you by your many words. Some people need confirmation from others. But some people know you when they see you.

Some people know you when they hear of you. Some people know you when they hear your voice. Things we have to deal with.

What is a school of Prophets anyway??? I haven't been able to make much of a profit see in a long, long time. Instead I have gained many a friend who make prophesies. What does it really profit unless it is prophetic? What can you do with a Prophet except listen? A Prophet can prophesy your profits. Now that is profitable!

Keep your profits. Hold on fast to them. And set up a profit sharing program based on prophetic profits. This will increase the profits of others and your own. Who knows, you may find a Prophet among you! What is a school of prophets anyway?

Will The Real Forbidden Fruit Please Stand Up! I think the forbidden fruit was a pomegranate, and not an apple. The pomegranate leaves a crimson stain. The apple doesn't. Have you ever tried to clean a crimson stain? It takes a lot of work. In our case it took the blood of Jesus.

Do you know what a pomegranate is? It is a fruit that has a multitude of fruit lets. And each one contains a seed. When you eat of them they leave a crimson stain. Thanks be to God for Jesus who can change a crimson stain to become whiter than snow.

Election in quips: How many votes does it take to get elected? 3! You get elected without even running. You can't get elected even if you try. Your vote does not count. How do you know if you were elected? Try and find out by reading the Bible. And keep trying, and trying, and trying.

At the plate: Since I'm in the game I have no choice but to go to the plate! It does matter who wins. Don't ask me why I did it. I'm not the coach! I did not ask for this position I was assigned. There is only one season. All I do is play. The only way to improve your game is to swing at it! I may go down swinging but I'm still in the game!

They found out: Saul found out that obedience is better than sacrifice. David found out that obedience is better than praise. A widow found out that obedience and sacrifice is even better. Saul lost his kingdom. David lost Uzzah. The widow had meal and oil until the drought ended. Plus her son was raised from the dead!

Be all the salt you can be! This Preacher said,
It's time for the salt to come out of the salt shaker! He means it's time for us to come out of Church buildings. We have already partaken of the fatness that the Lamb has provided, and now we need to nourish a lean world that is starving for fat. They are so lean they have redefined exposed ribs as Abs.

There is a famine in the land. People across the land are so unfamiliar with the truth that they believe any lie put forth. They know not the truth being contrary to it. They are not at peace being contrary to it. They need the truth to be comforted. And the Spirit of God is the comforter. They need the peace of God. Blessed
is the peacemaker for they shall be called the children of God.

We need to be out there now more than ever, and do what salt does. Scripture say's that we are the salt of the earth and we need to stay connected with a Church so we won't lose our flavor and to become even the more flavorful. That is what assembly does. Forsake it not. There is no other salt like the salt of God.

As Salt we are full of life, and we possess active healthy well balanced growth. The Spirit of the LORD is steadily improving upon the creation. He knows what we need, and has made us lively stones. We continue to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God. And we are becoming what God wants us to be. And the whole world is waiting for the manifestation of the son's of God.

As salt we lift up the name of Jesus. And you know what happens when we do that, all manner of person's are drawn unto him some to opposition, some to eternal life. So wear your full armor at all times. The effects of fiery darts are limited and temporary.

A salt substitute has been introduced into the land, which does not nourish but kills, steals, and destroys. Only real salt can bring life. Only the salt supplier can give life more abundantly. They need to know that and see the difference. Don't be concerned with what you do or say for it is the Holy Spirit that made us salt in the first place. He is also able to direct our paths.

Come out of the Salt Shaker. The world is in dire need of your particular flavor. There is nothing like the salt of God. We need to let the world know that God still loves them so. Tell them about the Son who can provide their salvation.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My writing experience

It is an interesting story for me and God gets all the glory. I have always been a person who did not have much to say. People would always say, “you are so quiet.” I did not have much if anything to add to the conversation. I would say that I am not much on small talk. All through school and college my writings were either very short or I did research papers using others works. I could not originate a writing of my own. I did not like poetry either and never studied any. After reading some of my writings people would ask me if I knew of this poet or author, I did not know who they were or only familiar with some of their names. As you see, now I have become rather long winded and this is just my intro. I love to write about the Bible and I am going back to college to get another Bachelor degree in Communications to improve my written and oral skill. I already have a Bachelor degree in Theology and Biblical Studies.

I don’t remember what happened first my first paper in Bible college, or my Pastor at the time laying hands on me saying I would have the gift of writing and witty inventions. After he did so I began to talk and his wife came and stopped me saying I would never stop. I did not realize it and ask the Pastor when I will start talking, he said I already have. I was so excited about my first paper I submitted for grading even though it was not about the class subject matter after asking permission first. The teacher only disagreed on one point however I like my interpretation and have not changed it. I have shared it in book form with many people. I had researched the entire Bible to find out everything about the annual tithe.

I graduated in ’93 and a few years later I wrote my first two books while homeless (see about the author on my book blog). In the apartment I now live in a friend of mine an African from the Greek Orthodox Church said he can edit but I could write. He told me to WRITE! I asked him what should I write about and he replied every thought that comes to your mind. I had no thoughts! I talked to several people about this then one day thoughts came to mind. Several topics came up and I wrote about them. When my second wife divorced me I lost all the books I acquired in Bible college so I had to rely on my King James Bible, memory and inspiration. I had a lot of questions about Church teachings and this was my opportunity to correct many errors if just for my sake. I tried to get published and one woman said maybe the books are for me. That struck a cord yet I still want to share them and have given away many in book form (Kinko’s style which was about $12 a book).

As far as poetry is concerned that is also interesting. I wrote for three years straight and it consumed much of my time. I was obsessed, compulsive and driven to write like never before in my life. I would always carry a note pad and paper or my laptop with me where ever I went. I never knew when I would be inspired to write. I had to write it down immediately or I would forever forget what I wrote. Even today I have to read what I wrote for it was not committed to memory. I felt like the Spirit of God was writing through me and like John in Revelation, he was told to write this down. I would keep a notepad and pen next to my bed when I went to sleep for I would wake up at odd hours with a thought. I would grab my pen and notepad and write down the thought. Often times what I wrote was poetry. I just kept writing until I stopped and many times each sentence rhymed! Some of it was prose. Remember I never liked or studied poetry but to me this was beautiful and an awesome spiritual experience.

The best I can tell you is my experience. I am just beginning a formal writing education at age 55. Oh yeah, I did take a writing class in Junior college that I enjoyed immensely. A female student and I were way ahead of the rest of the class. He was an excellent teacher. He taught us to read a subject and just begin to write without thought or concern for grammar as fast as we could. I wrote one paper and I did not even understand what I was talking about until I read it over several times later. It was funny to me because I was writing about how a male wolf marks his territory much like dogs do by lifting their leg first and urinating at several locations. I did well in that class and received an “A.” Trust me I did not get many of those except in computer classes and Bible College where I earned all “A’s,” one B” and one “C.”

I know this is not how most writers come about these days. I attended two Christian Writer’s conferences. I already had books where others where just getting started. Usually the publisher tells you what to write or you try and fit into one of their genres. I have to find a place for mine. I sat at the lunch table with the keynote speakers each time and participated in the general assembly. One was a Ghost Writer. He said it is tough to become a published author he said about 1% of ghost writers become published. The other keynote speaker was the author of the Christians Writers Guide. She said I was qualified to write.

Now the problem is to get people to read my writing, they are very long. Thank you Jesus! I once could not talk or write but now I can. Mostly write. It is hard to retain someone’s attention when I talk for a long period of time. I have to be brief!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life In The Spirit


Though they try me all the day long I will continue to praise thee. Though my accusers be many, and my faults be few
I will not curse those that come against me. Yea it is even the LORD. Blessed be the name of the Lord who reigns forever more. I will find peace and comfort in Your presence. I know that you will always provide food and shelter. I know that you, will always provide work, and keep my pockets full. You will send a friend when I am ready to receive him. You will send woman as well, Selah. Though the benefits are great I Will not hoard them, but give to the needy and poor. I will honor Your great name at all costs. Thank you LORD.

Day by day, Day by day, Oh dear LORD Please hear my pray Dear LORD.


Faith is a means to an end believing that the end will come to pass. It is the driving motivation to continue despite any obstacle that one is confronted with. Obstacles have no meaning. The end is clear. Obstacles are crossed, destroyed, ignored when faith is strong. Faith is driven by the end. The end is sought after by faith. Does that mean we have to seek after ends to get faith? Faith comes by hearing. Hearing what? The word of God for one but what in the word of God will cause us to seek an end? The word of God contains many beginnings and endings. We can seek for like journey's, like ambitions, like desires.

So the word of God contains motivations. If you have no motivation that is a good place to start you will end up where you know not where perhaps not seeking an end but an eternity instead an eternity of beginnings and endings.

Each ending brings a transition to a new beginning unless you choose to repeat the same beginning. If so the end will always be the same. But if you do that how do you expect to grow in the knowledge of God? How do you expect to achieve abundant life if you are not willing to change?

Ask the Lord to increase your faith. The disciples asked Jesus how this is done He told them what they could do with just a little faith. The lesson being you already have more than enough. They needed to realize that.

Some realize the power of faith. Some don't. Abraham believed God and went towards an end. He never reached it. His endings span all his generations to follow. There is
no time limitations with faith. Faith in future generations is faith in a world without end. He is honored as a great man of faith in the Bible. There is a list of others in the book of Hebrews chapter eleven.

Faith is striving towards an end a Godly one. God wants you to have eternal life. Not a life that ends. Not a time when he is through with you. Unless your physical life ends your faith life continues. Faith is a non-material substance. The end
is something hoped for. The existence of faith is its operation in your life. This is the evidence of faith. The end is not seen, but faith is so strong one can and does describe the end. Even to the extent of convincing others that it will exist.

Plans are made - evidence of faith. Others are inspired - evidence of faith. But faith is not something you can reach out and touch. But it touches all who are involved. Without faith you can not please God. Does God want us to keep busy? Why is faith so important to God? Because the faith that he desires is faith in him. To complete what he has started in us. From the beginning God had purposes for our lives for his and our enjoyment, fellowship between people and God, to accomplish great things, and things that he has predetermined also.

Submit ourselves unto God and he will give us the desires of our hearts things that will satisfy our minds, bodies, spirits and souls. Otherwise we will always feel an emptiness or worse yet, nothing. Eating, drinking and making merry unawares of God. How merciful God is. Some are alive but yet dead, dead to the things of God never being made alive, never knowing a Godly faith, ever looking unto Jesus, who is the author of our faith. He is the means from beginnings to ends.


I was working for an Air Conditioning Company, and part time as a Chaplain at a retirement home when a full time position as a Chaplain opened up. I called my cousin Merle who lives in Detroit, and we prayed about it. A few days later while in the company warehouse, a dove flew 30 feet in and rested on my right shoulder then flew out again. I was talking to two fellow employees at the time. Needless to say we were all stunned, but we did not talk about it. Shortly afterwards I got laid off and got the Chaplain position.

My cousin in Detroit and I prayed, and on my shoulder a Dove laid. I became a Chaplain 24/7, and later a Producer on Television. In a home for men I preach & teach I also spend a lot of time, on the street. With pen in hand the battle's not through. Is this the reason God sent me To Bible School? To God be the Glory! I remember the day a good friend Said to her daughter - He's a Priest now honey. I often tell people I did not ask for this. Since the twelfth grade, All I ever wanted to do is Program Computers!

But the great I AM, GOD is so much greater than the little i am: ibm, apple, microsoft, that He brought me out !!! To God be the Glory!

Every day I have to put my life in the hands of people I meet. I'm the first in my family tree to pursue active ministry, and I have no choice in the matter. To become or to be is my life of ministry. I watch others who seemingly have direction and goals to achieve. I never seem to know until it happens to me. It is ever changing. Each encounter is short lived. I never reach a state of arrival. Endings are usually abrupt and sudden. Transitions from one ministry to another are very disturbing. I often find myself with strangers, a stranger in a strange land with only my faith in God to take me through.


Sometimes I feel a tug in the Spirit, and I have to physically move my body in the direction of the tug. Sometimes I hear a cry in the Spirit, and I have to go see who is calling. Sometimes I have to just go and I know not where. Sometimes I just show up and see what happens. Sometimes there is inkling and I just follow through. It's a peculiar work for a peculiar people. Hear what the Spirit say's to the Church.


God is a fire starter. Walk out of the door - leave it all behind faith being the motivator and assurance that you will survive. Chance encounters, divine appointments to be had and met. Walk with God and he will direct your path. He will push you along when you feel like stopping. That is when you feel him the most.

He lights a fire in your heart. Feel the flames when you step out in faith that he will take care of you. Why look at it as a hardship? But instead, look at it as an opportunity to experience the fullness of God in your life. The force, God, that is perpetuated in you and through you. Because you took a chance instead of remaining in false security, that takes you no where.

Step out and be free to enjoy life abundantly prompted by the Fire Starter of life. A burning bush that is not consumed your life can be. Let others speak to you and you to them. Question each others fire, how they are not consumed, and each fire will glow the more. Become a fire starter. Become more like God. That is his desire.

The earth is the Lords and all that is in it. Expand your world to include everyone and all you can. For our time here is short though we live forever. Why waste it in one place? You will deprive yourself and others of the gifts that God has given you to share and enjoy.

God talks to everyone. Find out what he is saying. Quench not the fire. Warm your hands by it. Let others stir up the gifts in you as you stir up theirs. It is a give and give situation it is a receive and receive life. We will not be consumed nor destroyed if we trust the Fire Starter, the Lord Jesus Christ.


To thine own self be true. Let God be true and all men be a liar. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. If you know the truth, why aren't you free? If you are truly free why does it bother thee. If the Lord will supply your need what do you want? If he will give you what you want too what do “you” want? If you can't keep it maybe it is not yours to begin with.

Render under those of authority their just desires. Let them lead themselves to the fulfillment that they so desire if it makes them happy. Why should I complain? Oh, to make them more the happier? Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. You have to make your own. But joy comes from the Lord and is everlasting. Who needs to be happy? It is like lighter fluid on an already hot stove. Love is like that too. Except if you love back you don't burn. What does love got to do with it? Everything!

Be a witness and see who is smoking. You can't put the fire of love out. Loving your enemy may cause them distress. You can't steal my joy either. I Did not get it from the same place that some find happiness. If you pick your job you don't have to accept it. If your job is chosen then you have no choice. I'm pro choice. Unfortunately I don't have any. If I did ... Well, Ahhh, Hmmm I wonder? Would It seem to be any different than it already is or would it be?

Maybe I have to accept things the way they are. Or maybe I'm just having too much fun for some, and not enough for me, or not. Am I what, or not, or am I still to be? I've been bought with a price the blood of Jesus Christ. My life is not my own anymore. I guess that makes me pro-life too eternally.



I was working as a Chaplain at a neighborhood retirement home which is part of my outreach ministries, when my wife said, "Honey, you need to find a real job." Being the good husband I am, that translated to -*money, better get to step'n honey* - Hey, it ain't funny. I distributed my resume to all the major company's I could locate in the city in which I lived. I figured if I'm going to get a real job I'm working in this city. They got good bus/bart backup.

This fly by night cable company was the only one that offered me a job. Only one of two companies that interviewed me, so anyway I took it. I guess my twenty years in corporate America, and a degree in Systematic Theology, and 14 years as a Systems Programming Analyst paid off for me in the crunch, got me a job in the warehouse cleaning cable boxes and driving a fork-lift.

Anyway, I told pastor So-n-so, my brother-in-law that I did not want to work for fly by, but I wanted to work in ministry full time. Being the preacher par excellence, neither short nor long of words gave me, a very answer that will go down in the profound annals of time of great quotes from great pastors. Greater men than he will look back in history and add his line to their repertoire in awe of his superb insight. He quickly turned and looked me in the eye without any hesitation for thought or gesture and said, "NO!."

I found myself laying prostrate on the ground. I looked up just in time to see him speeding away in his mean machine. The man had spoken. I wanted to tell pastor So-n-so that I was having fun being a Chaplain. I wanted to tell pastor So-n-so that all though I never wanted to be a Chaplain I thought that this was my calling. I wanted to tell pastor
So-n-so that I thought it would be my full time position with a salary. But I was already prostrate so I thought I better just lay there until he was gone.

Well, to make a long story short, after ten years I finally graduated from Bible College, and I landed a job as a Chaplain. I did not even know what a Chaplain was. At the retirement home were I worked I received a certificate of completion of a seven month extended unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (OK so I'm a pastor too). I also had a paid position. I gained a total of three-and-one-half years of on the job training. Not to mention one-and-one-half years of Christian counseling courses taken after I had graduated from the Bible College. I thought Hey I'll join the Chaplain's union. * Not *, I wasn't qualified to join the likes of them. I needed a Master's degree before I could join their program.

So off I went on the elusive trail of S e m i n a r y . Hey, this is scary stuff. Most of my church life I've heard frightening tales of courageous men and women carting of to seminary and ending up in C E M E T A R Y !!! Aaaaauuuuggghhhhh ...
Heaven forbid. But being the courageous fellow I am, Willing to chart and travel into unknown territory, Where no &%$#!!! man wants to go I went searching for the 0ly Ail. You know that hard to get thing. My first stop would be Best Western Cemetery. I thought, many of my colleagues and cohorts, and mentors graduated from there so it should be easy to get in there. So I sent for their brochure.

The classes sounded like repeats from Bible college at seven times the cost and of a shorter duration. But I said to myself,
If I get the Oly Ail it will be worth it all! But how am I going to pay for it? I figured if God wanted me to go He would provide all the money I needed for tuition, books, living expenses, traveling expenses, and some money for the girly's. Hey I gotta have some fun too. I can't just go there
to teach only.

So's after receiving the paper work I began to pray. My prayer was, "Since the days of John the Baptist the Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force! And suffereth not the children to come unto Jesus." So's I begin to take it by force. I musta sent in for 4 or 5 applications and I called them dozens of times, breaking through their telephone security system. You know the kind: push 1 for the money, push 2 for the show, push 3 to get ready, and push 4 to go. Well I pushed 4 so many times that somebody finally talked to me.

I told them that I'm not sure if God wants me to go to Cemetery because I can't afford it. She told me many students had the same financial problems I was facing. I said
I'm going to pray this thing through, and if God wants me to go here he will provide the finances. Well, obviously this is not a Pentecostal school of theology, because the next time I requested an enrollment application they sent me one asking for a complete psychiatric history evaluation, and to indicate what medications I was taking.

When I got the forms I busted up laughing, and I had to call my buddy Ron. I say's Ron, I tried to enroll in Best Western Cemetery. I told them that if God wanted me to go there he would provide the finances, and they asked me what kind of medication I was on! Ron fell out, he said, "You asked them to pray for you and they wondered if you were on drugs? I said Yeah! He said, Well! Why do you want to go there anyway? All you need is a Bible. He said the only thing you can do with a degree is hang it on a tree. I told him that God paid for my Bible college education so I figured that if He wanted me to go to Cemetery he would pay for that too.

Well, being undaunted by my first attempt at Cemetery and achieving that accredited Oly Ail I set sail for Berserkely. They got this Oly Hill that people from around the world come to prey together. So's I get to the front door and ask if I could come in. I figured they must not have read pastor So-n-so's book on how to elucidate an answer. Because they told me that just because I have 2 years of Junior College and a degree from a certain Bible college, that does not entitle me to attend their exclusive and highly esteemed institution of religious thought processes.

I thought, "What does that mean?" Does that mean Yes or no. So's I ask them, Hey buddy, can I slip in the back door? He took me to the side and said, "There is a way ..."

Next thing I know, I'm at the doorstep of this dinky, smelling, horse breath, downtrodden, hallucination of a place. The women at the desk with no teeth in her mouth said, may I help you? All sorts of weird ideas went through my head. Being un-American and of Baptist education as well, I began to pray once saved always saved. Being
Charismatic I prayed, I plead the blood, I plead the blood. And being Pentecostal I thought about running around the room 3 times and saying thank you Jesus. But my dad raised me Presbyterian like, so I did nothing honey, and stayed in pursuit of the Oly Ail.

I said, hey I tried the front door, but some character said try the back door, they might let me in. Suddenly this big grin came on her face and she said, well my, son, we do accept a few students who don't quite meet the qualifications set forth by this mother-ship un-connection. We accept a limited number of students under this category. I said, is there any chance I might be accepted and achieve the coveted accredited Oly Ail ? She smiled again and said, "Yes my pretty." And it was as if I heard the cry of the hyena in the background.

But again, being undaunted, I began to press towards the mark of the high calling in Jesus Christ. I figured that If some guy with an acredidit degree in Physical Education, Accounting, or Geography could get into Cemetery So could I. I mean, after all I've been studying the Bible for 12 years, traveled across the country in ministry with my wife and even before her. I've written several apologetical writings,
(sorry I elucidate sometimes too, that means defendend da faith ) and distributed them freely across the internet, where I spent 2 hours a day for 10 months exercising my gifts. Hey, one guy found me another keyboard for my P.C. You know I bought him lunch! Ain't God good, Holy Mary, thank you Jesus.

I prepared a 6 page apologetics teaching outline for the elders of the last church I attended. I spent 5 1/2 years as a Chaplain to senior citizens in a retirement home, convalescence hospital, and in church, and community. I continue to do so where ever I go. I'm multilevel, interdenominational, one race of God oriented, without prejudice to social, or financial commitments, or lack there of, nor are there age constraints. To bad I can't raise an offering. You need a building to do that or you'll get arrested.

In short I love everybody. I'm not too short on LOVE. But somebody said that nothing good comes out of the L.A. hood. By the way, where is South Central anyway? My sisters say, "That ain't us!" Besides that, nowadays everybody is from L.A. When I left in '78 nobody was claiming it but me. Somebody Auto Scream! Hey, You, Get Offa My Cloud.

I don't know, maybe Cemetery IS for dead folks after all. Or maybe He's all I need after all. I'll give this one to Jesus; just moving along ... He said something about letting the dead bury he dead. When it comes to thinking about anything but my Jesus, I just don't have the time. When it comes to thinking bout my Jesus, I ain't got time for nothing else. Ok, so that sounds familiar.

The Church is taking back what rightfully belongs to it we’ve been quiet storming too long c.C. That's right the catholic Church with a little "c". God's people. Hey, I'm just a COG in his will trying not to be a Clog. Now figure that one out ... Don't make me go AskyB on you (Ask Your Brother). I'm not the Bible Answer Man. I'm Com'n to getcha. And I hate Anti-Christ's. I got no claim to fame, cause it's in His name talking about J.C. All right COG means Child Of God.

Oh, by the way, they must have read pastor So-n-so's book. You know the answer. The back door approach did not work either. No explanation, just a Gggrrrrer. I don't know, I just don't have time nor desire to learn accounting first. I guess I don't deserve a break today either. Did I really want to go to seminary? Well, I had to at least try...

Anyway, pastor So-n-so said to lift those barges and toss that hay, who wants to hear theology these days. I thought maybe they? So's I takes the job in the warehouse. Maybe he knows something I don't. Besides I'm not wearing my best suit so it would not be proper for me to lay prostrate on the floor.

Hey, I'm a fast learner. Besides, he can get me anytime he wants too. Best to do as he say's. Besides that his wife is my sister, or is it his sister is my wife? Probably both I can't go nowhere and I can't do nothing. My life's under a microscope. If I look close enough, I sometimes see other single cell entities. Glory to God!

Well my dad told me to take care of the sister's. He had four daughters and my Mom helped. Wouldn't give me no brother's though had to fight just to go to the bathroom. You think I won't sit on you? Nobody tells me to get off the pot. I don't smoke it. So if you see me walking down the street, don't start to cry, don't walk on by, please say hi.

It was just a few days after I accepted the warehouse position at the fly by night that Chaplain Rev. Dr. Shine-on called me into his office. He said I'm giving you the boot. If the shoe fits you don't have to wear it, but you have to go. The program has ended. I said that's OK I got a fly-by-night job that will take me through, for a while anyway. You know how it is. That's why I was here anyway. Say good bye to the old folks here will ya! He said how do you do things like that! I wondered why God does things like that myself.

I picked my face off the ground and put it in my pocket so's nobody would notice. Why on earth would God want me to stop being a Chappy there and clean cable boxes and remote controls for a living was beyond me. 3 and 1/2 years, 300 seniors or so and an equal amount of staff, car, hospital visitation, drop-off/pick-up Chaplaining OJT had come to a close. What's a minister to do? Well as my wife often said, "Oh, you need to find a real job."

Working in the home was like living in a small community of like minded people. Like Church. They had the Barber, the Baker and the Candle Stick Maker. I had already branched out in the community and made some family ties. Since this is all I know, that's what I continue to do wherever I go. Hey, it's fun. Nobody is a stranger. Everyone helps each other. But why the fly-by-night? I guess I'll give my wife the money. At least she will be happy.

Well at least at the old folks home I learned how to be a process theologian / minister and how to be part of the community. What else was there to do but, Get Out. The Dramatics once sang, "It might sound crazy, but I want to go outside in the rain."

Every place I visit, whether it be a Hospital, Market, Restaurant, Ice Creamery, Donut Shop, etc. is just another opportunity to be in an active part of ministry. I think about going back to visit, but everyone I knew is probably dead, or they wont remember me. Mac might still be there though, he's got all-timers. He's as big a Jesus fanatic as I am. I tried to look at my job at fly-by the same way. This question still rang in my ear like a drum beat from long ago, " Why the fly-by company? "Thump, thump, thump."

I showed up at the orientation class at fly-by and I got an answer to my question. They got a TV studio with a potential viewing audience of 85,000! Hey, I'm on the air in no time flat. I became a TV Producer, made my wife the Host, used the community as my crew, and sometimes I was Johnny's co-host. Hope I don't end up selling breath mints. Yeah, she really treats me like that guy. Selling breath mints may have been a jab at Johnny. Vengeance is mine say's the Lord. Selah.

My wife must have had something to do with my new ministry. Sometimes I wonder, "Is that God talking?" My wife sounds like God sometimes. So did my first wife but less often. The Bible calls them a help meet. Will somebody help me, PLEASE!

Anyway as usual the church crew was on the seen to be on the air, and in the Center of it was her sister as usual keeping me in check. That girl got Bomb. I don't mess with her either. She told me years ago she wanted to preach. I put her on the air too. I knew what I had to do and just did my part. Been working with the girls for 6 years now. They make me do all kinds of stuff. Somebody said I have no life, Oh that's my step daughter. I'm scared of her sister too.

Anyway the rest is history. We got TV, everybody got their say and we otta there !!! Somebody said make a resume before I end up prostrate. Anybody want to read it? That's all right I got the Church-Mother crew praying for meh!


The Bible teaches us that man has many inherent problems three of which are specifically mentioned and grouped together the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. The last two are the ones I'm addressing here.

God created the heavens and the earth, and the inhabitants thereof and said it was good even knowing that man and woman would cause all of creation to fall. For in them was planted the seed of life and death. Death became a reality for them and us as well as life eternal for those who will believe. Death only became a reality to those who will not believe.

Life manifested years later and he went retro to pick up those that believed and died in him before he rose from the dead. Death had taken Jesus as well but being the victor over death He took the keys of death & hates from Satan and He gave life to those from ages past, present, and future such as should be saved.

In the past to prove to future earthlings that He is God and has the power over life and death God decided to eliminate the terrestrial beings save a few. He left behind Noah whom he found alone to be righteous, his wife, his three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and samplings of all terrestrial life forms. Once this happened with only a few earthlings left, one would think that the world would now be as one. Yet that was not the case sin still remained.

I've heard many versions in my lifetime whereby various people would state, "If I ruled the world," in their vain imaginations of having preeminence. They somehow feel that they have the answers to life's problems. The following Bible illustration shows that even in their own hearts are inherent problems perhaps undetected by themselves as of yet but come to fruition when they manifest in life situations. For example, Ham looked upon his father’s nakedness. It is interesting that the penalty for Ham’s sin was not placed upon him but his son Canaan. It was not placed upon Noah either for it was Noah's tent that Ham entered.

Many have stated that it was Ham that was cursed but in fact Noah cursed his son Canaan saying he would be a sevant of servant’s to Ham’s brothers Shem and Japheth. Why did Noah curse Canaan? After all Noah was drunk. I'd like to explore this theme for a moment if you don't mind.

Noah what or The eyes have it

Now Noah was charged by God to do a work for him. Number one - It was made known to him and him alone that God was going to destroy the surface dwelling life forms. Evil was found to be too great in both man and animal. Number two - He was to build a ship that would be able to sail for over a year without having to do any maintenance on the exterior hull. It would be partly under water, and there would be no place to port and make repairs. The ship he built was called Noah's Ark God designed it Noah just built it. This ship was to hold a sampling of every terrestrial being God created and Adam named. Unfortunately for many, there was only enough room for eight people.

The first failure of man and woman was when they got kicked out of the Garden of Eden. I believe that was just part of or the beginning of God's redemption story. Man and woman had to both fall before Jesus could come into the world to save all that believe in Him and God the Father. The world has been going down hill ever since. The serpent lost his legs and crawls in the dirt. Eve has a pain at birth, and is a pain to husband at sundry times. Adam is wrong no matter what he does, and gets the entire burden. The animals are angry with us they aren't treated right.

Most people don't know what dominion is. They think it is bondage and discipline. Some call that discipleship. So now we live in a fallen world with fallen terrestrial beings. Somebody said only the dogs have forgiven us. They remain faithful to people seemingly no matter how we treat them.

Finally God got upset apparently because with one long rainy season He eliminated all the land dwelling animals save a few on board the Ark. God made a covenant with himself that he would not do that again and He left a rainbow in the sky as evidence much like he gave the Holy Spirit as a deposit in all believers. Apparently these inherent problems in people caused God to send some to hell but also apparently this process of elimination did not breed out the inherent problems in man and woman, sin. Here is the picture I want to draw and have been leading up to now.
There were only four couples left on earth to replenish the nations. I like the word replenish in the KJ5. Other versions like the N4 use the word fill instead of replenish. Replenish has several connotations:

1) The world had beings before and had to be replenished.
2) The world had no beings, and somebody had to cause the world to be used and be repaired. Not able to replenish it itself which required someone or many in human form to do this work. 3) It could mean that these human forms were perishable, and they themselves had to be replenished through reproduction. 4) Or as in the day of Noah, a purging takes place periodically replenishing the Earth when some of the bad are taken away, killed, or sacrificed. The me generation of worshipers in the O.T. sacrificed their children at the altar to false idols for the promise of prosperity.

Well, this is *Noah's story,* so I'm going to finish it that way, I hope. You see Noah lived a long life nine hundred fifty years he lived three hundred fifty years after the flood he became a shepherd of a new flock with a new beginning. After a hundred years of preparing for the end-of-the-world, and yes it came to many, after building an Ark his son's and daughter's probably helped because there is no free ride with God, after loading up his family and animals onto the Ark, after sailing for one year until things dried up the waters returning to the lower and upper firmaments, after making camp, planting and harvesting grapes in his vineyard, and finally after having some wine he'd been missing for God knows how long Noah heads to his tent.

He may have been celebrating with God for wine makes the heart merry and is a stress reliever. Did he drink to excess? Maybe, he was human after all and we need a break sometimes. God gave us herbs for our service that we may bring forth food out of the ground, wine that makes our hearts glad, oil to make our faces to shine, and bread which strengthens our hearts.

Somehow his clothes were disheveled or maybe he was naked and guess who comes into HIS tent? His son Ham, is that a coincidence? The first murder was committed by Adam's first son Cain. He killed a relative his brother Able! It doesn't take long for sin to creep in. God told Cain that sin knocks at the door but we are to resist doing wrong.

Now I ask you, why did Ham go into Noah's tent unannounced at that point in time? What was his motive for doing so? Considering what Noah just went through you would think Ham would be there to console his father. Or seek his counsel. Or show some common courtesy. But what did his behavior tell us about his heart condition? There were at least a few options at Ham's disposal:

1) Ham could have said oops then he could have turned around and walked out of his father’s tent dismissing the whole mistake he made. 2) He could have covered his father’s nakedness thinking it is no big deal considering the condition Noah was in. 3) Oh, he could have stayed away from his tent altogether. The choice he made demonstrated his heart condition. If he had a good heart, he probably would have had several other options as well but I'm only addressing the issue of his bad heart. He should have taken the third choice knowing his dad drank wine sometimes.

Noah may not have been fully prepared to watch out for evil doing from his own family when you consider that all the evil doers were supposedly just drowned. Noah probably thought this was party night all by his lonesome. Kids are often rebellious towards their parents. But God was not going to allow this type of behavior to continue. Not when less than two years earlier he destroyed everyone else for being rebellious. I guess Ham thought that the rainbow meant that he would not get in any trouble for being rebellious. So Ham left his father's tent and set out to make fun of him. After all it was only the immediate family members around to hear him.

Well, God did not think Ham's actions or attitude was funny. Nor did he take them lightly. Neither did Shem or Japheth. They walked in backwards, and covered their father's nakedness. Ham may have been having a little fun, but the brothers sensing that Ham did something wrong took no chances in committing the same error. They did not want to get in trouble with God.

Apparently, there is something inherently wrong with people. Less than two years after the flood. People are messing up again! Someone said that if Adam and Eve did not mess up they probably would have. Well, even Adam's son got into trouble right away. But that is the Cain story. Maybe he couldn't do right. It just wasn't in him. He wasn't able. I get into trouble enough myself. Thank God Jesus Christ died for all my sins and all fellow believers’ sins He our hope, those chosen before the foundation of the Earth to be saved and conformed to His image.

Eve led us out of the garden of Eden, Adam followed, and we are told to replenish the Earth. Ham caused his son Canaan to be a servant of servant’s. That brings me to the title of this story.

Noah, what or The eye's have it.

Obviously the eyes have it. Noah was not charged for any wrong doing only Ham. Could this be the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life? Looking upon his father’s nakedness, seeking opportunity to accuse his father of wrong doing? Bringing happiness and recognition to his own life at the expense of his father and his fathers feelings? I think so. Could his father have known of Ham's evilness and set him up even perhaps. One thing we know is that the sin nature of man did continue from the new beginning.

There is one accuser described in the Bible. He was a liar from the beginning. Before he fell with one third of the Angels his name was Lucifer. Sin was found in him. He was not an elect Angel. He was elected to the Lake Of Fire from his creation. Unlike man Angels have no redemption. He is now known as Satan.

Noah cursed Ham’s son for Ham was an accuser like Satan. Much like Judas, and Cain he allowed Satan to influence his life. Why else would he seek occasion to accuse Noah? The Bible say's that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Noah was a righteous man. If you are born again you do not walk after the flesh but after the Spirit of God. The Bible said that Noah was found to be righteous in all the land.

One way of telling is to see if someone is like Ham like, or Spirit like is if they are accusers or non-condemning and forgiving. The Bible goes on to say that the grand father may be a child of God, his son may not be, but his grand child could be. It is the prerogative of God. Not the family tree. Out of three son's Noah had two righteous and one not righteous. Given an opportunity they demonstrated their true identities.

It may or may not hold true for all of Ham's descendants through Canaan the descendants of Israel are the same way. Just because one has descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Paul say's they are not automatically Hebrew children of God, they were only those who believed in the promise of the coming Messiah were righteousness. Today, only those who believe in Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of the O.T. prophecies about Jesus being the promise seed or Messiah have righteousness Jew and Gentile alike. Father God reveals to them that Jesus is the Son of God. God alone has the power of salvation and saves who He chooses. Because of his heart condition Ham eyes caused him to fall. I guess the eyes have it. Noah remained righteous.



A third of the stars fell from the sky. God who sits high and mighty on His throne in heaven gave the order. Michael the Arc Angel one of the chief princes led the troops into battle. Cast from heaven they are all on Earth, which is now their dwelling place. Sin was found in their leader. All of his followers were in rebellion against God almighty. Planted in the battle field placed on earth is mankind created and dwells there too the third heaven for some of us and hell for others. These are the fallen Angels and Satan once called Lucifer. Lost forever is his name and his place in heaven. Who can hope to survive in this terrible environment?

They talk to me all the time telling me negative things. I know now these thoughts are not my own. The mind is the battle field. The enemies of God want to reign on this planet. And the only way to control man is through his mind. Take control of the mind and mastery of the body will follow. They try to discourage me. They tell me the things I ought not to do. I know better though. I get help as well from those who have not fallen. Sometimes I don't know if what I do is right or wrong. I have to fight my own battle in my head. I know I'm forgiven. Jesus took care of that, but I can't forget my past. Only God can forget. All my sins have been cast into the sea of forgetfulness. I spend time in Gods word which is my only refuge.

There is no quality time for study I must do it all the time. There are no time outs in the study of Gods word. Sometimes as the battle rages in me and around me, I have to rely on the word that is buried in my heart. No time to find the book of righteousness. Warring makes study difficult at times. That is why I must study all the time to be ready for the next battle. There is a time for study, and there is a time for warfare.

Lord have mercy on me I pray. Deliver me from this torment. I have begun to discern the things of the Spirit. The thoughts that come into my mind I try to divide from my own. Some thoughts I know I would not think of by exercise by taking time out to sort through the many thoughts going through my head. I go to that secret place and listen. Then I think a thought. Yes, that one is mine. No, that one is not. Do I hear from the Lord and the angels that minister to me?

There are times I hear encouragement. I feel comforted. I meditate on what I have read in Gods word. I even do sermons in my head. Oh how I wish I could share these sermons with others, but time passes and there is no one to hear them. I can't even remember them the way I developed them in my head. Great sermons I think! Maybe they are just for me. Perhaps during these trials my spirit prepares them just for me, and they come to my conscious mind.

Who is the greatest preacher in the world today? I am. We all need to feel that way. No one can preach the gospel like I can. No one has gone through the things I have. No one is going through the things I'm going through today. God has prepared me, and each of us to deliver the gospel to the world. The most effective way is one on one. Pulpit ministries are good, but for the most part people come there prepared to hear the gospel.

We have to bring church to the streets. To those who are waiting for God to come to them instead. For what ever reason. You have to prove yourself before they are ready to listen to you. They also have the opportunity to question everything you say and confront you at any time. There are
many times opportunities present themselves. Perhaps these battles are turned into opportunities to prepare myself for a one on one encounter. When they present themselves I am ready.

Is there a balm to ease my aching mind a soothing cool ointment? Jesus is a balm in Gilead and with him is a host of Angels, the other two thirds who did not fall. They come to minister to me and others. There is a war in the heavens a constant battle for our soul salvation. Cast down from heaven the fallen Angels are our foes. Led by Satan once called Lucifer. He wants to Kill, steal and destroy our mortal bodies. He wants us to join him in the Lake of Fire. He wants to use us, this planet and all its inhabitants. He wants to be like God. That is his problem. There is only one God, King of kings, and Lord of all over all dominion's, principalities, and powers in heaven and earth. He allows Satan to continue. But to Satan's dismay God is magnified and exhalted throughout the land in God's children who are a witness to his grace and power, and by his other angels who stand fast.

Even the Angels who were spared God's wrath marvel at man. How God continues to use them and save them. One at a time we come forth and the Angels rejoice. I imagine there is a constant roar in heaven as the Angels praise God when each one comes forth to know Christ as their Personal Savior. How long do they rejoice over a lost soul being found I don't know? They probably rejoice for themselves as well. They could have been cast down from heaven as well but God elected them, and his children on earth before the foundation, the solar systems were even made. Oh how magnificent are his ways and thoughts far above what we can even hope to imagine. That he would even think to save me and you.

How can me a mortal man defeat such an enemy as Satan. He has been around a long time, since the beginning of time warring against the saints accusing the saints even though we have been forgiven Jesus having paid the price for our souls. He has had a lot of practice. His army of evil: Powers, Principalities, Rulers of darkness, and Spiritual Wickedness in high place, like an army are all in place. Angels from heaven have to pass through this wall of intrusion to minister to us.

It is amazing how some people are so quick to accuse others when that is one of the tools of Satan. He is the accuser. Should they not instead offer forgiveness and reconciliation? You know God has given us, the Church, the ministry of reconciliation. We are therefore reconciled unto Christ for all of our sins. Let us be reconciled with our brothers and sisters. Let us move on to the greater things in him. At judgment day Christ will hold us all accountable for the works we do here on earth. Let Him be the judge.

Sometimes I have to wait on my help some how I endure. Many others are not even aware of their presence, the bomb in Gilead. Pawns they are to the whims of the Devil. All I can do is wait until my help comes untill they stop pursuing me. My victory is in the Lord He delivers me every time. What do they want from me? To stop serving God? To stop being a COG in His wheel, and become a CLOG in his drain? No way! What greater calling is there than to be a Child Of God? To be submitted to the will of God no matter where it may take you, or how it effects your life, and the lives of others? God is a mystery. His mysteries are revealed to his children alone.

For what purpose did God place man in this predicament ? Does this battle help lead to my perfection? Am I being transformed into a Spirit? Has my Spirit man been awakened in me? Has my Spirit become strong enough to come forth and fight my battle, while my fleshly body pertains to the things of this world? We are Spirit, Mind and Body. Can all three operate independently as well as together separate but one?

We are to separate ourselves from this world. We are to live in it as well. As Paul said, "Fleeing all fornications and adulteries so that we could do that what we would." How many of us are willing to find out *that what we would*, when we don't know what that is that we would do? We are so busy mimicking the world system, in pursuit of, or worrying about *what we would not be able to do* instead of looking forward to *what we would be able to do.* That which is a mystery and has to be revealed to us by God. Finding solace in the Comfort Zone, and fearing the Twilight Zone, they won't pursue the Would Zone. There is no growth in the comfort zone. The Twilight Zone is fear which by the way is not of God but of the Devil, and they are not even aware of the Would Zone which is revealed by walking with God.

His Kingdom is not of this world. They don't study the Bible enough they rely on what they hear only, and only remember in part. The key to remembering much is to study the same thing over and over again until you know it well for yourself. If you forget look it up. So when you do hear you can add to what you already know instead of review.

The only way we can find out what we would is to flee these things. That means leaving the security of what we know the things of the flesh, to that which we don't know, the things of the Spirit. How many are willing to take that risk into the unknown? The things of the Spirit cannot be understood by those who are walking in the flesh. So who can explain it to them? A spiritual man understands the things of the flesh as well, but the things of the Spirit can not be received by those who do not desire to take a walk in the Spirit. They have to step out in faith, and experience it for themselves.

How can two walk together unless they agree? So they look at others, and see their gifts in operation and say things like, "I wish I had your gift." But do they really? Or they say, "They don't teach that in my church." Then they go back to their Comfort Zone. Among others that won't venture out either. They go back to the world trying to compete with it and maintain some sense of Spirituality. Buying a new car on credit thinking that is how God blesses. What about purchasing a library of Bible study aids? Why not enroll in a Bible College or Seminary?

It never ceases to amaze me when preachers preach against a formal Bible education, and instead encourage people to get a secular education so they can make money, money, money. Why not Bible, Bible, Bible? Can't you trust God to lead you in your studies? Where do you think the God gifted teachers of Ephesians 4:11 are ? Doesn't it occur to them that they might be teaching in schools? That the Sunday school curriculum might be too elementary? That there are perhaps deeper studies in God's word? They might even discover the verse that say's to seek the kingdom of God first, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

There were schools for prophets in the Old Testament. Elijah stopped by one and picked up Elisha his successor. Guess who got the mantle and a double anointing? The Old and New Testament fathers were well studied men, scholars of the law and the prophets. Paul who wrote most of the epistles to the churches studied under Gamaliel, a Pharisee and celebrated doctor of the law. After he was born again God brought understanding to Paul of that which he had studied, as well as revelation. After much study come inspiration, illumination, and revelation.

You should never be satisfied with your level of Spirituality. Elisha wanted a double portion. To become comfortable is to stop the development of your Spirituality. You must leave all things behind and press on towards the higher callings in Christ Jesus. It is a total faith walk. It is a forward momentum not a stopping place. And there is no turning back. I believe that is what scares people the most. If they go too far they can't come back to that old Comfort Zone. They remember what it cost them just to get where they are. Now they just want to enjoy the earth and the fullness there of which by the way is misinterpreting what God is trying to tell us.

It is not of meat, drink, cars and homes, but oneness with God and above all Spirituality for God is a Spirit, and those who worship him must do so in Spirit and truth. God’s word is the truth. When Christ comes we will be like him; perfected. It takes all of Gods gifts to the Church to perfect the saints.

My weapons against the powers of darkness are not the weapons devised by man. No they don't work against Spiritual forces. I have to pray. I have to read Gods word and meditate day and night on what I have read. The gifts of the Spirit must be in operation and exercised. The more I know of God's word, the truth the stronger more self-assured I become. The more I battle against the enemy the more I exercise my gifts, and the stronger I become.

I have to be clean way down on the inside. So far down the enemy forces can't reach me there. The forces coming against me decrease in number to just a few, and then even those have to retreat. God will make you clean inside. Defeat is imminent for the enemy of both God and man. His time is short according to God. But for me a thousand years is just one day in Gods time. I don't have that long to live here on earth. But during this time I have work to do. And I'm not talking about an eight hour a day job.

Long suffering, Some try to call this word patience, but I saw in Scripture where both words were used in the same sentence. Jesus suffered long in His 32 years of life as a man but also when He was separated from the Father when He became sin for us. Jesus took away sin for believers therefore taking away the sting of death for those who believe on His name. That must have been an eternity for Him facing the Devil alone. But He is God, and I am not. I have no desire to become God.

The battle rages. During the breaks I spend time with God. I know He's always there but I miss Him, His personal secure touch. He watches over me. I hope he says this is my son. Watch him I know he will endure. If I can just endure I know there is salvation at the end. God rescues me all the time. That is when he is most truly real to me! Sometimes at the point of giving up He throws a life preserver. I get that
phone call I was waiting for after several failed attempts on my part. Somebody comes by and talks to me and gives me words of encouragement at just the right time. Or I minister to someone that minister’s to me as well. Or the enemy has to flee he can’t stand in our presence. I could go on and on about his salvation. Once I even felt as if someone was giving me a spiritual push. Like a hand would periodically press against my backpack as I walked down the street urging me to continue walking prodding me along. I could not help but giggle.

I believe that is the meaning of salvation that the Lord brings into a believers life. Romans then talks about how Israel needs to be saved, but they must be born again first, receive the righteousness that only comes from Christ, and faith in Him. Then they would be part of the *whosoever* call's on the name of Jesus shall be saved. I call on that great name all the time. But first you have to believe on whom you call. Hey, people call the police all the time. They
believe in them and the authority behind them. Jesus on earth received His authority from God in heaven, and now all power is in His name. Call on Him.

The prophets and preachers sent could not convince Israel about Christ. Preachers today can't do it. They would not listen to them. People today won't listen. So in Romans chapter eleven, God said that he saved a remnant of them. That is how all Israel is saved, a remnant through election Gods sovereign choice of whom he wants in his kingdom. God saves us that way too.

God calls a people unto Himself all by Himself. Somehow we are part of the process of bringing others to Christ through the foolishness of preaching. Are you part of that remnant that God elected and saves? Ask God. Seek His face with all your mind body and soul. Receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Salvation is nothing short of a miracle. The world is in search of a miracle and is blind to all those miracles around them that have become common place. I bet if I could go back in time, drive up and pick up Jesus in a Lexus, People would think it a miracle. Fortunately Jesus only asked for an ass to ride into town. I don't think Jesus presented anymore than the people were ready for. Salvation is the greatest of all miracles to think that God would take time out just to save me.

I have my own observation about the miracles or creations devised by man, such as the Lexus automobile. I call it the sand box theory. Remember when we were kids? We would build castles in the sand and we thought we really did something. But who provided the sand? Or who took us to the beach? God has created a sand box called Earth for us to play in. Anything we create is made from its substance provided by God. How can we then take credit for it? How then can we throw our creations in the face of God and say, "Look what we did! Look what we discovered? We don't need you!" That is really stupid don't you think?

There is a final place for the fallen Angels, The lake of fire. Satan is destined to be there too. So many people will join him there. Why do they submit their will to Satan and fallen Angels? Why don't they believe God or even try to?

Satan and the fallen Angels are liars. Tempting people to desire things that they can see, feel, hear, smell, wear, buy, etc. All these things will pass away but God's word will always be the same.

People will always be the same. In fact we are really doing no more than we've ever done as people: eat, drink work, sleep, reproduce, and party. For some reason we think a $50,000 Lexus to take you a hundred miles to work every day is better than riding an ass into town. It probably took less time and was less stressful riding an ass.

Maybe that is why we demand cars that are fully loaded with features we don't even use. I think it is funny that someone would by a $50,000 four wheel drive car with a luxury paint job. Right, they really want to drive off road, and come back muddy with dings in the door panels!

*Repent, be baptized, and be filled with the Holy Spirit* Peter preached on the day of Pentecost. The words of and after Jesus' life are contained in the New Testament that live on and on instructions in righteousness through faith. Not righteousness that comes from the law that can't save you. It was never intended to save you but bring the recognition of how sinful we really are.

In the law are written things you are to do, and things you are not to do. The Pharisees added even more to the law seeking their perfection that way. That is not possible. Being deceived they missed the point. The promises made to Abraham will be fulfilled just like the law was fulfilled by Jesus Christ who putting an end to the law would have us moving on to perfection through faith.

The promises of God will be fulfilled and are part of the present day believer’s hope as well. Abraham believed in the promises yet he never received them. That is true faith. Even the Old Testament saints were saved by grace through faith and not of the law; not of works.

The Pharisees sought to take control of the people for their own purposes not just in religion. Likewise many people desire and do control the lives of others. Satan, Gods enemy takes control of people building his kingdom here on earth. Man does have a will of his own but he must chose who he will serve God or money, position or submission. The Bible speaks of serving your masters, but not to serve Satan or money.

It is not just the rich who serve money, but in context that is who God is talking about. Those who are rich and those who seek to become rich. Here is the proof text: How do you spend your money? I sure see a lot of poor people being passed by people who drive a Lexus and those who don't.

The law was fulfilled by the one righteous one Jesus Christ. Not one jot or tittle of the law will pass away until it is fulfilled. Well, Jesus fulfilled it. Now the law is dead writes Paul. Now is the time to seek righteousness just as Abraham did by faith in God. His faith was counted as righteousness faith in the living God that could and did deliver him. Our faith now is in Jesus Christ who is our righteousness. We have to believe in Him for our righteousness. That righteousness is imputed or given to us and works in us.

But the battle continues. Satan can't believe he has already been defeated. Many a person does not believe it, whether they acknowledge Satan's presence or not. Some feel they
are seeking their own righteousness by their good works, or just refusing to do any good works enjoying the evil. Unless you are in the will of God, submitted, your works count as unrighteousness. These works however noble do not please God. He seeks our obedience to Him alone. He is Lord of our lives, and all that we do regardless. One day all will have to confess it. That He is Lord of all.

The word say's that some think not to do evil is an abomination. Imagine that! What a terrible state to be in. Reprobate, haters of God and all he stands for filled with envy's, strife, hatred of God Himself. Perhaps even being filled with a legion of fallen Angels who direct their every
move. Thinking the imaginations in their minds are their own thoughts when in fact their own thoughts are lost in the mire of their captured minds. Not even aware of it because of constant use of the evil Spirits cast down from heaven taking council from other ungodly people under the same dominion, Satan's. Who will deliver them? Is it our responsibility? Do they watch us and marvel as we overcome the world through our faith? Does it anger them? I think so. As we speak the word of faith delivered to the saints? I think so.

Study, and study, and study the fruits of this labor has everlasting effects on your life and the lives of others. The words that come out of your mouth will be prophetic as you speak the prophecies of God. You talk to the Spirit man in every one you come in contact with. Wherever you are is your mission field.

These signs will follow you. Legions will begin to fall apart, become disarrayed, and confused. They cannot stand against the word of God. God’s word will not, does not, can not fail.
Do not give up the battle. Dismantle the bomb in Gilead. The world is at stake. And as children of God we are responsible for their salvation. With Jesus the head of the Church we will not fail. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus who strengthens us. No weapons formed against us will prosper. By the will of the father all that are called by him will come unto him. There are many sheep that belong in his pasture. We have to round them up and bring them into the presence of the Lord. There is a bomb in Gilead Satan and the fallen angels. But thanks be to God we have a Savior, Jesus the Christ who is our balm in Gilead our healer and deliverer.


What is forgiveness? I ask my wife for forgiveness. She gives me Boot. What do I do with one Boot? I get married again. Now I have a Pair. I ask my employer for forgiveness. He gives me Fire. What is forgiveness? 1 Boot, 1 Pair and Fire.
Anyone else want to give me forgiveness? I have proof of forgiveness. I walk in forgiveness. My path is lighted by Forgiveness day or Night. Show me a man who does not walk in forgiveness. Got a cigarette? Why, you want some of my forgiveness that I received? OK, I have enough Fire for both of us. I'm Hungry. Would you like some of my Pair as well? Got to go, I feel another Boot coming on. Maybe not, is one Pair enough?


Ebonics is defined as Ebony-phonics or phonics used as a form of Black communication. It came to me that Ebonics could be used to describe creation from a biblical perspective. I call it He'bonics - the He referring to God, and the he referring to the first man created called Adam. It goes like this:

You know I did not have to be, but God gave us He'bonics. Because He be, I be, she be, he be, you be, we be, they be, it be - we all be! Why? Because He loves you and me, and takes joy in His creation. He enjoys it when we give Him praise. And that is the real Be'cause. Herein lies the creation story.

Before the be'ginning He be. Then he be, then she be. Through them we be. Angels be too. However, not before He be, but before he be and she be. God said let there be, and it be.


Incenses Burning. Laser light show. In Mass In sing In alone
Choreographic To music: Radio, CD, Instruments In Dance, Walking, Praying. Alter of Incense. Sweet smells offered up To the G-O-D. For me, Priestly. Anointing. A Royal Priesthood are we. Frankincense & Myrrh 8 4 A $ ? Crosses? Ask a Magi who follows a star to find him already there. A gift at Jesus' birth but not the same as we get, too Holy.


Sometimes I hear a cry in the Spirit and I have to see who is calling. Uh oh ... It must be lunch time and I feel like I'm being tugged. I get up - Yep it's 12:00 pm. It's Saturday so I can go when I like; so I think. Anyway, I don't have to go at 11:30 am. I head out the warehouse door not knowing where I am going to lunch. I have less than $2.00 in my pocket.

I punch the time clock and get my watch to count down from 45 minutes. That will give me 15 minutes to get back from wherever I'm going. I still don't know. I head out the door...
It is as if my body knew where I was going. My mind just made observations as I went, Hmm...

I cut through the parking lot across from my job, observing the remodeling taking place in the building. Hey that used to be a swimming pool. Now it is filled in. I wonder is it hollow in the inside? That thought is placed on the back burner for further observations and analysis.

Through the parking lot up the street to the corner I turn left, and start heading towards Jack In The Box. At the corner across the street from Jack In The Box I notice that the call button for the signal light has an arrow pointing at me with a figurine of a man. I thought how strange, the arrow should point in the opposite direction. I'm going to cross the street. I don't need to push the button to get to where I already am, or to go in the direction it is pointing.

The English was bad as well. It said push button *for* crossing. I thought *who* is crossing. Is that the name of the stick man? Let him push his own button. So I pushed the button *to* cross the street. I pass Jack In The Box thinking well, I guess I'm not going to stop there. The sign reads Jumbo Jack 99 cents. I had enough money for that anyway. I wonder if I'm going to eat lunch?

I look ahead of me as I began to walk down Winton Avenue from Clawiter, and notice that the hot dog lady is not there. Oh yeah, I think, it's Saturday. Up ahead I notice a black woman standing at the bus stop. I asked her how she was doing? She said she had been at the bus stop waiting for the number 86 to take her to the Bart station for an hour.

I told her that it may not be running today, but she could catch the 97 or 92 to a Bart station from the mall. I said I was going in that direction. She started walking with me. We shared a lot of things during our walk: job, family, kids, and it turned out that she was a pastor's wife. I said, "Oh God." She told me that she put her husband out of the house. He was still raising money for the church and on TV as well. I was beginning to understand why I was taking this long walk.

At the stop light at the corner of Middle Lane and Hesperian I checked my time. Hmm, 21 minutes before my timer goes off. I half looked at her knowing I was already in trouble. It seems that Christian women have this power over me from the call in the Spirit, to my physical co-operation. I'm just a * Puppet On A String *. She probably had me check my time so I would know I had enough. I found myself saying, "I can walk you the rest of the way to the mall."

We continued walking and talking. What we talked about is a Chaplains privilege. We got to Mervin's and I asked her does she know where we are going to part company? I then took the lead and we walked inside. To the up escalator we went. She went up and said this must be the place. We exchanged salutations. For some reason I headed to the shaved ice stand where my friend was talking to another customer.
We both have memories of when shaved ice was called a snow cone. It was served in a triangular shaped paper cone and piled high. I had told her that my favorite place as a child served a small scoop of ice cream on the bottom.

Anyway, she turned around breaking off her conversation, and smiled at me. I pulled the money out of my pocket - oops, a nickel short turned around, and headed back to work towards Middle Lane. Before I could reach it some teen age girls checked me coming. I wondered what they wanted. Their path came directly behind me at the Chevron station on Hesperian and Middle Lane. We crossed the street together, and I watched them cross again. Girls like me to look at them. They were no exception, "just look, it really helps!"

As I approached the park on Middle Land my watch begins to beep. Well, I've got 15 minutes to get back to work. I know that it takes less than 10 minutes to get back from the park. I eat lunch there often. I've met a lot of nice people there. Hmm ... Back at work with 7 minutes to spare. This puppet work is fun. I just have no idea where I'm going. I told the pastor's wife about that. I said, "I don't know if one day I might walk out the door and end up walking to New York!"


I remember when; Life had meaning...
I remember when; I was important...
I remember when; Something was important...
I remember when; I belonged something Very important; To other people...
I remember when; I had things to do...
I remember when; I had to do things...
I remember when; I had places I wanted to go to see...

I remember when; I didn't...
I remember when; I did...
I remember when; I cared...

I remember when; Someone else cared...
Not so long ago...
I remember too much.

I remember when; I couldn't remember...
Now I want to; Remember.
Why not?

I don't have to Do anything.
I don't have to; Know anything.
I don't have to; Be anything.
Somehow; I have a place.

What is a blessing? I do something. Someone say's God will bless me For doing it. What is a miracle? Just open your eye's. Why be healed when you can be whole? I remember when I had a life. God I miss you...

Traveling Through The Atmosphere

These thoughts came to mind while riding as a passenger with a friend, and looking at once familiar settings, that now seemed so strange to me.

I looked around and it seemed to end. I could go no further, but somehow someone did. They were transfixed, and able to pass through though reality stopped for me. However, it was there yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Everything changed, but I was able to find a familiar spot. I did not look where I could not. Yesterday it was there and today it is not. It's not that I did not want to look around. It is because I could not that I did not.

I used to travel alone but these days I need a friend a familiar face; everything's out of place. My hope is for tomorrow, but uncertainty is included.

Choices are being made for me, but I choose rather to obey than make a choice. Listen than decide. Ride than drive. Where do I go from here?

I am trapped. This mind does not belong to me. My first wife said to my daughter I'm not human. It used to be terrifying to me. I can't explain it to others. Reality is not the same. It is like special effects in a movie. I just have to wait till it ends. I can't even ask for help. I don't know how. Eventually I get it somewhere. Then things are normal for years to come. But when will it happen again? In a way I feel special. My life is full of new beginnings. I've had a life of good experiences that far out way the bad. I've had two soul mates. A life mate will probably never happen. Who can handle my changes? Who is willing to forgive me?

A friend begs an answer to the question If that is how I am, and it is out of my control, why do you hold it against me?
Sometimes our apologies are not accepted. Maybe it is because of a lack of education. Or perhaps they don't care.

I'm glad that Jesus died for me. For I know I've done wrong when I couldn't do right. I thank God for making me an over comer. The whole experience seems so spiritual. I couldn't make it without my Bible. Sometimes all I have is Jesus.


Why are we here? To amuse God and He does as He feels fit.
Somebody said God has a sense of humor look at us! If that ain't funny it's because only He knows what is. And He makes us laugh at His own jokes. Now that's funny! While we are here we should enjoy Him as well. That way we both can have a good time with Him and each other. On the other hand we make him sad sometimes and as the Holy Father He makes corrections. In the beginning He said everything was good not perfect. One day everything will be perfect.


This is my favorite one. I preached it in the new church we are building. The building was empty except for the carpet and a few people. As I began to elucidate my voice resounded throughout the amphitheater and seemed to carry for miles. I don't get to preach much so this was my hour, and I gave it all I had. I had much help from one of the brothers in the church. I thought he was going to take over my sermon many times, so I had to take it back from him. He's a strong brother. I knew it was mine when he said, "Winston, you are going to far with this..."

This was not my first church building project. A Pastor led a team in Pittsburg, Ca. It was tough. Things get really weird. It is not like building a hospital. You can't just put up four walls and a roof. Everyone has to go through and pray their heart out. I'm just a prisoner, for the LORD. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Anyway, Anyway, Anyway

This is a take off from Jimi Hendrix's song: *IF 6 WERE 9 *

He was the legendary bass guitar player who played it like an electric lead guitar, using the feed back of the amplifier as another instrument to play with. One has to turn the bass off and the treble up to really appreciate his music. I think it sounded best on phonograph records with all the scratches and skips. Who else could play with him or like him? No one has even come close. He attained height's non-other has reached since. He alone understood the dynamics of the electric guitar. Thanks for getting me, Eric, and Rod through high school. They say he died of a drug overdose. I wonder.

Our generation was the first one to walk through the door to prosperity that had so long been denied to us. Our Black leaders no matter what approach they took were ending up dead. But for me and my crew, we were going through. If 6 were 9, nothing really matters, it's the Dawg in me... Woof! When I preached this I went atomic.

This is the most beautiful church I have ever seen. I wanted to cry just looking at it. I felt like the pastor tied my leash close to the front door so I could chase the cats away. I stayed at his men's home for a while. But no matter how far away I was I got there lickety split. I could not stay away.

I believe that if Jimi had been anymore of a preacher he would have written the lyrics much like I did. Take note of those referring to the book of Revelation. Hey, they killed the prophets all the day long.

Bootsie Collins came up with a rendition that was 90's, but I don't think anyone heard it but me. I even saw the video.
To him that has and ear, 1 is the number of God, 3 is the Holy Trinity, 6 is the number of man, and 7 is the number of completion...

Jesus Is A Risen Savior. We are one in Christ
“IF 6 WERE 1”





I remember a day I spent at the San Leandro Marina. I saw this seagull that was missing his left web foot. There was only a stump remaining. He would flap his wings to try and steady himself when he tried to stand. It was hard enough just trying to maintain his balance. Now and then some of the other seagulls would peck at him which would add to his misery. But every once and a while he would sit down, and the others would leave him alone.

During those times he looked like it felt so good, just to sit there unbothered. Then once again the other seagulls would begin to peck at him. He would stand and flap his wings again trying to maintain his balance. This continued over and over again till he flew away.

It reminded me that so much joy follows pain if we just hang in there long enough. Sometimes people can be so cruel and uncompassionate. Johnny has to face his problem the rest of his life. If not for the joy I don't think he could survive. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Sometimes this sequence sorrow and joy happens several times during the day. Perhaps the same joy that enabled Johnny to continue is what enables us to continue. How much more so should we be encouraged, when God cares more for us than all he has created? For his eye is on the seagull and I know he watches me.

The Road Less Traveled

As I embark along this dusty trail the rest of the world moves like a snail. Where do I go from here? Who can I talk to? Where will I be? I can't even watch TV. Too many lies. Too hard to sort out the truth. They turn it on. I turn it off. Too hard to explain the pain. Too many pixels P C's now have millions my XT only has about 500. Pulsating lights hypnotize, stop action, freeze frame, blank stares, nobody cares or knows their eyes glued to the set. Are they receiving? Are they transmitting? What is TV programming anyway? What is channel surfing? What wave are they catching?

A good CB operator knows when to switch channels to continue the conversation. Who is watching who? Is my VCR the only one recording? A speaker is a microphone as well. Try using two speakers and see. They used to demonstrate on TV. Hey mister wizard watch me! I don't know. Romans 1 talk’s about those who would rather believe a lie. They end up being filled with envy and strife. Finally becoming hater's of God. Lord forgive me. Fill me with your spirit of truth so that I will hate the lie.


If I could change the world what would I change it to? The garden of Eden? Our parents did not like it. They wanted to be like God knowing both good and evil. Having all of their needs met, Was not enough. Perhaps it became boring after a while. Perhaps there were no challenges to be met. Perhaps they did not want dad around all the time intervening all the time even when it was on their behalf.
How desirous is the opposite sex if their nakedness is revealed all the time. No shame, no claim, no victory when she finally gives in. How good is fruit without labor?

What about the problem solvers of the world today? How would they spend their time when the solution is guaranteed? Perhaps our parents found perfection to be a problem the solution only being the partaking of the forbidden fruit.

Once eaten God placed an angel in front of the tree of life so they could not eat from it and live forever with the knowledge of good and evil. God said they have become like one of us. They hid from God and covered their nakedness from him. They knew what God saw when he looked upon them. Perhaps for the first time they lusted after each other.
Perhaps they did not want God to see their lust. They could discern the evilness of their works.

God then gave them problems they would have to solve all their lives. Women travail in child birth and subservience to man. Men would have to toil unforgiving lands to produce fruit. Men would have to be the head of women who have discernment. The two became at odds with each other. Rebellious of authority whether it be God or each other.

So if I could change the world what would I change it to?
Many a philosopher has come up with their own ideology.
I have none. If perfection won't work perhaps we already have the best possible solution. The one already mandated by God when He sent our parents out of the Garden. Perhaps they just needed Jesus in the garden. I don't think so. God would have placed him there. So he just showed up,
Thousands of years later and took away the sins of the world.

He works on the inside of people to reconcile the problems we have with good and evil. You see our parents were not given, The knowledge of how to control good and evil perhaps not even knowing the difference between the two. Why hide your nakedness from God? He sees and knows everything about you. That is how we sin against God.

So they tried to lie to God. See, we are not naked. You just can't see us. He was offended. He was angry. He was hurt. But he knew beforehand that they would commit the only transgression possible in the garden. He had already planned to send his son Jesus into the world before they were created. Did he then create us to fall? Perhaps God likes a challenge. Perhaps He is like a chess master. A chess master has memorized all the possible games. He works from memory. That is why he is difficult to beat. God knows the beginning and the end of every possibility. He causes what He desires to be.

Perhaps he just likes to play. We are mere pieces. He wants to convince his children, That he is God. To give them all a little faith and watch it grow. In the meantime he has to protect them from the adversaries of the world until the time comes for their knowledge of him the adversaries being the fallen angels and the children who are born not of his fold.

Imagine how we go into the enemy's camp and walk past the guard’s right up to the leaders face. As children of God we walk through the enemy's camp every day. Of course they know who we are even before we do. They try to destroy us
but their efforts are futile. We walk out unharmed often not knowing that we have been a witness of God's grace and a victory for God. This is a frustration for the enemy of God,
and they try and try again but to no avail. They can't even heal us. God does many things for our and his victory. But to God be all the glory.

So if I could change the world I would have to leave God out. Imagine how that would be. We would all be dead, tortured, imprisoned without escape. Evil would rule the world. In other words no matter how the world is changed, no matter who changes it, God will intervene on our behalf. He will take care of his children. So why change the world? Well I guess I would if I could. We can't handle perfection.


There are too many people in the world to worry about a few, new faces, new places, people to meet, people to greet. Trauma caused by a few will pass in time. Maybe in a year and a half or so as time passes your own self tormenting will diminish. Avoiding those that remind you, but don't, or won't help you is the best policy.

You can go back home if you live right. It's just that the old place does not exist the same way anymore. It's just a change of life. You have to build a new home. Start with where you are. Make it your home. Make the people there your extended family. But I'm wounded!

There are so many people who are looking for an opportunity to help someone in their time of need, to rescue you, to save you, to nurture you. They will help you lick your wounds. Animals use their own saliva as a balm to their wounds. Lick your self. Don't beat yourself. But you do don't you!

The self inflicted wounds are the hardest to heal. You keep picking at the scab and the sore won't heal. Maybe if you put a bandage on the wound you won't be so inclined to reopen the wound. What is a bandage? A stranger who smiles at you. A kind word from someone on the bus. Someone who gives you a cigarette or two. But cigarettes will kill you! But you are dying already. It just might get you through a tough period. You can always quit later when you have healed the deeper wounds.

What is sorrow? Sorrow is not a friendly person. But you might need someone to cry with you to beat off sorrow. Sorrow comes to defeat you when you are down. Cry it away. Drive it away. Seek help from the many new faces around you. You can find them most anywhere.

Where should I go? Look around. You don't have to go very far perhaps just coming outside at a different time of day. You might see another whole different world. You might think, “where are my tormentors, my enemy's?” You don't even see them. They came from somewhere else. They were just visitors to your town. They just come there for business or pleasure perhaps fleeing their tormentors. Come out when they leave. Don't let them take pleasure in hurting you.

Why are people like that you say? That is sorrow speaking to you. He wants you to be unhappy asking questions of you that can't be answered perhaps not in this life time or life times past and future. But they once loved me! They once respected me! They once used me! Ahh, that must be the answer, I let them use me. Sorrow will say don't let people use you again. Don't listen to him. Let people use you. They need you. Or they needed you. Perhaps your usefulness has met fruition.

Who is fruition? Fruition is your friend. If not make fruition your friend. Fruition says that the job is done. Sorrow say's it is not. Fruition says to get another job to reach me again. Sorrow say's to go back and get what you deserve. What do you deserve? Fruition after fruition after fruition you don't see fruit trees complaining because all of its fruit has ripened, and has been picked or left for spoil.

What do I do with my fruit? Each year. Year after year it produces more fruit. The same fruit over and over again. Much fruit is spread all over the world these days. But you are not a tree! You have to go where someone needs your fruit. Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth with the fruit that God produces in you in action, word and deed. Let people pick from your tree as long as there is a need. Sorrow say's, but they need it where they don't want it! Fruition say's let them that seek your fruit, find you and eat from your tree. If you leave sorrow behind fruition will take you in and out of every season, and produce good fruit for harvest. Fruition will take you where you know not where.

What is spoilage? Spoilage from fruition feeds those who enjoy it that way. Look under an apricot tree and see. Look at a cherry or plum tree. There are many a creatures, and birds scurrying about to consume the spoilage. What does spoilage say? I'm spoiled. Some people say I was spoiled as a child. Some say I was spoiled as an adult. It's good to be spoiled. That makes us special.

So I say: Lick your wounds. Look for bandages. Bear much fruit. Love another neighbor. Be spoiled and most of all change with the season's.


Am I serving a sentence for misconduct, or am I getting time off for good behavior? What is the difference between the two? I can't go back to the life I once knew, once my debt or reward is paid in full. It's over, done, finished, completed. Life is like a dream or fairy tale where all my fantasies come true then end that which I want to do I can, and that I can't do I don't. I have a vivid imagination but I don't want to do all I imagine or can't. It is not in me to do those things. I'm a thinker and a doer. Often my thinking stops me from doing.
Often I do that which I think might be good again, and it is not. Often I won't do because I think it will not be good. Contained in my imagination it is and remains good as long as I can remember it. I think why spoil it by doing.

I have tried to do what is expected of me as a man with manly desires, but I had reservations about and it was not good. Having failed miserably, leaving defeated, unfulfilled, and hurting others in the process, it was not good. So what do I do now, when I know not what it is I want to do? I know I want to do good. I want to feel good about what I do.

In the meantime I am waiting for opportunities to present themselves to me. Something new and different I can act upon. I don't want to do what I have already done time and time again. Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy I don’t like redundancy. A friend of mine said there is something wrong with people who do the same thing over an over again. I'm inclined to believe him.

So I'm serving my time for misconduct or reward by passing time. Smelling the flowers, talking to people, sharing my wisdom and knowledge, helping those I am able to help, avoiding others. A lady bus driver asked me if I have been approached by any women yet. I guess I still have potential. I'm attracted to a certain type of woman. They usually hit me with a sledge hammer that way I am certain I have a woman who can stand with me or alone one who is willing to take chances with life. I told her that kind of woman is real good when she is good and real bad when she is bad. When she breaks up with me she is really bad. They are not easy to find. But I know when I see them. Well, I married two!

The one thing I can count on are my thoughts. They keep evolving. The freedom I experience while serving my sentence are the things that run through my mind. The time I have to explore and expound on every thought that comes into my mind. I have both the time and the inclination to do so. Perhaps for the moment a steady woman would be a hindrance.


A cool breeze blows across my naked legs. My face is pleased and comforted. The hair on my arms moves with the wind. I am cooled by the breeze flowing from the bay. The wind is so soothing to my tired body. The ships at dock, blue and white, their sails folded fit the color scheme of the nearby buildings. To the right of them at the top of a tower is the word Waterfront. It is one of the nicer days I have spent here enjoying the people and atmosphere.

I'm joined by two lovely ladies with their children. Her son looks just like her. She say's everyone tells her that but she doesn't see it. The other mother gives her daughter two dollars to by a cookie. I tell her it only costs $1.25. The other shares her sandwich with her son.

A kind gentleman at a table a distance away assists another man. His ATM card does not work in the machine. He directs him across the street to the Jack London Inn. He say's there is a machine inside he could use. The man is most thankful.
We exchange names. One of the ladies when she approached thought I was the others fiancée. I told her my wife left me and moved to Texas. She say's that's too bad. I tell her it probably is a good thing. She say's yeah if she was aggravating you.

It's a beautiful day at Jack London Square there is no reason to be alone. I picked a table that is shaded and cool. One of
the ladies asked to join me for the same reason. She looked as tired as I did. I'm enjoying a glass of ice coffee with cream and sugar. One lady asked if they were aggravating me as they watched me write. I told her I was writing about this experience.

Jack London Square is always so peaceful. I rode my bike here from Berkeley. It is a downhill ride all the way. It was nice just taking my time, enjoying the city and its people every once and a while someone would say hello to me. I remember once someone who lived in Oakland asked why I lived in Hayward. From that point I wanted to live in Oakland to find out what they were talking about.

A lady and her gent friend walked by she noticed that I was watching her. She was a beautiful woman with big legs wearing a yellow dress that stopped just above her knees. As they passed back by my way she intentionally came close to my table, and looked me in the eye. I love the peace, the serenity that is pervading and manifesting in my life the simple pleasures of life.

One mother say's her son is very wet. He is fourteen months old. So she changes his diaper on the table in front of me. I intentionally look the other way as not to be intrusive. The daughter holds his legs high while the mother places the diaper under his bottom. I comment, "On the job training," and we all laugh. The other mother say's you just came here to chill out and have a cup of coffee. You did not expect all this! I tell them, “You all are making my day! "

I ask her daughter when does school start. It is already September. I thought she should be in school today. She say's too soon. Her mother tells me that she is on a waiting list for the Oakland School District. She said it is difficult to get in with a waiting list of 200. But after threats of a law
suit they decided to let her child in.

The daughter is mothering the son. It's the same scenario over and over again. She helps him walk holding both his hands with him walking between her legs. I've seen this as a youth in my parent’s family and in my own. I have done the same thing often enough. I just enjoy watching it unfold now. It seems to me that no one is truly missed after they leave or die. Someone else comes along and does the very same thing. Humans are instinctively redundant when it comes to many things including raising families.

One lady say's that the kind gentlemen looks like he just wanders around most of the day. He had gone off but to return. The other lady said she would like to give him half of her sandwich. I said I know but what can you do. I've seen him around a lot. They had hopes of helping him and others like him as they perceived him to be. Later two other gentlemen joined him he as writing something. They thanked him for doing them a favor. It seemed to me that he had a purpose as part of community.

One mother plays patty cake patty cake bakers man with her son. Then she does the Indian war cry woo-woo-woo-woo sound with her had patting her protruding lips. Tears come to my eyes. I told her my mom used to do that with me. Or at least I think so because she did it with my sisters. Some things are just eternal. She asks her son for a kiss and he keeps avoiding her. He won't even look her in the eye. Eventually he say's uh huh to my surprise. He then kisses her. Now he doesn't want to stop. She say's he going to like women. I say but he's going to make them earn it. Mom say's he is getting sleepy night, night time.

I have to admit it was fun being dad again. When I left home I did not expect that. The woman with the son told me she did not live with her son. She was also pregnant with another child. I stopped in the bookstore after making a few phone calls and smoking a cigarette. A security guard I had spoken to on a previous visit came out of the bookstore, as I was waiting for the line to be free. I asked him where another phone was located.

By that time the other line became free. This is truly a people place. He once told me there are a lot of people like this around here. I apologized to the young man for rushing him off the phone. He said it was OK. I've only been smoking 6 month's. Boy, I did not know what I was missing. Not only is smoking enjoyable, but an immediate fellowship takes place among fellow smokers.

I keep wondering when this society is going to let us grow up. Am I old enough to smoke yet? My parents were. But of course they stopped like some people are today. I saw
the woman and her daughter coming in my direction, and we passed each other in the bookstore. She smiled and they both said hi. I smiled and waved.

As I road my bike back to the Bart Station heading home for the day, the woman was sitting at the bus stop without her son. She had a somber look on her face. She was alone. A part of her was missing. She noticed me but did not look in my direction as I passed by. I felt for her. My two children and two step children are out of state with their mothers. Was this a representation of my two wives and children?

What an enjoyable day. Back at home my room mate told me it rained in Hayward. He said there was a rainbow just outside the door. I asked him was it a sign. There is gold at the end of the rainbow. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.


FORNICATION - The word fornicate is an archway. Prostitutes or whores would display themselves at these places, and men would choose the woman he wanted. Fornication is the act of having sex with a prostitute or a whore. Women may be in whoredom if they have sex with several men without being paid for their services. Prostitution is a professional whore who receives payment for her services.

Fornication can be between two unmarried people as well. This could be the case of someone having multiple sex partners. Fornication can also take place between a married person and an unmarried person. Fornication is also a term used to describe idolatry. Fornication is the worshiping of false gods. It is the worshiping of created images from ones own imagination. It is exalting them above the Creator. It is having created objects and revering them as their god. It is denying the one true God revealed as nature's creator, and is revealed as three person's in the New Testament: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

ADULTERY - The word adultery describes a man and a women having sex, who are both married to other people.

MARRIAGE - is between a man and a woman. No formal ceremony is necessary to be married. They are two people committed to living together. The children have full rights to the father’s inheritance according to the Bible. I could find no word defining their sex act. It is determined by context (e.g. the marriage bed is undefiled, or the word “know” or knew her, or knew her not until.) Marriage ceremonies did not take place in the church until the year 1000. Mainly the rich would have formal ceremonial contracts using priests. In the case of Solomon his mother placed the crown on his head at each marriage. Men could get a write of divorcement but women could not.

Men could have several wives. Jacob had two wives and two maidservants. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. God gave David Saul's wives and he had many others. In the New Testament it states that Deacons and Elders could only have one wife.

CONCUBINES - A concubine is a woman who lives with a man. usually she was the second woman in the house after the wife. Her children did not have the inheritance rights that the wife's children had. The husband could give them an inheritance. Hagar, Sarah's maid was Abraham's concubine. Jacob and Solomon had concubines as well.

Concubines were often acquired to insure male children and for sex. Often a concubine would be taken with the husband when he went on extended trips. The New testament does not specifically address concubines. Concubines were always in addition to marriage. Many times they were purchased and had no rights. Sex with a concubine is not committing fornication.


The Lord is MY, OUR shepherd what shall I need today? Should I ask God? Should I wait on God? Where did my choice begin? I love to ask him questions. He always answers if I ask in prayer.

Prayer is my choice of life style. That way I can try to pray even when I don't want to. I feel especially blessed this morning. The Spirit is strong here. Yesterday, my flesh and my spirit were weak. What can you do when this happens? You go to or I go to likely places the people of God. Where they dwell, God is.

Sometimes I need help. Behold I come a knocking.
Whoever opens the door I go in and seek my refuge. I go in seeking a sanctuary. I go and I go and I go. Does it ever end? Did I miss God somewhere along my walk? Are there other places to go? Places where I need to go, and have not been there yet? One love, one baptism, one Spirit we are all in.

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Winston, a graduate of Bay Cities Bible Institute, Communications major at Kaplan Online University 3.9 GPA was asked, “What did it take to become the type of writer you are? He replied he had to leave mother, father, and sister, etc. After believing Malachi and Paul, Winston figured, “Why not try all of Gods word the same way?” and the word of God hasn't failed him yet. He completed Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.) now a Chaplain, and has been a Systems Programming Analyst, and traveled across the country job related and he even went on a tour of the White House. His life testimony also includes his journey from a large family with all needs met but not many wants. He also began a trek in ministry traveling across the country with his second wife. Then he continued with a trek through homelessness, shelters, and transitional homes. During his homeless trek he carried in his backpack a laptop he purchased and he began to learn how to write. After going through all the trials and tribulations associated with that life style he prayed, “LORD if you ever have me write another book please give me a roof over my head.” Well, he did and he’s completed a total of twenty-one books.