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What is God's commandment from the book of Genesis

Most people keep?

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and fill the earth.

We are 7 billion strong!

New Title

After reading about a Black female Tecky Chaplain on Wikipedia, I have decided upon a new title for myself. I am a
“Tecky Techno Urban Missionary Chaplain”

God's People (Kirk Franklin)

GP's perish for they don't lookup the meanings of KJV words in a Strongs or Youngs concordance, for they are without excuse.

All the KJV study helps are available for download free with Bible software programs.

Word Studies

From: the Strong's Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary, a free KJV Bible download.

Hebrew Strong's Number: 3577
from (kazab); falsehood; literal (untruth) or
figurative (idol) :- deceitful, false, leasing, + liar, lie, lying.

4:2 (KJV)
O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how longwill ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

5:6 (KJV)
Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

Greek Strong's Number: 3149
from the base of (massaomai); a (properly a female breast)

Luke 11:27-28 (KJV)
And it came to pass, as he spake, a certain woman of the company said unto Jesus, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps (properly female breast) which thou hast sucked…

Oh Give Thanks unto the LORD for He is good

The LORD is my Shepherd. I shall not want for He lay me down in green pastures. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Though I walk under the shadow of death He prepares meals for me in the midst of my enemies. His rod and His staff comfort me and protect me. Thank you LORD.

The KJV Bible has been banned because of too much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Road Rage Worth Tell’n

A Road Rage Worth Tell’n

Players: My’s, Mbaby, JoyNurse

My’s moment in hospital. My’s heart rate was only 34. It needed to be over 60. My’s told JoyNurse that My’s needed a Drama Queen. A Drama Queen can raise a heart rate better than a defibrillator.

My’s told JoyNurse what my Cali girl, Drama Momma, Mbaby, exclaimed while crossing the street.

Mbaby called My’s exasperated, out of breath, and flabbergasted. My’s said,

“What’s wrong Mbaby?”

Mbaby said, while I was crossing the street in a cross walk this guy in a car kept inching up towards me and he might have slammed into me and I would go flying over the hood of his car and the roof of his car and land in the street behind his (*&^@#) car and I was so upset there was blood in my eyes both nostrils flared steam came out of both of my nostrils as if I was a charging bull!!!!

My’s thought was, “hmm, she is not a Taurus the Bull, she is a Gemini,” but thought better of reminding her of that fact. My’s was not the object of her wrath this time and he did not want to be.

Mbaby said, I stopped directly in front of his car and let him have it with both barrels and I was so upset I did not know what else to do! My’s said to Mbaby,

“I bet he could hear you too! She said, yeah?!!

My’s said, “You are the only person that would have “Road Rage” in a cross walk, directly in front to a 2,000 pound car.

Mbaby said, “I miss you… When are you going to move back home?

JoyNurse said, “I like trying to figure out what you are saying,” while assuming her stance with peeked interest.”

On to another subject, My’s said to JoyNurse a stay in hospital is MoBetter and fun when not visited by family church and friends who are like vultures waiting for My’s to die.

JoyNurse smiled and left my room only to peek back in later. But My’s had nothing else to say.

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Winston, a graduate of Bay Cities Bible Institute, Communications major at Kaplan Online University 3.9 GPA was asked, “What did it take to become the type of writer you are? He replied he had to leave mother, father, and sister, etc. After believing Malachi and Paul, Winston figured, “Why not try all of Gods word the same way?” and the word of God hasn't failed him yet. He completed Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.) now a Chaplain, and has been a Systems Programming Analyst, and traveled across the country job related and he even went on a tour of the White House. His life testimony also includes his journey from a large family with all needs met but not many wants. He also began a trek in ministry traveling across the country with his second wife. Then he continued with a trek through homelessness, shelters, and transitional homes. During his homeless trek he carried in his backpack a laptop he purchased and he began to learn how to write. After going through all the trials and tribulations associated with that life style he prayed, “LORD if you ever have me write another book please give me a roof over my head.” Well, he did and he’s completed a total of twenty-one books.