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What is God's commandment from the book of Genesis

Most people keep?

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and fill the earth.

We are 7 billion strong!

New Title

After reading about a Black female Tecky Chaplain on Wikipedia, I have decided upon a new title for myself. I am a
“Tecky Techno Urban Missionary Chaplain”

God's People (Kirk Franklin)

GP's perish for they don't lookup the meanings of KJV words in a Strongs or Youngs concordance, for they are without excuse.

All the KJV study helps are available for download free with Bible software programs.

Word Studies

From: the Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary, a free KJV Bible download.

Hebrew Strong's Number: 3577
from (kazab); falsehood; literal (untruth) or
figurative (idol) :- deceitful, false, leasing, + liar, lie, lying.

4:2 (KJV)
O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how longwill ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

5:6 (KJV)
Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

Greek Strong's Number: 3149
from the base of (massaomai); a (properly a female breast)

Luke 11:27-28 (KJV)
And it came to pass, as he spake, a certain woman of the company said unto Jesus, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps (properly female breast) which thou hast sucked…

Oh Give Thanks unto the LORD for He is good

The LORD is my Shepherd. I shall not want for He lay me down in green pastures. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Though I walk under the shadow of death He prepares meals for me in the midst of my enemies. His rod and His staff comfort me and protect me. Thank you LORD.

The KJV Bible has been banned because of too much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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Monday, December 3, 2012

The End Times ?


A third of the stars fall from the sky. God who sits high and mighty on His throne in heaven gave the order. Michael the Arc Angel led the troops into battle. Cast from heaven they are all on Earth, which is now their dwelling place. Sin was found in their leader. All of his followers were in rebellion against God almighty. Planted in the battle field, placed on earth is mankind created and dwells there too. The third heaven for some of us and hell for others. These are the fallen Angels and Satan once called Lucifer. Lost forever is his name and his place in heaven. Who can hope to survive in this terrible environment.

They talk to me all the time. Telling me negative things. I know now these thoughts are not my own. The mind is the battle field. The enemies of God want to reign on this planet. And the only way to control man is through his mind. Take control of the mind and mastery of the body will follow. They try to discourage me. They tell me the things I ought not to do. I know better though. Sometimes I don't know if what I do is right or wrong. I have to fight my own battle in my head. I know I'm forgiven. Jesus took care of that, but I can't forget my past. Only God can forget. All my sins have been cast into the sea of forgetfulness. I spend time in Gods word. My only refuge.

There is no quality time for study. I must do it all the time. There are no time outs in the study of Gods word. Sometimes as the battle rages in me and around me, I have to rely on the word that is buried in my heart. No time to find the book of righteousness. Warring makes study difficult at times. That is why I must study all the time to be ready for the next battle. There is a time for study, and there is a time for warfare.

Lord have mercy on me I pray. Deliver me from this torment. I have begun to discern the things of the Spirit. The thoughts that come into my mind I try to divide from my own. Some thoughts I know I would not think of by exercise. By taking time out to sort through the many thoughts going through my head. I go to that secret place and listen. Then I think a thought. Yes, that one is mine. No, that one is not. Do I hear
from the Lord and the angels that minister to me ?

There are times I hear encouragement. I feel comforted. I meditate on what I have read in Gods word. I even do sermons in my head. Oh how I wish I could share these sermons with others, but time passes and there is no one to hear them. I can't even remember them the way I developed them in my head. Great sermons I think ! Maybe they are just for me. Perhaps during these trials my spirit prepares them just for me, and they come to my conscious mind.

Who is the greatest preacher in the world today ? I am. We all need to feel that way. No one can preach the gospel like I can. No one has gone through the things I have. No one is going through the things I'm going through today. God has prepared me, and each of us to deliver the gospel to the world. The most effective way is one on one. Pulpit ministries are good, but for the most part people come there prepared to hear the gospel.

We have to bring church to the streets. To those who are waiting for God to come to them instead. For what ever reason. You have to prove yourself before they are ready
to listen to you. They also have the opportunity to question everything you say and confront you at any time. There are
many times opportunities present themselves. Perhaps these battles are turned into opportunities to prepare myself for a one on one encounter. When they present themselves I am ready.

Is there a balm to ease my aching mind ? A soothing cool ointment ? Jesus is a balm in Gilead and with him is a host of Angels, the other two thirds who did not fall. They come to minister to me and others. There is a war in the heavens. A constant battle for our soul salvation. Cast down from heaven the fallen Angels are our foes. Led by Satan
Once called Lucifer. He wants to Kill, steal and destroy our mortal bodies. He wants us to join him in the Lake of Fire. He wants to use us, this planet and all its inhabitants. He wants to be like God. That is his problem. There is only one God, King of kings, Lord of all. Over all dominion's, principalities, and powers in heaven and earth. He allows Satan to continue. But to Satan's dismay God is magnified and exhalted throughout the land in God's children, who are a witness to his grace and power, and by his other angels who stand fast.

Even the Angels who were spared God's wrath marvel at man. How God continues to use them and save them. One at a time we come forth and the Angels rejoice. I imagine there is a constant roar in heaven as the Angels praise God when each one comes forth to know Christ as their Personal Savior. How long do they rejoice over a lost soul being found I don't know. They probably rejoice for themselves as well. They could have been cast down from heaven as well. But God elected them, and his children on earth before the foundation, the solar systems were even made. Oh how magnificent are his ways and thoughts far above what we can even hope to imagine. That he would even think to save me and you.

How can I, a mortal man defeat such an enemy as Satan. He has been around a long time, since the beginning of time warring against the saints. Accusing the saints even though we have been forgiven. Jesus having paid the price for our souls. He has had a lot of practice. His army of evil: Powers, Principalities, Rulers of darkness, and Spiritual Wickedness in high place, like an army are all in place. Angels from heaven have to pass through this wall of intrusion to minister to us.

It is amazing how some people are so quick to accuse others when that is one of the tools of Satan. He is the accuser. Should they not instead offer forgiveness and reconciliation? You know God has given us, the Church, the ministry of reconciliation. We are therefore reconciled unto Christ for all of our sins. Let us be reconciled with our brothers and sisters. Let us move on to the greater things in
him. At judgment day Christ will hold us all accountable for the works we do here on earth. Let Him be the judge.

Sometimes I have to wait on my help. Some how I endure. Many others are not even aware of their presence, the bomb in Gilead. Pawns they are to the whims of the Devil. All I can do is wait till my help comes. Till they stop pursuing me. My victory is in the Lord. He delivers me every time. What do they want from me ? To stop serving God ? To stop being a COG in His wheel, and become a CLOG in his drain ? No    Way ! What greater calling is there than to be a Child Of God? To be submitted to the will of God no matter where it may take you, or how it effects your life, and the lives of others ? God is a mystery. His mysteries are revealed to his children alone.
For what purpose did God place man in this predicament ? Does this battle help lead to my perfection ? Am I being transformed into a Spirit ? Has my Spirit man been awakened in me ? Has my Spirit become strong enough to come forth and fight my battle, while my fleshly body pertains to the things of this world ? We are Spirit, Mind and
Body. Can all three operate independently as well as together ? Separate but one ?

We are to separate ourselves from this world. We are to live in it as well. As Paul said, "Fleeing all fornications and adulteries so that we could do that what we would. "How many of us are willing to find out *that what we would*, when we don't know what that is that we would do ? We are so busy mimicking the world system, in pursuit of, or worrying about *what we would not be able to do* instead of looking forward to *what we would be able to do.* That which is a mystery and has to be revealed to us by God. Finding solace in the Comfort Zone, and fearing the Twilight Zone, they won't pursue the Would Zone. There is no growth in the comfort zone. The Twilight Zone is fear which by the way is not of God but of the Devil, and they are not even aware of the Would Zone. Which is revealed by walking with God.

His Kingdom is not of this world. They don't study the Bible enough, they rely on what they hear only, and only remember in part. The key to remembering much is to study the same thing over and over again until you know it well for yourself. If you forget, look it up. So when you do hear you can add to what you already know, instead of review.

The only way we can find out what we would is to flee these things. That means leaving the security of what we know, the things of the flesh, to that which we don't know, the things of the Spirit. How many are willing to take that risk into the unknown? The things of the Spirit cannot be understood by those who are walking in the flesh. So who can explain it to them. A spiritual man understands the things of the flesh as well, but the things of the Spirit can not be received by those who do not desire to take a walk in the Spirit. They have to step out in faith, and experience it for themselves.

How can two walk together unless they agree. So they look at others, and see their gifts in operation and say things like, "I wish I had your gift." But do they really ? Or they say, "They don't teach that in my church." Then they go back to their Comfort Zone. Among others that won't venture out either.

They go back to the world trying to compete with it and maintain some sense of Spirituality. Buying a new car on credit thinking that is how God blesses. What about purchasing a library of Bible study aids? Why not enroll in a Bible College or Seminary?
It never ceases to amaze me when preachers preach against a formal Bible education, and instead encourage people to get a secular education so they can make money, money, money. Why not Bible, Bible, Bible? Can't you trust God to lead you in your studies. Where do you think the God gifted teachers of Ephesians 4:11 are ? Doesn't it occur to them that they might be teaching in schools ? That the Sunday school curriculum might be too elementary ? That there are perhaps deeper studies in God's word ? They might even discover the verse that say's to seek the kingdom of God first, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

There were schools for prophets in the Old Testament. Elijah stopped by one and picked up Elisha his successor. Guess who got the mantle and a double anointing ? The Old and New Testament fathers, were well studied men, scholars of the law and the prophets. Paul who wrote most of the epistles to the

churches studied under Gamaliel, a Pharisee and celebrated doctor of the law. After he was born again. God brought understanding to Paul of that which he had studied, as well as revelation. After much study comes inspiration, illumination, and revelation.

You should never be satisfied with your level of Spirituality. Elisha wanted a double portion. To become comfortable is to stop the development of your Spirituality. You must leave all things behind and press on towards the higher callings in Christ Jesus. It is a total faith walk. It is a forward momentum not a stopping place. And there is no turning back. I believe that is what scares people the most. If they go too far they can't come back to that old Comfort Zone. They remember what it cost them just to get where they are. Now they just want to enjoy the earth and the fullness there of. Which by the way is misinterpreting what God is trying to tell us.

It is not of meat, drink, cars and homes, but a oneness with God and above all Spirituality. For God is a Spirit, and those who worship him must do so in Spirit and truth. Gods word is the truth. When Christ comes we will be like him; perfected. It takes all of Gods gifts to the Church to perfect the saints.

My weapons against the powers of darkness are not the weapons devised by man. No they don't work against Spiritual forces. I have to pray. I have to read Gods word and meditate day and night on what I have read. The gifts of the Spirit must be in operation and exercised. The more I know of God's word, the truth, the stronger more self-assured I become. The more I battle against the enemy, the more I exercise my gifts, the stronger I become.

I have to be clean, way down on the inside. So far down the enemy forces can't reach me there. The forces coming against me decrease in number to just a few, and then even those have to retreat. God will make you clean inside. Defeat is imminent for the enemy of both God and man. His time is short according to God. But for me a thousand years is just one day in Gods time. I don't have that long to live here on earth. But during this time I have work to do. And I'm not talking about an eight hour a day job.

Long suffering. Some try to call this word patience, but I saw in Scripture where both words were used in the same sentence. Jesus suffered long in His 32 years of life as a man. But also when He was separated from the Father. When He became sin for us. Took it away, therefore taking away the sting of death for those who believe on His name. That must have been an eternity for Him. Facing the Devil alone. But He is God, and I am not. I have no desire to become God.

The battle rages. During the breaks I spend time with God. I know He's always there but I miss Him. His personal, secure touch. He watches over me. I hope he says this is my son. Watch him I know he will endure. If I can just endure I know there is salvation at the end. God rescues me all the time. That is when he is most truly real to me ! Sometimes at the point of giving up, he throws a life preserver. I get that
phone call I was waiting for after several failed attempts on my part. Somebody comes by and talks to me. Gives me words of encouragement at just the right time. Or
I minister to someone that ministers to me as well. I could go on and on about his salvation.

Once I even felt  as if someone was giving me a push. Like a hand would periodically press against my backpack as I walked down the street. Urging me to continue walking. Prodding me along. I could not help but giggle.

I believe that is the meaning of salvation that the Lord brings into a believers life. Romans then talks about how Israel needs to be saved, but they must be born again first, receive the righteousness that only comes from Christ, and faith in Him. Then they could be part of the *whosoever* call's on the name of Jesus shall be saved. I call on that great name all the time. But first you have to believe on whom you call. Hey, people call the police all the time. They
believe in them and the authority behind them. Jesus on earth got His authority from God in heaven, but now all power is in His name. Call on Him.

The prophets and preachers sent could not convince Israel about Christ. Preachers today can't do it. They would not listen to them. People today won't listen. So in Romans chapter eleven, God said that he saved a remnant of them. That is how all Israel is saved, a remnant through election. Gods sovereign choice of whom he wants in his kingdom. God saves us that way too.

God calls a people unto Himself all by Himself. Somehow we are part of the process of bringing others to Christ. Are you part of that remnant that God elected and saves ? Ask God. Seek His face with all your mind body and soul. Receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
Salvation is nothing short of a miracle. The world is in search of a miracle. Blind to all those miracles around them that have become common place. I bet if I could go back in time, drive up and pick up Jesus in a Lexus, People would think it a miracle. Fortunately Jesus only asked for an ass to ride into town. I don't think Jesus presented anymore than the people were ready for. Salvation is the greatest of all miracles. To think that God would take time out just to save me.

I have my own observation about the miracles or creations devised by man, such as the Lexus automobile. I call it the sand box theory. Remember when we were kids ? We would build castles in the sand and we thought we really did something. But who provided the sand ? Or who took us to the beach ? God has created a sand box called Earth for us to play in. Anything we create is made from its substance provided by God. How can we then take credit for it ? How then can we throw our creations in the face of God and say, "Look what we did ! We don't need you !" Kinda stupid don't you think ?

There is a final place for the fallen Angels. The lake of fire. Satan is destined to be there too. So many people will join him there. Why do they submit their will to Satan and fallen Angels ? Why don't they believe God or even try to ?

Satan and the fallen Angels are liars. Tempting people to desire things that they can see, feel, hear, smell, wear, buy, etc. All these things will pass away but God's word will always be the same.

People will always be the same. In fact we are really doing no more than we've ever done as people: eat, drink work, sleep, reproduce, and party. For some reason we think a $50,000 Lexus to take you a hundred miles to work every day is better than riding an ass into town. It probably took less time and was less stressful riding an ass.

Maybe that is why we demand cars that are fully loaded with features we don't even use. I think it is funny that someone would by a $50,000 four wheel drive car with a luxury paint job. Right, they really want to drive off road, and come back muddy with dings in the door panels !

*Repent, be baptized, and be filled with the Holy Spirit,*  Peter preached on the day of Pentecost. The words of and after Jesus' life are contained in the New Testament that live on and on. Instructions in righteousness through faith. Not righteousness that comes from the law that can't save you. It was never intended to save you but bring the recognition of how sinful we really are.

In the law are written things you are to do, and things you are not to do. The Pharisees added even more to the law seeking their perfection that way. That is not possible.

Being deceived they missed the point. The promises made to Abraham will be fulfilled just like the law was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Who putting an end to the law, would                     have us moving on to perfection through faith.

The promises of God will be fulfilled and are part of the present day believers hope as well. Abraham believed in the promises, yet he never received them. That is true faith. Even the Old Testament saints were saved by grace through faith and not of the law; not of works.

The Pharisees sought to take control of the people for their own purposes. Not just in religion. Likewise many people desire and do control the lives of others. Satan, Gods enemy takes control of people. Building his kingdom here on earth. Man does have a will of his own, but he must chose who he will serve, God or money. Position or submission. The Bible speaks of serving your masters, but not to serve Satan or money.

It is not just the rich who serve money, but in context that is who God is talking about. Those who are rich and those who seek to become rich. Here is the proof text: How do you spend your money ? I sure see a lot of poor people being passed, by people who drive a Lexus and those who don't.

The law was fulfilled by the one righteous one Jesus Christ. Not one jot or tittle of the law will pass away until it is fulfilled. Well, Jesus fulfilled it. Now the law is dead writes Paul. Now is the time to seek righteousness. Just as Abraham did. By faith in God. His faith was counted as righteousness. Faith in the living God that could and did deliver him. Our faith now is in Jesus Christ who is our
righteousness. We have to believe in Him for our righteousness. That righteousness is imputed or given to us and works in us.

But the battle continues. Satan can't believe he has already been defeated. Many a person does not believe it, whether they acknowledge Satan's presence or not. Some feel they
are seeking their own righteousness by their good works, or just refusing to do any good works, enjoying the evil. Unless you are in the will of God, submitted, your works count as unrighteousness. These works however noble do not please God. He seeks our obedience to Him alone. He is Lord of our lives, and all that we do regardless. One day all will have to confess it. That He is Lord of all.

The word say's that some think not to do evil is an abomination. Imagine that ! What a terrible state to be in. Reprobate, haters of God and all he stands for. Filled with envy's, strife, hatred of God Himself.

The law was fulfilled by the one righteous one Jesus Christ. Not one jot or tittle of the law will pass away until it is fulfilled. Well, Jesus fulfilled it. Now the law is dead writes Paul. Now is the time to seek righteousness. Just as Abraham did. By faith in God. His faith was counted as righteousness. Faith in the living God that could and did deliver him. Our faith now is in Jesus Christ who is our righteousness. We have to believe in Him for our righteousness. That righteousness is imputed or given to us and works in us.

But the battle continues. Satan can't believe he has already been defeated. Many a person does not believe it, whether they acknowledge Satan's presence or not. Some feel they
are seeking their own righteousness by their good works, or just refusing to do any good works, enjoying the evil. Unless you are in the will of God, submitted, your works count as unrighteousness. These works however noble do not please God. He seeks our obedience to Him alone. He is Lord of our
lives, and all that we do regardless. One day all will have to confess it. That He is Lord of all.

The word say's that some think not to do evil is an abomination. Imagine that ! What a terrible state to be in. Reprobate, haters of God and all he stands for. Filled with
envy's, strife, hatred of God Himself. Perhaps even being filled with a legion of fallen Angels who direct their every
move. Thinking the imaginations in their minds are their own thoughts. When in fact their own thoughts are lost in the mire of their captured minds. Not even aware of it because of constant use of the evil Spirits cast down from heaven. Taking council from other ungodly people under the same dominion, Satan's.

Who will deliver them ? Is it our responsibility ? Do they watch us and marvel as we overcome the world through our    faith ? Does it anger them ? I think so. As we speak the word of faith delivered to the saints ? I think so.

Study, and study, and study. The fruits of this labor has everlasting effects on your life and the lives of others. The words that come out of your mouth will be prophetic as you speak the prophecies of God. You talk to the Spirit man in every one you come in contact with. Wherever you are is your mission field.

These signs will follow you. Legions will begin to fall apart, become disarrayed, confused. They cannot stand against the word of God. Gods word will not, does not, can not fail.

Do not give up the battle. Dismantle the bomb in Gilead. The world is at stake. And as children of God we are responsible for their salvation. With Jesus the head of the Church we will not fail. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus who strengthens us. No weapons formed against us will prosper. By the will of the father all that are called by him will come unto him. There are many sheep that belong in his pasture. We have to round them up and bring them into the presence of the Lord. There is a bomb in Gilead. Satan and the fallen angels. But thanks be to God we have a Savior, Jesus the Christ who is our balm in Gilead. Our healer and deliverer.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


More, “Things I Write About Women”


She said she’s fast I said I’m slow
She not my lover
She said I’m only a friend
She’s really scary
I saw it in her eyes
I told her
We never talked about why she was scary
And we talked a lot.

We don’t talk any more
But now she is scary
Ever more?

I guess
That happened
Because I am a Tom cat
She is a scaredy cat
Are her two little kittens
The same way too?

Uncanny: She shows up to see me at the right time I can be seen. I say, “Now that’s uncanny and she smiles or not”

Lately she is being uncanny and a scaredy cat.
What’s up with that?
Is this how she treats a friend?
I’d rather be her lover again
Oh well
As the song says,
“You just keep me hanging on…”
I don’t know if she loves me
I don’t know if she needs me
She just keeps me hanging on.

Should I tell her to get out of my life?
I don’t know how
I said I don’t want to see you again
Don’t come by
She said I won’t come by.

Then she was uncanny again
As she passed by my patio
I said I still love you
She said I don’t like the way talk to me
I don’t what I said only
I said that is mutual.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
Maybe I am like catnip to her
Maybe because I am a Tom cat
That she is scarey.

I think because
She does not want to be my lover anymore
I don't want to be only a friend.
She is no longer hanging on.

Breaking Up Is Not Hard To Do

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hollywood could never make a film for my life

Regardless of the circumstances,
Regardless of the changes,
Regardless of my health,
At age 59 I finally realize
I have done nothing with my life,
And, I have nothing to show for the
Many accomplishments I have
To someone else’s credit.

All I have is the many thoughts in my mind,
And it is difficult to share even a smidgen,
For someone else wants to talk of theirs,
Which is more important to them,
So I can’t get a word in edgewise. 
My whole life has taken a backseat
To the present.

Even at the point I have finally improved
My communication skills whereby,
I can be not only understood, 
But can remember So many things 
Now that I am retired 16 years.
I have my mind back, I cleared the cobwebs, 
And now, I want to share with somebody, 

I have been a listener all my life. 
Now I try to pick friends who want to talk
And listen to me. I dumped all of the others 

I have just been speaking as of two years ago.
I so thoroughly enjoy it
I continue all my waking Hours
And I don’t need an audience
I just tickle myself. Either that or I write.
Some of which I put on my blog.

When I talk about my past to others,
If the don’t run away, they are tickled.
I am serious but humorous.
I don’t want to lose my listening audience.
They can’t imagine the world I lived in
Not so long ago.

Hollywood could never make a film for my life. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Going Once !



Going Once!

By: Chaplain Winston Tobias (Toby) Muldrew
BBS, Bay Cities Bible College, 1993, Oakland CA.

C.P.E. 7 month extended unit of
Clinical Pastoral Education
Dr. Chaplain Steve Shannon

Buffalo Soldier Associate Member

Self Published Ebook Author
Music Remix/Writer

Copyright Certificate of Registration


What are these three books, “Lightning Does Not Strike Twice in The Same Place” Going Once & Going Twice & Going Thrice all about? Well I’ll tell you it’s like this. I was trying to finish the book “Things I Write about Bible Love Stories” when I thought I heard a voice say, “They don’t want you to write this book.” Alula had already instructed me to write down every thought that comes to mind.

I have told many a person that this is not my book but the community’s book, I’m just the penman. Donna said I was the chosen one. She made me think about a movie Eddy Murphy was in. His character could not believe it either, and he was so bold he treated the devil like he was a nobody in his movie.

All of a sudden my gift over took me and I started on book number 8, just thoughts, and then, more thoughts. And these more thoughts had to be divided creating book number even more books. I thought I had equipped my new computer to handle what I had in mind, but as usual what I have in mind is not the mind of Christ so I gave in.

My computer could not handle all these thoughts in one book, it needs more memory. Boy do I know that feeling. If I don’t write it down it is lost forever. So after more and more thoughts, after editing and editing, this is the result. I sure hope someone reads it.


This book is dedicated to God. For only God can make lightning. Man can only make electricity. To God be the glory! Lightning is preceded by a loud thunder clap which rattles the heavens. God claps his hands and lightning comes forth. You can count the number of seconds between each thunder clap 3... 2... 1, and then a lightning bolt. Suddenly a storm is upon us and it rains.

But God is not in the thunder.
God is not in the lightning.
God is not in the dark clouds.
And God is not in the storm.

God is giving himself a hand clap for what he has done. For God is the power and the glory forever amen. Is the lord coming in like fashion? Is the lord coming soon? With the sound of a trumpet Jesus is coming 3... 2... 1 with a sword proceeding from his mouth, suddenly Like a storm he will appear, and he will reign over all the earth. Christ is coming back in the clouds. Does lightning strike twice in the same fashion?

Love rejoices not in iniquity, rejoices in the truth beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things, sacrifices and gives. Love suffereth long, is kind envieth not, vaunted not itself, is not puffed up, and does not behave itself unseemly.

Love seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil. Without Love I am nothing more than a sounding brass, or a tinkling symbol. Love never fails.

Lightning Strikes

I say what I mean, I mean what I say. There are different ways of saying it. That's called communication. In a crowd I have to break it down: 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's are all around. Which decade can you relate with ?

Don't hate on me because you don't understand me. I might be speaking 60's. If I don't get around to your decade, let me known so I can try. If I'm successful, I'll know why.  It's because of your help we all get by. I have messages to deliver. I can feel it when I quiver. I get revved up and I'm ready to fly. Talking to those who are near by.

You stir me up and I spill my guts. Who needs a building when I just show up? Give it up? Never! In and out of stormy weather even if I don't know whether as long as we are all together. I know you and you know me. We are together because we agree. Those that don't will always flee. Unless they just need to hear me, and then I leave.
Lightning Strikes
People know the truth when they hear it. That is why they complain or run and hide from it. If they thought it was a lie, It would not cause them so much grief.

Lightning Strikes
Your honor, this man/woman is charged with heinous crimes against you and mankind. We await your verdict, sentence, and recompense to the party's effected.

To his/her defense comes THG and JC. THG totally changes the person to make them new.
JC pays all the associated costs of their crime.
The Supreme Judge is pleased and is satisfied
With the work that THG and JC have done. The Supreme Judge finds the defendant innocent
Of all crimes committed past, current and future.

Some people in the audience are totally stunned!
They cannot believe the verdict! They immediately demanded justice and a retrial.

The Supreme Judge instructs them, that if they do not receive the payment, of JC there is none other forthcoming. Case closed.

The angry crowd then stomped out of the court room. They were totally disgusted. They are looking for recruits to join them in hell.

Lightning Strikes

Somebody said I had a severe case of Alzheimer’s. But for the life of me, Not only can I not remember who said that to me, I don't even know what I did with it.

Lightning Strikes

Some people prefer organically grown plants.
They don't want to use chemicals to fertilize them. Instead they prefer to use manure. Manure they choose to use comes from animals. Their choice manure comes from farm animals, Some of which are chicken's, cow's, or bull's. Since the organic vegetables they grow have a diet of choice manure, so do those that eat organic vegetables.

My question is, if vegetarians do not believe in eating meat, why do they eat meat by products, vegetables, fertilized with choice manure. Why is it that a black cow eats green grass lays brown manure then with it organic farmers fertilize their green vegetables?

That brings me to this puzzling question as well.
If vegetarians insist on eating black cow manure
in their vegetables, why won't they skip the middle man or vegetables in this case, and just eat black Cows?

Lightning Strikes

People who think they are smarter than God,
Are dumber than the dirt he made them out of.
God made dirt then shit happened.

Lightning Strikes

Lady Lee got lucky and now she's Mrs. Dash. She married one of Albert's son's. She was wise enough to rise above everyone else, and not go down with the ship.

Lightning Strikes

A waitress said, "I've been waiting for the Father to say well done for a long, long time. I have been serving steaks here for 15 years. Now, I am either in the wrong business, or I am working at the wrong restaurant. I AM hasn't shown up yet!"

Lightning Strikes

PSALMS 91, KJ5, rewritten with words written in italics removed which perhaps, were added for clarity sake or perhaps, a lack of understanding or perhaps, to hide the mystery of the sentence or perhaps, a lack of command of language usage or Perhaps, a lack of communication skills or perhaps, a lack of understanding sentence structures, or even perhaps, others reasons.

In this Psalm, David was used by God to speak prophetically. He Had David communicate to us in different modes. I divided the Psalm into eight parts.

David spoke of himself. David spoke of Angels. David spoke of our authority. David spoke as the Father. David spoke to others then and, David spoke to those who would read the psalm.

I grouped together the verses to make stand out what the Psalm is teaching about our relationship with God and angels. And I changed the Punctuation as needed to make it clear what David is communicating in this psalm.

Part 1, what we must do: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Part 2, this is what David says about being safe in God: I will say of the LORD, my refuge, and my fortress, my God, in him will I trust.

Part 3, this is what David says about God’s delivering power: Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust his truth, shield, and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid: for the terror by night, for the arrow flieth by day, for the destruction wasteth at noonday, for the pestilence walketh in darkness, (night, day, and noon)

Part 4, God’s protection is mighty A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

Part 5, God is our refuge: Because thou hast made the LORD, my refuge the most high thy habitation.

Part 6, God gives us angelic protection: There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any
plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Part 7, God gives us authority over evil: Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young
lion and  the dragon shalt thou trample under foot.

Part 8, God speaks to us through David’s lips: Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me and I will answer him. I, with him in trouble. I, will deliver him and honour him. With long life will I, satisfy him, and shew him my, salvation.

Lightning Strikes

Where did the phrase, "You should not take someone for granted," come from? Where did it originate? What does it really mean?  Is it truly a bad thing? Generically speaking, does it mean that you can count on someone to perform what they say they would do? That you need not be concerned or surprised when that which is promised or expected is completed? Even beyond expectations?

So then the question arose in my mind, "Can you take God for granted?" By faith we expect him to do abundantly above and beyond that which we hope for or imagine. To expect less or to not believe he will is not of faith. So I take it for granted that he will perform what he said he will until the day of Jesus Christ, and even beyond. That which he does do for me and others is granted to us by his grace. So I take him for that which he grants unto me.

He is the granter. I take him as the granter. I take him for granting and for that which he has granted. So I guess you can say I take him for granted or for what he has granted, as well as for what he will grant me in the future.

Some might feel unappreciated when they are taken for granted. Being taken advantage of without appreciation is different than being taken for granted. It is important to let them know that you do appreciate them. Otherwise they will feel hurt, as if they were taken advantage of, without even a reward of recognition or acknowledgement of what they have performed.

Perhaps God feels the same way. That is why he has angels giving him praise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year our time. Perhaps if we were to join in with the angels in heavenly praise down here on earth, the Father would feel appreciated enough. I'm sure the angels receive joy beyond measure as they give him praise, which gives them strength to praise him even the more. So much so it sustains them for the duration of time eternal. They joy of the LORD is their strength too.

After all we are like him. He showed us by appearing in an earthly tabernacle like one of us. He showed us his hurt even with tears by our lack of faith like one of us. He showed us his joy by our faith in him like one of us. He appreciated those who cried hosanna and made oblations and worshiped him as he rode into the city on a never before ridden, unbroken, unbridled ass. We were like that ass before Jesus saved us, filled us, and now we too can walk in peace with King Jesus at the reigns of our hearts. So as we take him for granted, let us take time to show him our appreciation, if not me for you, then you for me, and ultimately we for each other.

Lightning Strikes

What do you do if you come to a fork in the road? 1) You look for a knife and spoon and you will have a table setting. 2) Pick it up and use it at dinner time. 3) Maybe she was just a fork in the road, because she told you to move on. 4) Sometimes I feel like a fork in the middle of the road but it doesn't happen. What am I supposed to do? Be alone pretending you are there?

Lightning Strikes

As the Lonesome Stranger came out of the abode of a beautiful woman, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Even though he had a satisfied look on his face there was something that really puzzled him.

He was all set to ride off into the sunset in his mean machine, but, he wondered what she meant when she squealed, “Wah Who! Wah Who!” until he finished. The Lonesome Stranger was not familiar with the language spoken.

Shortly, he understood the reason after reading her explanation for her exclamation. She had placed in his shirt pocket a note that also said, "Please come back later tonight and do that again!"
Lightning Strikes

When I get to heaven: I'm going to have all the coffee I want, I'm going to have all the cigarettes I want, I'm going to have all the booze I want, I’m going to have all the pork I want.

And there won’t be anyone there, Who is going to try and convince me: They are bad for my health, nor they will cause cancer, nor I will get drunk, nor God said don’t do it, nor Will they kill me!

Lightning Strikes

You are in control of all things O God. The sun cannot set unless you lower it. The moon cannot rise unless you lift it. The tides cannot change unless you move them. There is no wind unless you breathe it. For you alone are God. And you alone cause things to be.
Lightning Strikes

I think it is a miracle that a heavenly body can exert such power upon the earth. The sun as powerful as it is can only heat the side of the earth it is facing. However, it is said that the moon controls the tides on both sides of the earth equally. Perhaps, could it really be the Heavenly Body?

Lightning Strikes

In the process of life and time

Lessons of life are part of life for life is a process. In the process of time, there were two men to be found on their death beds. One man said to the other, “You know, I have never denied myself anything. I have eaten the best of foods,
I have traveled wherever I could. I have worn the best of clothes. I have owned every car I wanted.
I could even go on to say more. And I don't have anything to show for it!”

The other man in response said, “I have always lived in moderation. I believed it was the best policy. I would have good health. I would have wealth. I would have a long life. I have amassed great wealth, and when I get out of here...”
Lightning Strikes

Prodigal son 2004

There was this child who went to Sunday School one day, and he was told the story of the prodigal son. He learned this son asked his father for his Inheritance, and went to a far place and spent all of it. The prodigal son then came home.

After Sunday School the child could not wait to see his own father. When he found him he asked him if he could have his inheritance now. And his father said sure son and gave him a quarter. The child promptly ran to store, spent the quarter, and came home.

Lightning Strikes

Oppression / Deliverance

Oppression of the evil one is real. We can see it when it comes upon one another. But we can also see deliverance from it also as we listen to one another. We speak it out of our mouths.

Lightning Strikes

Another preacher took the floor at the Pastors Barber Shop Ministry. He said do you preach? I said no, I dialog. He then said, "You ain't preached unless you preached it 50 different ways. I know now that he had diagnosed my problem and had provided me with a solution. The problem now is I can’t shut up. Now it takes an effort to not talk.

Lightning Strikes

News Flash

President Bush puts New York City at risk again by holding the Republican Convention at Madison Square Garden, right above the worlds largest hub for rail. 1/2 million people ride under it a day and it is virtually impossible to secure. Even with 1/3 of New York City’s police force and the National Guard.

I guess he also said, "Damn the cost!" But we have to pay for it not the President. The fact that trains are not securable is not a concern to the security task force. They say it would take big suit cases to blow up a train.

This just in: Another two buses exploded in Israel.

Lightning Strikes

I joined the Pa-leeze force. I'm part of the “I Won't Do Diddly Squat” team.

Lightning Strikes

What is there to do while in a doctors lounge? Wait patient-ly.

What do you do when you need advice concerning a doctor to choose as your attending physician? You ask for which-doctor.

Why did the man/woman have to spend so much time in prison? They were pigeon-told.

Why don't African's like American doctor's? They don't know which-doctor!

Lightning Strikes

Who’s The Zodiac?

He’s stubborn as a bull, but pliable as Silly Putty. Firm and in control but seemingly soft headed. Willing to give till it hurts, then complains when the time is right. Who needs a Zodiac sign when you are trying to do the right things?

Affording a Lexus, but can't afford courtesy and kindness. What kind of sign is that? Be kind, be hard be taken advantage of. No telling who you might help. Be strong, be bold, be aggressive, be assertive call a spade a spade. No telling who you might help.

Silly Putty is fun to play with and won't be fooled.
Don't forget to bring your play dough. When you run out just get some mo! What do you think it is fo? Eeny-meeny-miney-mo. Got to give it to the .

She might not like the words you use choosing not to understand. But that is OK it is all part of her plan. Fee-fy-fo-fum. I Just might have me some fun. Just keep them around it's best to be found with your feet on solid ground.

What's a man to do with his shit anyway? Flush it down the commode? Self medicate? I like to get my medicine free. And all the I need.

I wonder was Astrology the first step towards:
Segregation, Separation, Isolation, Thought Control? Does it unite or divide? Each person is assigned to a camp. Each person must conform to the standards set forth for the camp they are assigned to. Each person must align themselves only with the other camps they are allowed to align themselves with. Each camp is assigned a code word to identify which camp they belong to. Once the code word is transmitted you must treat that person according to their camp standards.

Under no circumstances are you to mate with anyone outside of the camps that are aligned with you as set for in articles January through December. If you violate any of the terms of this mandate you are subject to rejection by all members of every camp!

If anyone asks me what my sign is I think I’ll tell them "I.T.O.P.T.T.C.M – G.I.F.M.L.M.A!"
I'm Tired Of People Trying To Control Me- 
God Is For Me Leave Me Alone! Maybe I should get a tee-shirt that says so. Front and back.

An old style telegraph would read like this. What sign are you, stop. Leave me alone, stop. Get a life, stop.

Lightning Strikes

My Dilemma

A woman passed me by with a slogan on the back of her tee shirt. As I read it she gave me a nod. She understood my dilemma. Perhaps hers is the same, "Exceeding the expected" her tee shirt exclaimed. What am I supposed to do? How can I help myself? When will this ever end? For I have high expectations of myself! There is no rest for the self motivated.

Once those gears start to turn I do exceedingly above what is expected of me, and I don't even know what they expect or who they are! I don't even know how I begin nor what to do. And I'm wondering when it will end. It could very well lead into another dilemma. What's up with that?

Lightning Strikes

Spiritual Veggies

Are there any spiritual veggies? There is the fruit of the Spirit. Be filled with the Spirit instead of drunk with wine, God says, however drink a little wine for the stomach's sake. Initially we should dine on the milk of the word. When ready move on to the meat of the word, but what about spiritual veggies? Are there any?

Well, a person whose diet consists of mainly or only veggies is referred to in Scripture as a weak person, who is not able to handle the deeper things God has revealed in Scripture. Perhaps they should consume some spiritual goodies, if not all of them and get a balanced spiritual diet.

The Asian culture feels it is superior to all other cultures, well America did lose the Vietnam War and we are in debt to China because of the Iraq War. But it is interesting to note that they impose limits upon themselves by consuming only what's on their plate. Black people on the other hand will eat from all sources available. Imagine eating Chinese food only for 5,000 years!

Perhaps they have hopes of eating something different when they reincarnate. I hope they don’t come back as a serpent eating the dust of the ground. According to the book of the Revelation, the dragon is the serpent from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, years later. He has grown in power and authority over the world and is now ready to devour anyone that is in his path.

It is also interesting how they like to have dragons in their parades. It is also interesting that the book of Revelation speaks of a power coming against Israel from the East that God will destroy!

Lightning Strikes

This women told me the reason black people have higher intelligence than white people is because of the melanin in our bodies reflected by our dark skins. If you look at the drawings in the Egyptian or African pyramids you will find that the dark skinned African’s were the Task Masters, and the lighter skinned African’s did the labor.

People who were Hebrew had melanin. The twelve tribes of Israel were Hebrew. As you know the twelve tribes of Israel were scattered over the face of the earth and God mixed them with all nations. There is mixture evident of this melanin around most of the globe with a few exceptions.

In America, on the other hand it very evident as all the cultures here has obvious signs of melanin in their blood. If not by dark skin, by physical attributes.

Are all nations represented in America?
If so the gospel has been preached throughout the world as foretold by Scripture. Light and darkness can not mix together. Is that why we don’t have religious wars in America like many other countries that have multiple religions?

Someone said that wars are fought for religious reasons so we should end all religions. But contrary to that belief if a religion attacks America, we take it to the religion that started the fight. There is no religious fighting at home.

The Declaration of Independence states that the original 13 states agreed unanimously, we are creationists and a Christian nation. Because of the Holy Spirit containment of multiple religions, we have no inward fighting. Some are attempting to remove God’s covering though. They think they can do so by removing obvious signs like prayers from public school and the Ten Commandments from public places. They don’t realize that under the New Covenant the laws are not written but are in our hearts, which can’t be removed, and are spoken as the Holy Spirit wills.

The book of the Revelation does say one day God will remove the Holy Spirits covering across the world, just before he destroys it. Romans 1 says the God haters delight in the fact they are going to end up in the Lake of Fire and the sooner the better according to the historical account of Sodom and Gomorrah. Read Romans 1 to get many of the details about how they became that way and what they are up to.

Lightning Strikes

I asked some people, "Who do evolutionist think made the dirt they were created out of?" I heard this Evolutionary Scientist make this commentary on the TV station KQED. This is an example of how they are not scientific and are pseudo intellectuals. Or perhaps even worse, he is an intellectual. In either case I think I will not use the word intellectual in reference to my self, but perhaps to others in the intellectual community who believe people like him. The dictionary refers to them as a no nothing, an ignoramus, or an agnostic.

He said that white people could not have evolved from Cro-Magnon Cave Men because their forehead was larger than the present day white people. Therefore, he argued, Cro-Magnon men could not have mated with them it would be like mating a chicken with a cow. There is no cross breeding or like begets like. It is interesting when they become biblical when it is convenient for them.

But isn’t that the foundation of evolution, unlike species creation or species evolving? I think I’ll leave intellectualism to the intellectuals. Uh Oh, I think I’m now in trouble with the other guy’s too. They are trying to prove intelligent design. I personally do not like that theological position. Some people are always trying to bring God down to their level. Is that not a form of idolatry? To call God intelligent is insulting. The aforementioned are just a few and untold numbers of people who thought they were intelligent, but were actually many were fools, many were wrong, and many were just deceivers.

I would not put God in the category or company of intellectuals who do things by design. God knows all that is to be known and makes the best choice. The Bible says he causes things to be. And he speaks things into existence. What happened to God said and it was?

Lightning Strikes

Moral Relativity
Evolution Scientists have conceded that if black people evolved from monkeys, then the white man and all other races descended from Black people. Because like comes from like and like mates with like. To prove this they have received a government grant to begin a five year study.

They have acquired 200 female monkeys, and are in the process of enlisting white male volunteers. Students from colleges and major Universities have been signing up in such large numbers, said one spokesperson, “They may have to start a lottery!"

Lightning Strikes

Idle Idol’s

What make's idol's so ineffective? They are idle.

Lightning Strikes

Who was the first Deacon? Jesus. Who were the next Deacons? The Apostles, Mary Magdalene, Joanne, Susanna, and many other women.

Look up the word "serve" in your Young’s Concordance and you will find it means deacon.
It is interesting that Paul had to define to men what a deacon and a bishop is, and that these are men who desire to be a deacon or bishop. Paul said these people had to meet certain human qualifications. Perhaps to eliminate those who really did not want to serve by sacrificing their lives? 

Mary Magdalene would not have been allowed to be a deacon in many Church’s in ages past an even today. Especially since Jesus had to cast seven devils out of her first! None of these deacons had cushy jobs like they do today. They had to literally take up their cross and follow Jesus every day of the week!

Lightning Strikes

Independence Day
Integrity, a heavy concept. What is that?
Did it ever exist? Was it just something that the oppressed had to adhere to? Is it something the oppressed had to comply with in order to exist in a society which made and changed Rules to satisfy the oppressor’s whims and desires?

What does integrity afford a person? Self dignity?
Is that another con job to give the oppressed a sense of self worth? Are these intrinsic values or something taught to us through various mediums?

What value does integrity really have? What is it really? If one ends up with nothing and still has their Integrity what have they gained? Nothing!
Unless in the process they found out what Integrity is, and they attained it.

Integrity: may get you a ride on the bus or from a stranger, may get you fed and housing, and may get you a friend and many friend. But what is it? How do you attain and retain it? When I know how many times I messed up?

So what good is integrity? Perhaps acceptance might be better. I won't have to work so hard to get it the next time I fuck up! Integrity is too hard to maintain. Just give me acceptance.

Lightning Strikes

Con - Fidential

A guy goes to a conference and is told a certain
Pastor is there. He hoped he could help him with his problem. So he stops by to see the guy and he tells him, "I'm having the best sex I've had in my life, and I think my wife is getting suspicious, could you help me break it off ?"

He said, sure, and if you do I'll give you a job. You and your wife can travel around the country with me instead! They both agree and pursue their new ministry. But she is still horny! What's a woman to do?

He tried to use David and Bathsheba as an example of immoral sex, but I think he miss-applied the principle nor did he understand the ending. Jesus Christ!

In case you missed why I called this clip Con Fidential, who was counseled? Was it the guy who goes to a conference, or was it the Pastor who was already there?

Lightning Strikes

Using God's name in vain is who uses it; not how it is used. We can't in vain, use his name, for it is up to us, to proclaim.

Lightning Strikes

Did you hear the one about the 10 virgins? All 10 ran out of oil this time, and had to go visit the Pope in Rome! They didn’t have enough spirit to vacation in Israel, and walk where Jesus walked, until things calmed down there.

Does the Bible say that Jesus is coming back to Israel when things are calm and peaceful? No! All hell is going to break loose. Is this how pre-tribulation rapture virgins act? Did any post tribulation virgins continue to go there?

So why do any of virgins go there? Do they realize that Israel depends on their tourist money to provide them with jobs, and to feed their families?

While they were vacationing in Rome, secular TV showed the empty restaurants that were once full of virgins. Secular TV also showed hungry Jewish families who were once well fed. And all the while the 10 virgins were enjoying their haven of rest visiting the Pope in Rome. Could not they have at least sent their vacation money to Israel?

The Bible says that we are to pray for Jerusalem not prey on Jerusalem to receive a blessing.

Someone should make this an email chain letter.

Chain letters typically end with the footnote, “Forward this message to 10 people and you will be blessed tonight.” There should not be a limit on the number of people receiving this message. 10 virgins or persons should not be taken as a literal number, because obviously, there are a lot of virgins who need to read this and fill their lamps with oil! If Jesus would have shown up they would have been in the wrong place and the right time.

Lightning Strikes

Why did a black man invent the street light?
Because white people kept running into each other in their cars, and he wanted to be able to walk across the street safely! Now the white man has fucked up the street lights for pedestrians. You have to push a button to cross the street, and you can hear some of them beep 50 feet away to remind you to do so. Some have a message it speaks over and over again.

Crossing the street, waiting for the walk sign, sitting, working or living near a street light can drive you nuts. Now the police write speeding tickets for walking across the street, as the cars quickly pass pedestrians by at 45 miles an hour. They have installed these speed traps everywhere, and no two of these “don’t walk” signs work the same way! There is great fear and trepidation when ever I site one up ahead. Well at least it used to be that way.

I found that activism does not work. It has turned into an industry where they hire movie stars to lead the protest in San Francisco, and Washington DC.

I decided to be anarchist instead and see how that works. I can do that by myself. It will not cost me any money. I won’t have to pay the white man to have an event in his city. They usually collect more money than the cause. They have plans to make money off of 10 million black fools in Washington DC real soon. I don’t even want to see the video. I don’t like to see that many people standing next to America’s replacement for the Statue of Liberty, a phallic symbol, the Washington Monument. And why pay five star accommodations when I could be the star, angel, or messenger?

And people in cars wonder what is wrong with you when you ignore the walk signs or the light entirely! Perhaps they should try walking, for nothing has change for them, they still play red light green light.

For those of you who were not taught red light green light in the third grade, because it has removed from our education system, “On the red light you stop, and on the green light you go!” The only thing confusing for us was the yellow light. But it was not a problem. Pedestrians always had the right of way, and cars could not proceed until the crossing was clear of people.

But I guess, “We must keep America working, and you need a college education to invent new street lights.” Boy, what happened to real jobs when you helped people?

Lightning Strikes

I heard this TV judge say, “I'm speaking to you at a third grade level, can't you understand me?” (I hope that was not an admission of his education level) To him I would have liked to reply, Yes, I understand you. And now that I know where you are coming from I will speak to you at the same grade level. Your honor, I learned early in my childhood, to look both ways before I crossed the street. I don't need 50 different kinds of “don't walk” signs to confuse me, just 3 colored lights will do!”

Lightning Strikes

I wonder if the installation of don’t walk signs is a insidious plot designed by atheists and agnostics, to remove an obviously Trinitarian approach to crossing the street that has worked quite well since its inception, and replace the harmony it instilled with a spirit of confusion?

Or even worse, they have done it to provide the enemy with an opportunity to kill selected pedestrians joy of walking, to steal their finances by ticketed them, and to destroy their mobility by slowing them down or stopping them as they travel on foot.

Lightning Strikes

Who died and made you my momma?

Lightning Strikes

I went from a no pack, to a three pack, and now a twelve pack, without the use of a gym! I never did get a six pack. Well maybe a six pack of beer.

Lightning Strikes

One for the money,
Two for the show,
Three to get ready,
And four to go.

One for the Honey,
Two for the Ho,
Three to get Betty,
Makes four to go!

Lightning Strikes

In Pastors Corner

A Pastor of a local congregation provides counseling to his members. One day, he needed someone to hear about his problems. He thought it would be appropriate to try and dialog with a certain member of his Church. After listening to them for a while he added, "Well you know I suffer from such-and-such too!" And the member exclaimed with a shocked retort,

"You can't have such-and-such, you're the Pastor!"

Lightning Strikes

Men and their women, across the nation, are having conversations similar to this one, early every Sunday morning: She turns towards her man, looks him straight in his eye’s, and says to him Oh, you need to go to Church this morning!

His reply to his woman is as usual, I don't want to go to Church. Those people are strange! She continues with, you must go to Church this morning the Bible say's so. And again he refuses to go saying, I don't want to go to Church I don't know anybody there!

This time she speaks to him in a commanding voice with authority and with drama. A privilege only a wife or girlfriend has as she say’s, get up and go to Church right now Pastor, or I'm calling the deacon's to come and get you!

Lightning Strikes

There was this man who did not want to go to Church one Sunday. So his woman said to him, honey, you have to go! He got real upset and said, but baby, the people there are strange, they don't like me, they give me a hard time, I can't say what I want to say, I can’t do what I want to do, I don't even know who they are half the time, and, they don’t believe me. I'm not going and that’s that!

To that she put her hands on her hips, shook her head from side to side and said, get up and go to Church Pastor or I'm calling the deacons to come and get you again!

Lightning Strikes

This catholic Priest was in the garden. And while watering the plants he sheepishly looked to his left, and then he looked to his right. He had seen a figure in the corner of his eye. He quickly gained his composure, and then calmly and casually walked inside the cathedral.

Inside the Pope was standing nearby performing his duties. Being just a man himself, working for the people, the Priest knew he had to address the Pope about this situation. Having been granted permission, he then approached the Pope and whispered this in his ear, "I just saw Jesus in the garden!" The Pope was taken aback and whispered, "What?" The Priest nervously whispered again, "I just saw Jesus in the garden!"

The Pope sheepishly looked to his left, and then he looked to his right and then whispered to the Priest, "Look busy!"

Lightning Strikes

Was This a Set up?

At the grocery store she say's from way across the way, in earshot of many listeners, with a serious look on her face, "Honey, when you get home will you please take some paper towels out of the freezer? 

How was I to explain to complete strangers who were looking at me as if I were an oddity, that I stored them in an unused, unplugged freezer? Or should I have even bothered to try? And how was I supposed to fix my face in the mean time while I tried to figure out what to do or say?

Lightning Strikes

Charlie’s at bat... Lucy is arrested for a hate crime. Lucy’s has done it again... There is not enough evidence to convict her. Good grief!

Lightning Strikes

I like to play... So I went into several donut shops and asked, it’s fun if kids are in ear shot too, "Could I have a dozen donut Ho's?" I have even asked two women as I left a donut shop once, “Would you like a donut Ho? And then I opened the bag for them to view the donuts I purchased inside. Quite a few people enjoyed that game. And I quit doing it before it got old.

Lightning Strikes

2 / 6 – 9, his Ho was fine, but her nigga chewed tobacco on the street car line. The line broke, and her nigga got choked, but they both went to heaven in a little row boat.

Lightning Strikes

If I had a hammer, I'd hammer all the time, "Please don't pass me by"
Lightning Strikes

Chief Running Bull is a rumor generator. He told all his friends they should wear Alligator. And when he got all his bank, someone said, “His shit don't stank! Just wait till next years model.”

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My name is Wonder Mike but I can't say hello.
She's not my friend. Even the Lone Ranger had a Tonto, but he did not understand. He was not a white man. He just had a favor to return, once in debt, always in debt with the wrong people.
Markers can be called from a far it doesn't matter who you are.

They don't like you anyhow. No matter how many how’s you how! Give it time, always decline, no more debt. Seven years, is it cleared up yet? Yes! I act like a corporation. I can do that too.

Must I start over again someday?
Maybe I'll just keep the shit, and my cash.
Just might last. After all I don't own nothing, and nothings good enough for owning!

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When you ask what Would Jesus Do you also have to ask what Would Judas Do? You have to be wise as a serpent too!

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Why did God give us a crown of righteousness along with our salvation? He wanted to give us something that would be worthy to place at his feet.

Lightning Strike
A fool and his money get’s the honey. A fool that is broke, get’s the dope. A fool with no money is dope. A fool that is broke because of dope has no honey. For you need flavor to keep honey sweet. A honey will wait for a fool that is dope.

She loves to use dope. She can't use fool. That is not dope. A fool with his money has no honey. A fool with his honey has no money. What’s the difference between a fool and his money, and a man and his money, and a honey? They both have no money. Neither is really a fool!

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You have to pay to play. It's not a loan. When you run out of dough go get some mo, then play some mo. And you'll never be alone.

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How do you steal intellectual property? You hire the intellectual! Then you play: run off, lay off, downsize, or fire. You can even prevent the intellectual from collecting unemployment monies due him for six months after working for your company sixteen years!

You don't want any money coming out of your pocket do you? This eliminates retirement monies as well! What a profit! Plus you will profit for many a year to come from the work that the intellectual has done to insure your company will continue to run.

Then hire another intellectual at a lower rate just to keep things up to date. Why do they call a disabled intellectual crazy? For speaking to those who won’t listen? Get your head out of the sand you Ostrich. Check and see how many tale feathers you have left!

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I'm so full of shit I need twelve rolls of toilet paper for just one speaking engagement!
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After The Factors
I think you should read John 3:16; Whosoever believes on Jesus shall not perish, but will have everlasting life. - O my God!  What must I do to be saved?

Well, Acts 2: says to repent, be baptized, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. - OK, OK, OK - Hey, now that I'm saved, why did this come about?

Read Ephesians 1:4: It says you were chosen in him before the foundation of the earth to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. - So why did you and I have to go through all this dialog to get me to believe ?

Not to get you to believe, but to get you to recognize who you are in Christ Jesus. You heard his voice when his words were spoken. Then you received his Spirit having believed. If another spirit or person had come to you, you would not have believed his or her report, and you would still be waiting until the Spirit of God came unto you. And he would have.

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The Church of the Peach Cobbler

At the end of his sermon the Pastor gives the invitation to receive peach cobbler. Some in the congregation say, “What must I do to get peach cobbler?” The pastor then says, “You must repent be baptized, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Then those who chose to receive the peach cobbler, Line up and are baptized in obedience.
And there at the end of the baptismal, is the Pastors wife standing there glowing as she hands each of the chosen a bowl filled with peach cobbler to overflowing. Now that is what I call good Church...

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Ahhh baby I don't know what you mean! When I first met you, you were lean. Now you tell me since I have no green, I have to split the scene!
Ahhh baby, Why do you treat me so mean? I guess I know what you mean. Mean, is mean, is mean. And there is no difference between with you baby.

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Just because I'm an Asshole, Doesn't make me a _____. Every Ass has an opinion. Maybe mine is right. I'm an Ass Ho!

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I bought up so much swamp land in my day it was ridiculous. It was a cheap trick. Now, I am draining all that swamp land and I'm building condominiums. We've got the technology! The people I bought the swamp land from are lining up in droves, and are anxiously waiting to purchase a new home and move in.

Buying swamp land turned out to be most profitable. At the time, they thought swamp land was worthless. So I even bought a few bridges to sure things up. I have plans to build cities they can commute back and forth to, and bridges will be needed. I was thinking about the future all along.

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Did you hear about the Church of the open door? Everyone is invited but not everyone can come in. Some people were blinded by two angels so they could not find the door... You have to know the HiStory to know what the I AM is talking about.

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Someone responded to certain person in this manner: The reason that God has not taken you home yet, is because he does not want to hear you fuss'n ! I know how you are; you’ll probably say to him, God, I have been faithful all of my life. Why do you want to send me to hell?

And God is going to say, I asked you to sell all that you have, all that I have provided you, for a specific purpose: - To feed the poor, and the homeless. - To minister to the who-so-evers.

In fact I even extended your life: - To this end so you would be without excuse. - To make sure you had plenty of time - To do so, if but only once. But you did not become obedient!

Obedience is better than faithfulness. For whom are you serving with your faithfulness when you are not obeying God? Maybe you should try to be obedient today And for a change, stop fussing with God. Don’t you even want to go to heaven?

Lightning Strikes

Slav ree 2004

a talk’n like a negro who know its a kinda interest n when you compare da goings on today to yester year when our kinfolk was in slave ree somewhare down south say kentucky it seems to me dat our famlees had a hard time a stay n togeder through forces beyond our kintrol da
massa would treat us as if we was nut tin but
sum tin to be bought and sold when he want to or need to when good money to made and we had no says so in da matta well todays since wees been sets free from such slave ree as such wees still be a break n up and sold toos da highest bidder whedder it be a nudder man or nudder woman whedder it be things or money whedder it be drugs or jail even whedder it be a job our famlees a bee n dee vi did a separate did da pop a go n in one direct n and da mom a going in a nudder direct n wid da kids a follow n some times pops got em some times da kids strike out on der own selfs some times a join n udder famlees making for a three way a split n and dis happens when the childrens aint even ben reared fully and aint got all da training from da parents dat brung dem into da world we den join up with udder mates to raise yet udder famlees with the tentions of gain n what was lost or stolen a from us and thays sometimes get split too i wonder after all is said and done who is da master dat causes all this here separate n and famlees recreat n and will we ever get otta slave ree.

Lightning Strikes

Redemption or Pension

Hmm, which way should I go with this?  Am I talking about my own or that of my employer? In slavery day's they was called massa. Did not want to call them Master for there is only one,
The LORD Jesus Christ himself. But...

What do you do if your employer needs redemption? What do you do, I am of a mind to mention when you have an opportunity to receive a pension, and the cost might be your employer’s redemption?

Is that a difficult choice to make? Well, you decide to stick around a little longer asking the LORD to make you stronger. Hoping they will serve the Devil no longer and receive the miracle of salvation. No change.

So you stick around a little while longer knowing you have to trust the LORD. Knowing his redemption is neigh, yea even waiting at the door knocking. You can hear the knock, knock, knock. So you stick around a little while longer still. And pop, your employer gets demoted! Somehow he has lost his value.

How many times have you seen this before? A change has come about him or her, and the fellow workers at the same level, Supervisors, CEO's, Managers, even people below him no longer like him.

It is as if a light switch was flipped, and the light shines from him or her, and the darkness can’t stand to be among them. At one time they lurked in the same shadows with the others. But now suddenly miraculously they stick out like a sore thumb.

Their presence is not desirable any longer. Their mere presence has become distasteful. They do not talk the same way any more. Their words are no longer agreeable. Their business sense has changed. How they treat employees as they treat themselves. Becoming a liability to the success of the company, At least they think so.

They must go but they can't be fired they all conspired. But not so suddenly they are demoted instead: - In hopes, of discouraging them - In hopes of forcing them to quit.

But they only have one year their pension is so very near earned after serving the company so dear. But that is not what management wants to hear. As it always is and ever will be, management is on the ball wanting them to receive nothing at all increase the pressure, on this born again new creature.

Is your redemption worth more than your pension? Will you stick around in hopes someone will be found?

Lightning Strikes

W h o  Has The Problem

There was an old couple that had lived together for more than fifty years. Having come of age they were showing signs of Alzheimer’s. Often times they would have conversations as such this: The husband would ask of his wife, “Honey, would you fix me a nice breakfast, with ham and eggs and hash browns and toast, and would you top it off with a fresh pot of hot coffee, please?” And his wife would reply, "Most gladly husband of mine," as she wiggled into the kitchen.

An hour or so later she would return and serve him his favorite desert, Strawberry Short Cake. He would respond gleefully, "Honey, would you please bring me some more whip cream?”

The children who visited on occasion, began to notice this seemingly odd behavior of their parents, and decided to consult their parent’s doctor. After hearing what the children had to say about their aging parents, the doctor advised them to place their parents in a retirement home where they could be properly taken care of.

The children did as they were advised, but to the dismay of both parents, the wife could no longer serve her husband the meals he loved and she loved to prepare. And the husband was not satisfied with the healthy diet he was now forced to eat.

The children could not understand why their once happy and energetic parents were now wasting away, but they figured they were in good hands now and went about their own business.

Lightning Strikes


Is that a spirit of heaviness? Put on your garment of Praise! Lift up your voices all ye saints, and give God some Praise! Shout unto the LORD for he is great! Do so in your head if you must,
But break free from the spiritual bondage of the
Dis-illusionary! Don't be dis-illusioned hold on to your freedom.
Lightning Strikes

The wind may howl and growl, but you can direct the wind by adjusting your sails. You can then go in the direction you desire, Instead of the direction the wind desires to take you. Just lowering your sails may be enough, then all you have to do is ride the waves.

Is that winning or knowledge? I read somewhere that you can't change the direction of the Wind.
But you can adjust your sails. And by adjusting your sails the direction of the wind is insignificant.
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What is the most costly gift a person can give to a person who never seems to stop talking? Silence! For talk is, cheap but silence is golden.
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I may not have any physical assets but I have real assets instead. They are more real than physical assets. They are spiritual assets. They are given of God. They can not be purchased. They can not be seen. They can not be measured. They can not be counted. And best of all they can not depreciated. They can not be lost.
Lightning Strikes

I don't belong to a Church. No Church on earth owns me. No Church on earth died on the cross for me. No Church can ever save me. I am of the church. And the only one that owns me is Jesus Christ! He alone purchased me and that with his blood.

I did not join the roles. I am his bond servant, yet his brother. When he returns he is not coming back for your Church or any other Church for that matter. Churches they come and Churches they go. See Revelation chapter 3. Take note of the report cards Jesus gave them. They did not fare so well. They all failed.

When Jesus returns he is not coming back for a Church. He is not coming back for Church’s. He is coming back for the church. There is only one church, and the church is people. The church is not a building. The church is not a denomination. The church is people. Some of the church does meet in Church’s. Some in Church’s are not part of the church.

The Church is people who have been chosen by the Father before the foundation of the earth. And the Father has given us to his Son Jesus the Christ. And no one else can come to the Father except through his son Jesus the Christ. And the Father and the son have filled us with the Holy Spirit. And by the Spirit we are being conformed to Christ’s image.

Now that is an ownership that is not transferable and is preferable. If you belong to a Church, you can transfer your membership from building to building as often as you desire. But to be Christ’s is not a membership, it is an ownership. It is permanent, and it cannot be transferred, lost, or stolen.

A membership provides no security, but ownership does. There is nothing we can do to separate ourselves from God. His unbreakable love binds us to him. Now that’s security. So no I don't belong to a Church. The head of the church is not someone installed in a building, or someone who has a TV or radio show.

I am of the church. Together we are the church.
There is no body better than Jesus’! We are his body. And Jesus Christ is the head of his body.

Lightning Strikes

Abuse of Privilege

Balaam, a Prophet none the less took advantage of a people’s ignorance. There were these pagans who felt threatened by God’s people camped nearby, and rightly so, for they would not cooperate with them. They had seen another people’s demise for not cooperating with God’s people and they feared their God. The Bible says that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and is wisdom. But that is not the case for those not chosen of God. They do not become wise. As in this case, instead of attaining salvation and joining them, they sought after Balaam to destroy them.

In their ignorance, or lack of wisdom that only comes from God, they believed Balaam could get God to do what they asked Balaam to have God do. After all, Balaam could have an audience with the LORD when he desired to speak with him, and Balaam Prophet-ed financially from them, by approaching God with their requests.

The pagans did not even have enough understanding which also comes from the LORD, to accept it when Balaam told them he could not change God's mind. So they tried to persuade Balaam by lavishing him with gifts and by giving him a position of authority. They believed his attempt would be worth the investment and by their persuasion they could get the desired results. And Balaam took advantage of their ignorance for profit.

Balaam truly was a Prophet. And Balaam truly, could have conversations with God. He would talk to God, and God would talk to him. But unfortunately for Balaam, God talked to him in the same manner as he talked to Cain. Both did not serve God in his decreed order.

This is abuse of privilege at the highest level. Well, maybe almost. Balaam's was a problem because he profited from the ignorance of pagan's. God would never listen to them anyway. They serve gods of their own creation and imagination, gods that do not exist. There is only one God, in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

But wait a minute. Let’s think about this for a while. Perhaps a Prophet that profits financially from believers is even a greater abuse of privilege. In fact, if that prophet is not a Prophet after all but a false prophet he is in big trouble. It will be worse for him than if a millstone were tied around his neck if he were to harm one of God’s children. There is prophecy that states that there has and will be false prophets, teachers of error, and false Christ's, until the end of the age.

Do you study the Bible as you have been instructed to do to show yourself to God and others, and to show yourself that you are in fact approved of God? Are you in a constant state of refinement as you come into greater knowledge of his word? We must all be teachable.

Lightning Strikes

The Jerry Springer Formula

Imagine this as a Jerry Springer Christmas Special. This woman said she saw mommy kissing Santa Clause, and she thought he had come to visit with her. They then brought her mother on stage and Santa. Santa Clause said to the woman, "You were naughty, but your mother was nice. And I checked it out more than twice!"

As usual, the mother and daughter got into it.
And the next thing you know they started exchanging blows. Santa, true to Jerry Springer form, was standing to the side looking on. He then laid his hands on his fat belly, reared back and shouted with glee, "HO, HO, HO, and a Merry Christmas to all!"

He then slipped out the back door, and you could hear sleigh bells ringing, and a loud voice saying, "On, dasher. on, smasher. on, masher, on, vixen. on, fixen. on, splitzen," as he split the scene.

Jerry Springer has made a career by indorsing, making public, and giving a forum to wife and women beaters and hate criminals. He broadcasts them nationwide on the TV screen for all to enjoy. But kids, don't you try this at home. All of you will go to jail!

Lightning Strikes

If it be thy will thou will be done. Why then when I be trying it not be done? Maybe it not be thy will what I be try'n to be done. I'll just keep on try'n till it be the one. When my will is thy will
and thy will be done.

Lightning Strikes

I be lov'n my hamburger, Patty. Every once and a while when I'm hungry I then reach for my Patty,
And bite my hamburger. Then both me and my hamburger, Patty be happy.

Lightning Strikes

Even Psychotics Need Employment

If psych-otic means psych-ic like does a psych-otic get a job as a Psych-ic ? It is said that they both hear things or make up things, in their heads. Psych-otics get 5150'ed and end up in a Psych-ward, But Psych-ics get a job.

Some people listen to Psych-ic's who charge a fee, but not to psych-otic's who do it for free.
They're crazy. They'll ruin the economy if anyone ever listened to two or three. Psych-ics have a quality job with quality time. Psych-otics are part of the quantity, with quantity time.

Bush must be quite pleased with himself for the State of the Union. Oh, I get it that's the new employment economy agenda. So what is the Psych-otic's motivation for working with no obvious compensation? Self not wealth.

Lightning Strikes

What advantage does a Preacher have over a Psych-ic, or a Psych-otic? If a Preacher hears from God, he can start a Church, and, make big money! A Psych-ic only gets paid $15 an hour.
A Psych-otic has to take drugs to stop him from hearing voices.

Lightning Strikes

If a person goes around telling people how much he hates cars, and tells the God's truth about cars, will he end up being a car or buying a car? Some people think that if you talk about gays or hate them you will turn into one or are one.

I wonder how much time they have spent talking about hating their jobs or anything else for that matter. Have they turned into what they hate the most? For that matter, have they turned into what they loved the most? Only God can turn a person around or even gay.

Read John 3:16-18 and Romans 1:19-28;32. The 400 year old King James Version reads: John 3:16-18 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Romans 1:19-21
Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 20For the invisible things of him
from the creation of the world are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are made,
even his eternal power and Godhead;
so that they are without excuse: 21Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Romans 1:22-28
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

25Who changed the truth of God into a lie,
and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. 26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves
that recompence of their error which was meet.
28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

And here is the clincher. A lot of people support gay people as they have redefined themselves, to make themselves acceptable in this politically correct nation;

Romans 1:32
Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Lightning Strikes

Non-Violent Crimes

If a fag in heat, comes after a straight man,
Isn't that a hate crime too? No one wants to smell his ass.Take it somewhere else! Why can't a straight man be protected by law.

Lightning Strikes

What is a spiritual Crime?

Can it be enforced? Does that take an act of God?
Does God use people in this spiritual matter? Is anyone doing something about this spiritual crime? Many are afraid to say anything against it.
Remember Roe Vs. Wade? Now it’s too late for that? Abortion is here to stay. Now it’s too late for them. Those children hope was still accepted in heaven. The mothers are suffering because of the choice they had to make. God gave women the responsibility of reproduction and sex.

God is not mock whatever you sow you reap.
Good or bad. They never will get it. Hate crimes against straight men are mental, Emotional and spiritual. If you are a Christian it is spiritual warfare every time you run into one! They just show up! They know when and where! The battle is on.

They want to interfere in male female relations anyway they can. They want to be the substitution if not the division! They want to tell women how to dress. As if men will like it, men don’t!

Ask a few angels who were around to destroy Sodom Gomorrah, and all the cities in the surrounding plains save one for Lot and his two daughters, the oldest one of which Jesus is the descendant. Lot and his two daughters had a thing going on. His wife decided to go to hell with the rest of them.

They won’t leave you alone since they can’t fuck you. Jesus is able to keep you from falling. They fuck with you. Now please don’t say I’m too graphic! Perhaps some will be saved in the process. God allows it so perhaps it is ministry. Someone has to be a witness.

Lightning Strikes

A fool and his money will soon be departed.
And guess who ends up with all his goods? The dearly living not yet departed.

Lightning Strikes

Intellectual Degree’s

What game show of trivia has been around for many a year, and requires a college degree in order to compete? Jeopardy! The more worthless information you can store and retrieve, the more money you can win and receive. After all, that is the meaning of trivia.

There is even a Bible Trivia game. Isn’t the phrase Bible Trivia an oxymoron? Obviously not many people in the Church who enjoy playing this game feel that way. Perhaps in none of the trivia games has the question been asked, “Give me an example of an oxymoron?”

If they knew what an oxymoron was they would wonder why some people think there is worthless information contained in the Bible. Or perhaps they do consider the Bible to be just a book of worthless information, to be toyed with.
If they learned what things to take literally, they might (a KJV word will) better understand the Bible, as well as secular conversations.

Lightning Strikes

Double Speak Degree’s

What happens when academic thought processes are allowed to affect real world circumstances? Environmentalism. It has been purported, that their thought processes resulted in a third of the forests being burned to the ground. And they held hostage the Department of Forestry,
as they stood and watched each fire with glee,
and they made money to pay for their degree.

Trees are needed to purify the air or build homes was the teaching under the Classic Degree. Environmentalism requires a highly evolved brain with a growth in thought processes to be better than the old thought processes. Out with the old in with the new, and we can make lots of money too!

So now we have New Degree people who are competing with Classic Degree people speaking Double Speak. It’s like speaking with forked tongue to Indians. The Classic Degree are people who they considered having brains that have not evolved. After all new is better right? The problem with this New Degree is that it will take more than a million years to revert back to the old formula because of all the damage they have and will cause before they give up. Perhaps they should follow Coca Cola lead they abandoned New Coke and only sell the Classic Coke.

Lightning Strikes

The word of God does not come back void. Fire a warning shot first like a Rifle Man, and don't forget to teach a Mark what you know.  Stay sharp.

Lightning Strikes

For security reasons, some Bart Stations now leave the bathrooms either locked, or left unclean and smelly. This is an attempt to ward off terrorists. Your assistance is required so all trash must also be disposed of on the floor. No trash bins will be provided.

Lightning Strikes

Keystone Cops, the sequel

News Break: A major bank in downtown Oakland was robbed this evening. This was a major, major crime. This setback could tip the scale for this bank forcing it to close its doors. It has already suffered from several corporate takeover attempts, and lost money on loan defaults from large companies domestic and abroad.

The bank robbers made off with a large sum of money said one bank official, a grand total of 99 cents. In this present economy it could affect their bottom line and put them in the red.

Since the robbers could not afford to pay for gas in their get away vehicle, they high jacked a Bart train at the 19th street Bart Station. In hot pursuit was the Oakland Police Department. They commandeered the Bart train directly behind them, and every car in the train was filled with uniformed and plain clothed police.

This news update just came in: We’ve just received this report from one of our sources. The O.P.D. and the Bank Robber’s have just been seen in their Bart trains heading in the direction of Richmond. More news at eleven. Need I Say More?

Lightning Strikes

I was just trying to go and visit my girl, but the

Bart trains were halted at downtown Oaktown. The people were crowded round and about, and no one seemed to know what was going on. So we waited patiently.

Soon, a man who looked to be disheveled came walking by. He said to me, "The problem here is there is a woman from a mental hospital walking on the tracks a few stations ahead of us." At least now we knew what the holdup was.

I took a seat on the stairs and thought about using the public pay phone. As I watched, several people attempted to use the phone to no avail. Obviously it was not working. A short time later it was announced that the Bart police were boarding a train to remedy the situation. A short time later we were advised to seek other means of transportation to reach our destinations for there would be an extended delay before the trains were back in service.

At that point I decided to go upstairs, leaving the Bart station to catch a bus to meet my girl. I tried calling my girlfriend on my prepaid cell phone, and the wireless connection was unusually poor. We could barely communicate. Up above me I could hear a helicopter. I looked up and saw that it was black.

I tried to continue my conversation and things got quieter. I thought the helicopter had left so I looked up once again. It was still above me and I thought, "Wow, this helicopter has gone into stealth mode!" I could then hear the rotary blades again. I then proceeded to cross the street because I knew how to reach my destination by bus.

Lightning Strikes

My mom sang this to me as a child: A horse and a flea and three blind mice sat on a curb shooting dice. The horse slipped and fell on the flea the flea said oops there’s a horse on me.
Lightning Strikes

I reserve the right to be wrong. I reserve the right to forget. I reserve the right to change my mind. I reserve the right to not know. I reserve the right to try, try again. I am guaranteed those rights in the U.S. Constitution. Aren’t I? I am going to read it one day and find out for sure.
I like to at least think so. Perhaps it has been amended.

Lightning Strikes

Bat Preacher and Rob Hymn Do Church

Bat-Preacher said to Rob-Hymn, “You butter be glad about the milk!” [KA-POW-WEE] And Rob Hymn replied, “Holy Cow Bat Preacher, but I'm mad about the meat! [KER-PLUNK] Bat Preacher then said, “But Rob Hymn, the cows are mad at us.” [KAA-RRUUNCH] But don't you be mad Rob Hymn milk comes from cows! [ZONK]

Rob-Hymn replies, “Alright Bat Preacher I'm glad at least the milk's OK. [DUH!]

Lightning Strikes

The devastating effects of the free will
Doctrine, or exercising ones right to choose using marriage as an example. The institution of marriage is not a legal contract. It only became an institution in the Church about 1,000 years ago, prior to that only the rich had formal marriage ceremonies. Governments later made marriage into a legally binding agreement enforced by the state.

The God given purpose of marriage is to fill the earth. That is what God told Adam and Eve. They were to have sex, birth, and raise children. The institution of marriage takes both a mother and a father. A male can not fulfill the role of a female in raising children. To deny a child a mother has got to be the most sinful thing a person can do. This union between a man and a woman is not a sin against God.

Also, the purpose of marriage is that God said that man should not be alone. Women are the part of men that is missing. Women came from a man. In the beginning they were literally one flesh. God separated the woman from the man.

The purpose of marriage is to unite a man and a woman as one flesh, in mind, spirit, and emotions. And to unite them in physicality that did not existed before sex. Homosexuals can never be married. They can only have a contractual agreement. Their sexual activity will always be an abomination and sin against God.

The following is just one of the many dangers of the free will doctrine, that we choose God first and we can deny him. The Bible says that Christians were chosen by God from the foundation of the earth, to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

If one accepts the false doctrine that salvation is their choice they will have no fear of placing a child in a homosexual home and believe at some point in their lives the child can choose to be Christian. But the Bible says they are chosen by God, and because they are chosen, they don’t choose to be saved.

Therefore, homosexuals could adopt Christian children who will be placed in an unsafe and spiritually abusive environment, without their needs being met by a mother. How cruel that is even homosexuals were raised by mothers. They want to take that away from children!

Whenever children of the light and children of darkness confront each other there is spiritual warfare. Adoption is nothing more than a form of recruitment and indoctrination for homosexuals.

If they adopt a child, chosen before the foundation of the earth, to be conformed to the image of Christ, this child will be tormented by demons or God hater's as Romans 1 calls them for 18 years, legally, and perhaps even longer. Have you ever seen this type of relationship?

I did volunteer work for an adoption agency that had the policy of adopting children to homosexuals. I was asked to attend a cookout at a park. A few of them with their boys showed up well into the event. It was a horrible site to see. The boys looked spiritually drained. One boy hugged a homosexual and was drained rather than receiving what he needed from a mother, love and strength. He eyes looked the darkness that was ever present. It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

The manager drove up leaving supplies for the event. After seeing I was in attendance he drove off, choosing not to stay. He was much too ashamed to have a preacher present. I preached Romans 1 as I usually do in these types of circumstances and left.

LORD why am I sent to so many places? I’m not Isaiah. Did I say LORD send me at some point after hearing the word preached? Was a hot coal placed on my lips? Did I eat something that was sweet to my mouth but bitter to my stomach? LORD, why do I have to witness so much! At least I don’t have to go by hearsay. I’m just a witness for the LORD.

But who wants to believe the Bible these days?
Probably only a few people, regrettably. The reason being most people are not taught the whole Bible, but mostly only rhetoric. They can not stand in defense with sound Biblical doctrine. And there are those who teach erroneous Bible doctrine. And there are those who are not part of the chosen. This is but one example of why the doctrine of free will is so dangerous.

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Misspeaking or Someone misspoke or Misstatements

Does a double negative cancel them out? If speaking a lie or an untruth is misspeaking or a misstatement, then is speaking the truth misspeaking or a misstatement about misinformation?

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What Crime Should Stop One From Voting?

Murder, rape, child molestation and other crimes which some say should keep the violators from voting were once legal in this country. It was a privilege afforded to wealthy property owners, who were also allowed to own the people as property who worked their land.

There are many crimes today committed by the wealthy who now own corporations such as: Downsizing by the millions since the 80’s instead of providing employment. The Dot Com rip off and devastated many a family without discrimination by color or creed and helped destroy the California economy. A trillion dollars disappeared from the stock market at that time as well. Only 10% of investors became millionaires.

One Corporation, Enron had the nerve to take their employees pensions, dissolved the company leaving thousands out of work, and the CEO bought an island! Many other corporations took employee pensions away in Bankruptcy. Their 401K’s became useless.

These and other crimes are legal in this country. These crimes too are a privilege now afforded to wealthy corporations that have been given human rights, greater than their employee’s human rights, guaranteed them by the U.S. Constitution! And people wonder why all this is happening to us? How did this happen to us? Our elected officials, the ones we voted for, were lobbied by the corporations! Neither of them have our interests in mind, but all of them want their pockets lined.

Corporations can now dictate what an employee does when he or she is not at work! It started off with no illegal drugs, now no legal drugs, and one company says you can’t be fat! And it is going to get worse. Employees have become slaves to the corporations in every since of the word. Well maybe no physical abuse, but surely mental and spiritual abuse. If employees do not comply they will be fired. They do not have to be given a reason. They do not have the right to work. An employee can be fired before retirement benefits are to be paid, even tough they were faithful and productive for twenty years!

They even have bragging rights now. I saw an example on Television. The discussion was with guest employees. They were asked these two questions “Are you aware that you don’t have a right to work for you company? And, “Are you aware you can be fired without a reason?” The host then told his guest, “If you don’t like things at the company you work for, you can always quit and go work for someone else!” I hope that was said with tongue in cheek considering the state of the economy.

And perhaps she replied in like manner saying, “Yes I know. I found another job as a clerk!” But she was a clerk previously. It would be sad and a financially devastating to go from Computer Programmer to Clerk because my boss decided he would not employ fat people anymore, because insurance corporations say fat people are prone to get sick and the company will have to pay higher health insurance premiums. Boy, corporations have it made in the shade. Are they in collusion? Is this a corporate conspiracy? Are now corporations agreeing to agree?

In spite of the fact that they changed all the laws to benefit themselves they are still criminals! And then as now their crimes require no legal recompense for their reward. And they are still allowed to vote. However, the Bible says they will receive the recompense for their reward on judgment day. God is not mock, whatsoever you sow that you will reap, good or bad!

If you are an average person, if they were able to cause a fraction of the harm the rich have committed they would receive a felony conviction with multiple concurrent life sentences no matter how justified. So why should anyone, not be allowed to vote? I’ll tell you why, because the wealthy changed the laws to benefit themselves.

And they do not want anyone to vote for reform of the legal system in America. Those that know what is going on they most definitely don’t want to vote. Even single mothers, 100,000 have received felony convictions in the last 10 years. That also affects employment opportunities for women who are head of household. And most of them were white women!

The declining ability to gain employment is a topic for another discussion. But just to mention a few other reasons: it is even harder to get a GED. You have to pass tests to get a high school diploma. Both are minimal requirements for gainful employment. Employers used to decide on ability and job performance to determine if they would retain an employee. Interview process would screen out some people.  A person’s grades received in school can be misleading. Some students still receive high grades that are not warranted, and some students still receive low grades that aren’t warranted from teachers who refused to grade them properly.

The wealthy make a profit when they give people felony convictions. The judicial system generates high incomes for many professions related to the process. Even that is a crime!

Certain people today, have a rhetoric that says they should not have to pay for the crimes of their forefathers. Even though they continue to benefit and prosper because of these crimes they don't feel responsible. They don't feel guilty after the fact. They just want to enjoy the wealth as benefactors and not share it with those who are victims of the crimes those on whose backs the wealth was generated. They don't feel that reparations should be made to the victims.

For some reason they don't think the children of the victims are suffering because of what their parents did or what they themselves do today. They are in denial of all they witness and hear about every day. And they cluster and live in neighborhoods where they price out the victims so they and their children won't see the effects.

The time we are in was spoken of when, 70’s professors were teaching in Colleges and University’s then. This problem goes beyond national origin. The age of no middle class has begun. Slavery will once again come to an end.
At least the form it is currently in. And this time there will be no one Northern to come to our rescue which turned slaves into prison inmates pretending to be friends. The profit margin is too high.

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Saul and David and some Anti’s

Saul killed his hundreds. David killed his thousands. Sadam Who's Insane killed his thousands. Ben Ladan Let'em kill his thousands. Bush Wacker killed his hundred thousands.

Saul gets killed. David becomes king. Sadam Who's Insane was in jail without his own lawyer and is now dead. Ben Ladan Let'em’s on TV without his own interpreter. Bush Wacker is reelected with his own computer.

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My sister Marie complained that I kept changing the subject so I said, "I'm Tangentdental, Exegetical, and Existential." There was dead silence for a moment or two. She then exclaimed, "WHAT?" That never before happened in all our previous conversations. I was quite pleased with myself.

I told her that I'm Tangentdental because I am liable to go off on tangents to bring into discussion thoughts and ideas that may not be relevant to what we are currently talking about. I do that because this opportunity may not present itself again, or I have moved on with my thought developments. This provides an opportunity for others to have a say in the many things I am studying to write about, and also promotes a healthy discussion platform if one chooses to participate, either now or later.

I'm Exegetical because I like to study the Bible to discover the intent and purpose of the history, the people of God were moved by God to leave in written form. I like to find relevant application of the case studies found in this historical document, and apply the spiritual solutions.

I'm Existential because there is an active role of my will. I don't just talk I do. I show my faith by my works. Some things can't be resolved by reason but by example a Biblical lifestyle. Notice I did not say Christian. I did so intentionally. For people have different opinions of what Christianity is.

Many have not diligently studied the Bible themselves, and therefore have not gained the understanding and wisdom that only comes from God, revealed after studying his word. There is an old pneumonic that is still relevant today, “GIGO,” Garbage In Garbage Out. There is a great need for more “WIWO,” Word In Word Out.

Tangentdental, Exegetical, and Existential, each play an important role in leadership, which also makes me Apologetical. With this methodology I am able to study present, and defend the Christian faith.

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The Bike Race Championship of the World

There were these two older gentlemen arguing
When one of them said to the other: "That does it, I challenge you to a bike race!" They agreed to meet at Lake Merritt at 7:00 a.m. sharp the following Thursday. They wanted to be there when not many people were walking the lake.

When they arrived they unloaded their bikes from their cars and set them on the track. A third party, who happened to be there who was willing to participate was enlisted as Starter to begin the race fairly and squarely. They each put their racing helmets on their heads, mounted their bikes, and placed a foot in its respective toe clip.

The Starter asked if they were ready to begin the race. And they both nodded in the affirmative. The Starter then raised his arms high, straight up in the air and shouted, "On your mark!" The Starter his body now shaped like a cross having placed his arms parallel to the ground shouted, "Get Set!" And after pausing for a moment as customary he quickly dropped his arms towards the ground and shouted, "Go!" And the two bikers took off racing.

They were huffing, and they were puffing, and they were slamming through the gears of their bikes. Each one was determined to win the race for “The Championship of the World!” After what seemed like forever, one bike racer slowed to a stop. He had given up for he was too tired to continue. At that point, the other racer now the obvious winner raised his arms in the air and with an unbridled shout of victory shouted, "Yes!" O victory, O victory, how sweet is the sound.

You could see it all over his face. His friend could do nothing but concede that he had lost. The winner then slowed down to cool off. It had been a difficult race to say the least. When he finally stopped, he got off his stationary bike, and joined his friend who had already gotten off his, and was lying on the cool green grass of the early morning. And they each made a toast before they drank cool refreshments from their water bottles.

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Born for Ghetto Folk

Yes, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but as someone I heard preached, "Jesus was born in a barn in a backyard!" Jesus was not born in a home or an Inn. This nugget added fuel to a thought I was developing which is often the case when Preachers listen to other Preachers. What some may not be aware of is that, “Jesus was raised in a Ghetto!”

There was a class structure among Gods people in place long before the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. The Jewish leaders considered themselves to be the upper class or the elite. They believed they were educated and the outstanding members in society, and they were above everyone else. They refused to speak the language of common people. It was considered profane and vulgar.

There was a middle class of people they considered to be just below them, that were subject to their dictates. They probably were the Samaritans. They would have dealings with them in day to day matters.

However there was also a lower class of people than them, uneducated, who spoke a common language that offended their refined ears. They were perhaps the gentiles were included in this class. The upper class with all their education could not understand them. They refused to learn the language and it was not allowed to be spoken among them. They did not want to have any personal dealings with these people. They were the poor and the homeless, the common people. The upper class Jews would employ the middle class people to conduct day to day business with them.

And guess who some of those lower class, common people were? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. Nazarene’s, the people of Nazareth! As far as the upper class Jews were concerned, nothing good comes out of Nazareth. 

No wonder they did not like this young man who showed up. And not only did he show up he corrected them on the finer points of the law! What an insult. This commoner from Nazareth did not attend their institutes of higher learning. This commoner from Nazareth had not placed himself under submission to the teachings of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the High Priest. Who was this young upstart from the Ghetto? None other than Jesus!

Because Jesus was raised in the Ghetto, Jesus had a Ghetto mentality. And as you know, you can take a man out of the Ghetto, but you can’t take the Ghetto out of a man. Jesus has a heart for Ghetto people and the Ghetto life where people care for one another, and depend on each other just to survive. The Ghetto prepared him to live anywhere, submit to authority, accept what was freely given to him, and he took joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Jesus was raised in the Ghetto because he came for Ghetto people, those who were poor in spirit. He came to give them life, and life more abundantly. Oh how hard it is for the elite and middle class to enter the kingdom of God. But with God all things are possible, even salvation.
Those who are rich don't know they need a Savior and are harder to reach. They don’t think they need someone to supply all of their needs. They don’t know why they keep striving to meet their own needs and can’t, because their needs are spiritual. Those who are rich have a problem with those who are poor.

They ask themselves questions like this: How can the poor be content no matter what their circumstances are? Why don’t the poor get a real job like them and buy nice things like them? And then they won’t offer the poor employment opportunities that would allow the poor to live like the middle and upper class people. And if the poor become thieves they wonder why, and have them arrested and punished.

Jesus came as a thief. He became flesh to be among us, but the world was unaware of who he was. The children of God were expecting him though. Some even met him in the barn he was born in, and at Jacobs well where he came to visit them the Samaritan’s.

Jesus lived like a thief. He delivered souls from the devil’s grip, and set them free from their captivity. He gave them a clear conscience of sin by his shed blood that the blood of animal sacrifices could not do.

Jesus will return as a thief.  As a thief in the night to those who do not believe. No one knows the day or the hour of his return. But to those who do believe he will not return at a time they don’t expect him. We are always in a state of expectancy of his return. We will recognize the signs of his return and will be anxiously waiting.

The apostles asked Jesus what will be the signs of his coming. And every once and a while we become over zealous as if he might return any minute! This is yet another of his signs to us the soon coming King of kings and LORD of lords, Jesus. Those who don’t believe fear his return and place guards even today at his empty tomb!

Jesus is coming back for those who have the mind of Christ, and Jesus had a Ghetto mentality. Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus. It is not I that lives but Christ in me, the hope of glory.

Be mindful that Jesus is coming soon. What is the day, month, year, hour he will return? No one will know until it happens and all eyes will see him. A five minute delay on all live broadcasts will not prevent this. He did not need our technology when he spoke all things into existence and created man, woman, beast, and all creepy things upon the earth.

I believe John said it best in the book of the Revelation being convicted as well as submitted. Can you imagine what he went through writing that book? What an experience! Who would argue or question God after that? Christ said he was coming soon and all John could say was, “Even so LORD, come.”

John was too humbled to ask what soon meant. He probably did not understand much of what he wrote anyway nor could he explain it to others of his time.

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Moral Relativism

Moral relativism is not new concept, even though it is now the rule rather than the exception in colleges and universities today. It began when man decided that their own belief systems were greater than Gods. They denied the God given reality and came up with reality they preferred according to their desires. Now everyone has a reality of their own, hence moral relativism. Hey, it is all relative! It is all good! Out with the bad in with the good!

Man began creating their own gods of earthly materials, in their own likeness or those of animals. They felt it was morally acceptable to worship who they chose and as they wanted. Now we have all faith’s services. Where people believe they can reconcile their belief differences that every belief system can worship together, and that they all can be included in one service in spite of their differences or the gods they worship by not considering the differences. It is kind of like mixing all the wrong ingredients together and calling the results a cake!

They have made a religion of free choice with no absolutes, and hold religious activities. They believe they have resolved their obvious differences by ignoring them or accepting them. This reminds me of a philosophy of the 70’s, “I’m ok and you’re ok.” This is not ok with God. They are not worshipping him alone. With this as their philosophical premise they can worship different gods without any contention.

Each is allowed to express their beliefs at the same podium, in the same forum and disagree, with one exception, you can't be a Christian. They say Christian's are too narrow minded. There has to be more than one god because that would exclude all of them their religions. So not only do we have all the wrong ingredients mixed together but the main ingredient is intentionally left out, the BAM! And they still want to call the result a cake. Let me make it plain, they want to call their services Church but they leave out Christ and the Church!

That is an oxymoron for none of them believe the same. Each is narrow in their beliefs for they have to leave out so much of what God has to say in his word the Bible. And each of them condemns the other just by the fact they don't truly agree with each other. They just agree to not agree, and they agree to not discuss their disagreements, so they can combine their religious services to include as many dissimilar people as they possibly can. Are their combined forces a frontal attack or defense against the Church of Jesus Christ?

To be honest, I don't know how they can hold services together and not say anything about their differences, without questioning anything including their motives. Why have they decided to suddenly hold services together? That would bother me. Well, the Bible says that God haters would rather believe a lie than the truth. And that God even sent them a strong delusion so they would believe a lie, much like he hardened Pharaoh’s already hard heart. See how important it is to read not only study Bible prophecy but the entire Bible?

I attended an outdoor gospel festival where an all faiths singing group was allowed to perform. It irritated me when someone announced, "Now we are going to sing a song for the Christians." I thought, “What’s up with that?” As if they had the right spirit to do so that would be pleasing to our jealous God! You must be born again! The one who said don’t worship other gods before me!” Was God second, third, fourth on their list to worship? And I thought, “Oh was God an after thought? Are they going to attempt to sing a song for each religion represented there?”

They did not announce any others. Why did they single out the Christian faith? A couple of their representatives then came and laid on the grass in front of us a lady friend and I. Boy, even Sodom was represented. What faith did they represent? There faith in Satan?

As I sat elsewhere listening to a Praise and Worship CD with my headphones on, a few of the all faith’s people came nearby as if drawn, and wondered what spirit they came in. And I thanked the LORD that he said if I be lifted up I will draw all men, women, and children unto me. The Bible says to be strong and to be bold for the LORD our God is with thee. We used to sing we are to go into the enemy’s camp and take back what he stole. I’m about redeeming stolen souls the ones that won’t go, or can’t go into the right buildings. And the LORD does add daily unto the church, such as should be saved.

They each exclude or nullify the others belief systems by their doctrines. But that is OK with them as long as no one identifies the differences as being problematic. So called Christians are allowed to speak if the word of God expressed does not condemn or convict them and they are also accepting of the differences. There are lots of ways to misinterpret the Bible intentionally.

The word of God is sharper than any two edged sword and it hurts when spoken, written or even thought about. They can not stand in its presence. They claim to be broadminded but actually they are so narrow minded they wont included Christian thoughts in any form or fashion for this reason.

The form of religion they practice is called moral relativism, the belief that your religion is true and my religion is true even though they are in opposition to each other. They really don’t believe that anything is true.

They are so narrow minded that they feel they must remove any symbols of Christianity that have existed since the foundation of this nation, and they deny that Christianity had any influence in the foundation or development of this country. This statement alone should convince you just how confused they are!

The Declaration of Independence was written by people of Christian faith who represented the original 13 states. These people were dissenters from the current government and wanted to form one of their own. The declaration says that the 13 original states unanimously agreed that they were all created by a Creator, God. You only have to read the first page to find this out.

Why doesn’t anyone quote from it as their proof text that America was founded as a Christian nation breaking free from a Nation that had no separation of Church and state. There still is no separation of Church and state in England today! Why do they claim that America has no separation of Church and state? They lie and the truth is not in them. They are trying to foster a religion or a belief ignoring the facts. They have many supporters including the media who support their lies.

The institution of slavery was taught as being supported by Bible verses. Today, the institution of employment is taught as being supported by the same Bible verses in Church. It is taught we are to serve our employers like Our masters I’ve heard preached. And then and even now, people seek comfort in Christian beliefs found in the Bible. Even those who were opposed to slavery sought comfort and answers in the Bible.

The Declaration of Independence states that men and women were created equal, and we were and continue to be. The Bible says that there is no Jew or Greek, man or woman, poor or rich, master or slave, or pigmentation. We are all equal in the sight of God.

However there are distinct differences. Paul asked the question, do we all speak in tongues, prophecy, heal? Are we all Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers? Are we all Gods children?

There is a difference in Gods eyes between his children and the children of the Devil. In the book of John, Jesus had a confrontation with some religious leaders. They accused Jesus, the son of God, God in the flesh, of having a devil. Jesus in turn said they don’t know who he is because their father was the Devil. Who do you think was right? That is an important question and the dividing line between children of God and children of the Devil.

Moral relativists want to exclude Jesus feeling that Jesus has excluded them because he wants to influence them. He wants to change them. He wants to be their LORD and Savior. He wants their only God be in three persons, the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. He wants to make them born again. He wants them to become his relative.

Presently he is not their relative. Who knows what morals are anyway them or God? Does anyone really know what is moral is, or has God decided? Does God reveal what moral is in his written word the Bible? Yes. But he does not reveal it to everyone who reads it. Unless he does you won’t get it. Everything of God must be revealed by God, even our salvation.

Jesus told Peter that no man convinced him that Jesus is LORD the son of God, God in the flesh. No man can. Only the father can. It was revealed to him by the God the father. And God the father chose not to reveal this to others. Peter heard others call Jesus everything else but the son of God. People today call Jesus everything else but the son of God.

Not everyone will receive or believe unto salvation, for not all people will enter into Gods pasture, and neither will they enter into everlasting life. But those who know his voice will haven been chosen in him before the foundation of the earth. That is what all faiths, atheists, agnostics, and other non-Christian religions don’t like.

That is why Christians are called “Too narrow minded.” They want to make it into heaven of their own accord and their own way. What’s God got to do with it? Everything! For God is LOVE, and everyone that loves knows God. If you don’t love Gods written word you don’t love God. You don’t know who he is. He is revealed in his written word the Bible. If you don’t love God you don’t love people. Jesus said all of the law can be summed up in these two commandments, love God and love people. That is not being narrow minded, for Gods word says we are even to love our enemies.

Have you read how his people behaved in the Old Testament? Some would have stopped David and Bathsheba from committing adultery and murdering her husband before they got married. It was not possible for them to be aware that thousands of years later Jesus would be their descendant! In fact some people still condemn them and others today, having not this information revealed to them. No matter how many times they read and discuss it. They just can’t get it!

They had no way of knowing that Mary’s Joseph would come from King Solomon who was born of this union! They had no way of knowing that their son Solomon would be chosen of God to build God’s temple on the sight he revealed to David his father.

There is no way we can possibly know all the pieces of Gods plans and how they fit together from our human, vantage point. Our clocks run out of time too soon. Boy, are we ever so smart! It is a good thing that God is in control and we don’t have the will to stop his program.

That is why he keeps many of us young minded, dumbfounded, and having fun. Some people think they have the free will to just do as they choose, and they have the free will do anything they want. And they can’t be convinced otherwise even by Scripture. It takes the Holy Spirits leading to guide them unto all truths. They are like little children who are placed in a sandbox and allowed playtime. Except they don’t know they have been placed there and some of them are real old. And every once and a while, God tosses in new toys to play and keep them happy.

What is relativism anyway? Is it the act of making relatives? Is it becoming adopted? Is it to influence or disciple others? That would make them followers. And they would be followers of whom the primary relative Jesus? Now that is divine moral relativism. Do they have a different theory of relativity? Obviously!

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In Constant Jeopardy

In order to be constantly in jeopardy, it pays to have a college degree. The higher the degree the more money you can earn. You will be competing with others like yourself who have been studying hard collecting trivia, absolutely meaningless information.

It takes quite a skillful person to remember trivia and to profit by it. I have never managed to acquire those skills myself. That is why I got “D’s” in the classes I took in high school and “C’s in secular college with a few exceptions like computer classes. You can’t lie to a computer. The results are made known in time if not immediately.

I got burned out programming computers for a living because of all of that truth management, and I finally had to leave that profession. But programming computers is all I ever wanted to do! I was given the opportunity to program in the Basic programming language in my senior year in High School in the year 1970.  In Bible College I finally started receiving “A’s” with a couple of exceptions. What a difference truth makes. But I haven’t been able to make that hard cold cash since!

Is it because I know too much truth now? Is it because I recognize lies too quickly now? Is it because I can no longer hide the fact that I know the truth when I hear it? But learning trivia can earn you a lot of money!  What the world needs now is truth, more truth.

It has been said that ignorance is expensive, but collecting worthless information can cost you a lot more. Ignorance is bliss but education can get you on and in jeopardy. And then perhaps, you will be able to legitimately pay for your education.

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What happens when educated fools are gathered together in one room? They have a intellectual conversations. It's party time for them. Are they still trying to come up with an intelligence test acceptable to them? That they can all pass and others can’t? IQ testing was banned years ago and no one has been able to figure out how to measure intelligence yet.

Perhaps it takes something other than intelligence to figure out what intelligence is.
They have replaced intelligence tests with others that one has to pass in order to get into college.

You must pass a test to see if you know how to ACT when you attend college. It is like college etiquette. And there is another test you must pass so you or the professors won’t be confused about where you SAT the last time class was held in a particular room. That way you can come in and just take your seat, and the professor will know where you are in case he needs to direct some answers or questions your way.

To attend any higher institution of education or indoctrination there are other tests you must take as well. There are things you must know! The more education they get the more intelligence they desire. The search for the Holy Grail began with knowledge of what they hoped to find. But that is not the case in the search for intelligence.

Intelligence is just another fad word that is becoming vogue again. In fact some theologians have jumped on the band wagon. They have side stepped Creationism and are now trying to prove intelligent design. There is one big problem with this. They are saying that God is intelligent. What?

For some reason uneducated people are not invited to their party. They can't come in. They don't hear them knocking. They don't understand what they are saying. They get stuck on words found in the dictionary. They should try talking to uneducated people. They will reply to them, "Oh, I thought that is how it is!" That will really boost their self esteem.

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