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What is God's commandment from the book of Genesis

Most people keep?

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and fill the earth.

We are 7 billion strong!

New Title

After reading about a Black female Tecky Chaplain on Wikipedia, I have decided upon a new title for myself. I am a
“Tecky Techno Urban Missionary Chaplain”

God's People (Kirk Franklin)

GP's perish for they don't lookup the meanings of KJV words in a Strongs or Youngs concordance, for they are without excuse.

All the KJV study helps are available for download free with Bible software programs.

Word Studies

From: the Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary, a free KJV Bible download.

Hebrew Strong's Number: 3577
from (kazab); falsehood; literal (untruth) or
figurative (idol) :- deceitful, false, leasing, + liar, lie, lying.

4:2 (KJV)
O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how longwill ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

5:6 (KJV)
Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

Greek Strong's Number: 3149
from the base of (massaomai); a (properly a female breast)

Luke 11:27-28 (KJV)
And it came to pass, as he spake, a certain woman of the company said unto Jesus, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps (properly female breast) which thou hast sucked…

Oh Give Thanks unto the LORD for He is good

The LORD is my Shepherd. I shall not want for He lay me down in green pastures. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Though I walk under the shadow of death He prepares meals for me in the midst of my enemies. His rod and His staff comfort me and protect me. Thank you LORD.

The KJV Bible has been banned because of too much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Favorite Bedroom is my Studio Apartment!

I finally got the bedroom I wanted. When lived at home with my parents I had my own bedroom. I could do whatever I wanted to do. It was my bedroom. Well, what mom did not know did not hurt her. I could put the pictures I wanted on the walls. She invited her lady friends to look at the pictures I had behind the open door. They couldn't believe it. One lady asked me if I slept with my door closed. Of course I said yes. I was all boy. I always had a thing for the lady's. I had a stereo system with the speakers placed behind my headboard. I even had a blinking street light that was on a sign in front of my parent’s house. I could really set the mood for meditation. A friend of mine sold me a TV that did not work right. I would just play with it. Finally my dad took it, got it fixed, and kept it for himself. Now that was a bedroom ever since I have been looking for a bedroom. I finally got the bedroom I wanted.

I then got married. In our apartments I had a place in a bedroom. In my first house I had a place in a bedroom. In my second house I had a room near the bedroom. When
I traveled I stayed in bedrooms that had some of what I wanted like a small refrigerator. Somebody I knew told me they would bring a coffee pot to boil hot dogs in. Over the years I determined just what it was I wanted in a bedroom. I finally got the bedroom I wanted.

It is a big bedroom. It has room for my two big comfortable chairsl. It has room for my two chairs and table on which I keep my laptop computer. I have music on my laptop and I have a Boom Box . I have an HDTV. I have Comcast internet and telephone service with unlimited long distance and local calls, I have Encore, Stars, HBO, Showtime and a host of other stations including music channels. I have all the toys I want. I can put anything I want on the walls again and it has a full size bathroom. Included in my bedroom are luxury items I desired that I haven't seen in any luxury home. I can lay on my bed and cook dinner at the same time! Or move over to my lounge chair! Or set the timer on my microwave oven and go to sleep!

I can enjoy the smell of my cooking! The stove and refrigerator are only a few feet away! I can reach into my refrigerator and get a drink from where I’m using my computer. I can get up and turn around and make a cup of coffee or make a hamburger and fries. Do I want to go through the trouble if fixing a late night snack? You bet! I don't have to work my way through a maze to get it, flipping lights on and off, stubbing my toe, taking the stairs, all while half sleep. Well, I still might do that. I just have to walk a few feet though. How neat. And the only household chore I have is to clean my bedroom. I have owned two homes, visited a lot of homes, I even went house hunting to a lot of homes. I have seen mansions with many bedrooms, but I have never seen a bedroom like mine in any of them. Some call my abode a studio apartment but I beg to differ with them. I finally got the bedroom I wanted.

And, it is in a big old house with lots of other bedrooms filled with friendly people. It was formally a YMCA building. Sometimes I get a little visitation. I have enough friends I call family. I haven't often felt the need to invite someone from the outside in. I get enough visitations now and then. I have a lady friend upstairs that comes to see me. It has common areas where we can meet and greet and share, with nobody bogarting. I finally got the bedroom I wanted.

Some people might call this place low income housing whatever that means to them. But I lived a lot of different life styles. I had many responsibilities and made many a sacrifice. I paid dearly to get in here. I have served my country well and continue to do so to the best of my ability. But don't take away my housing this is my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty. This country cannot afford to discard the weak and frail. There is a lot of mentoring that needs to continue to take place and we can do that. There is a wealth of knowledge here. We have value. Ending up in and out of jail for lack of housing is inexcusable. Don't build prisons, build bedrooms. And provide the services, and allow us to build community lifestyles that we need to survive as an integrated whole.
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Winston, a graduate of Bay Cities Bible Institute, Communications major at Kaplan Online University 3.9 GPA was asked, “What did it take to become the type of writer you are? He replied he had to leave mother, father, and sister, etc. After believing Malachi and Paul, Winston figured, “Why not try all of Gods word the same way?” and the word of God hasn't failed him yet. He completed Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.) now a Chaplain, and has been a Systems Programming Analyst, and traveled across the country job related and he even went on a tour of the White House. His life testimony also includes his journey from a large family with all needs met but not many wants. He also began a trek in ministry traveling across the country with his second wife. Then he continued with a trek through homelessness, shelters, and transitional homes. During his homeless trek he carried in his backpack a laptop he purchased and he began to learn how to write. After going through all the trials and tribulations associated with that life style he prayed, “LORD if you ever have me write another book please give me a roof over my head.” Well, he did and he’s completed a total of twenty-one books.