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What is God's commandment from the book of Genesis

Most people keep?

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and fill the earth.

We are 7 billion strong!

New Title

After reading about a Black female Tecky Chaplain on Wikipedia, I have decided upon a new title for myself. I am a
“Tecky Techno Urban Missionary Chaplain”

God's People (Kirk Franklin)

GP's perish for they don't lookup the meanings of KJV words in a Strongs or Youngs concordance, for they are without excuse.

All the KJV study helps are available for download free with Bible software programs.

Word Studies

From: the Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary, a free KJV Bible download.

Hebrew Strong's Number: 3577
from (kazab); falsehood; literal (untruth) or
figurative (idol) :- deceitful, false, leasing, + liar, lie, lying.

4:2 (KJV)
O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how longwill ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

5:6 (KJV)
Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

Greek Strong's Number: 3149
from the base of (massaomai); a (properly a female breast)

Luke 11:27-28 (KJV)
And it came to pass, as he spake, a certain woman of the company said unto Jesus, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps (properly female breast) which thou hast sucked…

Oh Give Thanks unto the LORD for He is good

The LORD is my Shepherd. I shall not want for He lay me down in green pastures. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Though I walk under the shadow of death He prepares meals for me in the midst of my enemies. His rod and His staff comfort me and protect me. Thank you LORD.

The KJV Bible has been banned because of too much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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Friday, March 27, 2009

Left Behind ?

Read Matthew chapter 24

Imagine this if you dare! This will make you a-scared!

It has been taught from books other than the Bible that many will be left behind to go through the Great Tribulation, and that the Anti-Christ will manifest in the form of human body, a male, like Jesus manifested being born of the Virgin Mary without the aid of Joseph. He was not necessary as a sperm donor.

Here is the part of this story where you will get a-scared! The frightening part about the Anti-Christ is that he is supposed to come in the flesh. Well, as you know, to come in the flesh requires a procreative act stemming from the power love of between a woman and a man. Reproduction of any species requires the sexual union of a male and a female. In the case of humans we desire to make love to one another.

How horrible and terrifying it is to imagine from the power of the love between a woman and a man will produce and release into the world the MOST EVIL being God created. This soulless creature or spirit is a God hater to the max, a people hater to the max. He is that way by design for the destruction of so many souls who hate God almost as much as he, for he is the epitome of EVIL in a human body. He and others will be condemned to the Lake of Fire and tormented in the worst possible way as God’s pours out his wrath. Just totally forsaken, and for eternity.

When women hear of this they freak out, totally devastated that something like that, a Rosemary’s baby can actually come from one of her eggs, and she has to carry this evil being in her womb for 9 months on top of that. She herself tormented by this evil being in the worst possible way until she gives birth to it. What can she name it? It’s her child for heavens sake! She has to use all her motherhood, mother wit, mother instinct to protect this child. It’s her baby!

And what about how poor old dad feels? In the billions of seed within his sack there is one that is the key to the birth of this EVIL BEING. He has the fear that within his loins there could be the cause of not only his but the worlds destruction as we know it today, yesterday, and the unforeseen future. I might be the one to release total destruction, and I love the LORD. But within my bowels could be a seed, the seed of destruction of my brothers and sister that must get the heads cut off as a sacrifice unto the LORD, for the Evil One must enter into the world. And it would be my fault, it’s the man’s fault, it was Adam’s fault. God said so.

Eve was charged with a transgression alright, but Adam was guilty of SIN! And they plunged us all into a damnation that only God can bring us out of. And here we have again, a man will be charged with the ultimate SIN! It will be his fault the Anti-Christ is born into the world. In fact he could come from a saved man as well as an unsaved man. Who has that dreadful seed, or sperm? Could it be a sperm donor? That is even more dreadful when you consider the birth technology’s of today’s world.

Look at the world today, a modern Sodom and Gomorrah! Lies have become known as the truth, and absolute truth is not acceptable in any form. Even that statement is not true. You have to lie to be acceptable. And you can’t even say that, you have to say the truth. I don’t lie about anything, Huh? It is hard to tell the truth these day’s, absolutely so.

Dr. Frankenstein has gone buck wild! With the genetic code defined, he has the knowledge code of reproduction cracked. Unfortunately he is a sinner who is totally cracked. This knowledge should not be in his hands, for he is now ready to prepare a body in the body of a virgin. The Anti-Christ wants to be God Almighty himself! The Anti-Jesus or Christ! This virgin body will receive from the lab an egg and sperm planted by a fallen angel manifested as a minister of righteousness gone to medical school. A woman will receive a combination through selective implantation of the right sperm into the right egg.

What has Dr. Frank-Implant-Baby-In-Virgin designed through genetic engineering and test tube baby trial and error, perfected? A human host or living being that is without a soul or a spirit from God. God allowed this to happen for the Anti-Christ must appear during the Great Tribulation Period to do what God would have him to do. And immediately at conception the Evil Spirit enters into fertilized egg and sperm combination creating a male. Nine month’s later this Anti-Jesus or Anti-Christ is born into the world. He could be here already!

What I just wrote is totally fiction? Like the Left behind series, it makes for good entertainment for some and fears for others. But why be fearful of fiction? God is real. We need the fear of the LORD to be over-comers. Fear alone will not save a soul. The fear of the LORD demonstrates your salvation. That is if you run to him in fear, not run from him. Fiction can illustrate a point as I have just done, but the Scripture will demonstrate God, will teach about God. Fiction can lead you away from the truth. And filthy lucre is a great motivation for some who write fiction to lead someone away from the truth of God’s written word. The King James Version of the Bible is the most reliable Bible available with four hundred years of resources available, even for your computer. It was not written with a profit motive in mind and is not copyrighted.
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